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River pollution (Part 2)


Dear Mr. John Gormley
I am writing to you again to let you know that nothing has happened with the problem we have with the river in our estate and as you can see with the latest video the pollution is still ongoing
I sent this e- mail to the local council again
Dear Sir or Madam
Please follow the link below and take a look at the environmental damage that is been done to the river in our estate
This pollution is now going on for the last 16 years and in spite of complaining so many times nothing has happened to stop this pollution
This is again to remind you of the constant damage we have to put up with
Please find the source of this pollution and prosecuted those responsible
Thank You
Thomas Clarke
For the Residents of Heatherbrook
Marlton Road
Wicklow Town
tel  040466232
Video Link  https://machholz.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=2942

On the Third Day !

Dublin 20.06.2009

Henry Street

Went to Dublin to see if I could resurrect my Mobile phone and the “Good News for all mankind is ”

There is life after a mobile phone crash .Just goes down to Ellystar Ltd on Moor Street. Tel 087823660 and for 20 Euros your mobile phone could come back to life (mine did).

Everything is still working (Monday Morning) but picture sending, e-mail receiving picture receiving in not working and have to be set up again with the help from the network provider.

I also took the opportunity to look at the meteor offering of broadband (Mobile) and very nearly bought the new pay as you go USB when I glanced at the screen in the mobile shop only to see that the coverage for Wicklow town was non existent

The shop assistant says that it will reach Wicklow Town by the end of the year!

I am currently using Eircon and am really getting ripped off, as I am supposed to be getting 7.5 Megs but on resent tests from the internet


I am not even getting a third of this speed;

I have sent an e-mail to but haven’t got any replies. When you’re running a monopoly you don’t have to give a dam .Its take it or leave it!

Broadband in Wicklow is just a joke and the local TD’s should do something about this if they want to attract new jobe to the County!

(General Election Issues for Wicklow )

About two weeks ago I got one of those sales calls from Eircon and the sales person said that if I was to choose a such and such a plan I could save such and such when I pointed out to the sales person that I was on that plan she then said that I would need to call the accounts department for all bill queries I haven’t heard anything since!

Anyway in Henery Street on Saturday came across these lads playing and they were good

DSC03204         DSC03205        DSC03206

More of this street entertainment should perk us all up before Fianna Dail sends the shock troops out to get a Yes vote from us all

more on that in my next post!

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