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The people have spoken!

The people have spoken and have once again put back in mostly the same old tired void of real ideas politicians .They will regret this soon enough as we start to see the price go up for petrol and the tolls start to bite on the roads, pay for the privilege of walking in a local forests .and the selling off of state assets like the ESB and VHI.

The cost of renewing you passport to getting a birth cert all local services will now start to creep up in costs while the services themselves will be cut to the bone.

Here in Wicklow Town, we had to wait for 30minutes for an Ambulance on Friday, I was told that we only had one Ambulance for the town and that one was Broke so we had to wait for one to come from St Columcille’s Hospital. The housing estates are awash with grit and the council has no funds to sweep them my last complaints on the potholes along the R751 were repaired last time I looked

But it would seem to be a temporary job done! at least they did something!

As I said get ready for the price hikes and the job losses that are coming and when the empty promises of the new power holders in the Dail are exposed people might be ready to embrace true patriots

Gaelscoil Chill Mhantáin’s ongoing efforts to secure a permanent home.

Coiste Suímh
Gaelscoil Chill Mhantáin
9th February 2011
A chara,
Following your declaration to run as a candidate in the upcoming general election I would like to take this opportunity to highlight Gaelscoil Chill Mhantáin’s ongoing efforts to secure a permanent home.
The Gaelscoil was founded 15 years ago and is temporarily accommodated on a site recently purchased by the Department of Education and Science for the Rathnew amalgamated national schools. At present, the school has 222 pupils and is nearly full to capacity. We are likely not to be able to offer a place to all applicants in September 2012. We believe that there will be a deficit of mainstream school accommodation in Wicklow town, due to the fact that Wicklow is a ‘rapidly developing area’ with a growing population of children of school going age and also that other local schools are currently operating at, or are close to, full capacity.
Over the last 5 years at Merrymeeting, the department has spent out approx. €1 million on rents, pre-fab, ground works etc. The school has had increased overheads due to operating out of a temporary building on a temporary site. These costs have been born, to date, by the parent’s of our students; this is not something that is either acceptable or sustainable in this economy.
Currently under the DES’s Amended Criteria for Prioritising Large Scale Projects, the Gaelscoil is ranked on Band 2; however, the Gaelscoil believes it should be ranked on Band 1.1. We have issued several invitations to the DES to meet with the Gaelscoil’s board of management to discuss future plans for our school and how best we can achieve our goal of permanent accommodation. To date NONE of our invitations have been accepted.
Plans for the Merrymeeting site / Rathnew amalgamated Schools are constantly progressing and, as such, a plan must be agreed upon urgently, regarding the Gaelscoil’s future.
Given this information, will you commit to work to have Gaelscoil Chill Mhantáin moved to Band 1.1? To help us in any way to achieve a permanent home after 15 years of being ignored?
Thank you for your consideration and best wishes in your forthcoming election campaign.
Beir bua agus beannacht!
Is mise le meas,
Melanie Fitzpatrick
Melanie Fitzpatrick,              
Cathoirleach an Choiste Shuímh
087 8248923
An Casadh Meidhreach,
Rath Naoi,
Co. Chill Mhantáin
Ríomhphost: gcmsitecommittee@gmail.com

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