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SAILFEST :Wicklow Town This Weekend!

Come to Wicklow

From the 18th to the 20th of June we have in Wicklow Town a great weekend of activities

The Round Ireland Sail Festival 2010

With Air displays Mardi gras Fancy Dress and the American Drifters, the Garda Band and plenty of Traditional Music (see attached brochure)

Here Wicklow Town Sail Fest 2010

So come on down to Wicklow Town and have yourself a ball and why not stay for the weekend!

The Skanger me Banger Trailer

Skanger me Banger

Thought this might give you all a laugh! This is a video I came across and I give the boys 10 out of 10 for their effort

please follow link to view video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGpcKu7kLuY&feature=related

The Happy Irish Government Family photo

The Happy Irish Government Family photo

Has managed to survive the worst ever economic downturn in the history of the state!

410.000 thousand Unemployed, (That is the ones they count) the loss of Ireland’s financial independence, the collapse of tax revenues

The collapse of all the Banks in the State!

The collapse of the building industry

The collapse of the car industry

The health services in a shambles

Public services cut to ribbons

They just closed down the Dail for the next 9 weeks and gone on Holidays

Tax’s on the up and up and more on the way

Did I forget anything?

Just think of the worst thing that can happen to the country and chances are with this crew in charge it will come to pass!

Marlton Stud 2

With glorious weather the competition get’s under way !

This video doesn’t exist

Gay pride march Dublin final clip 4

This video doesn’t exist

New York streets (3)

Armed with my PSP I went out into the street again and clipped a few more New Yorkers

they didn’t seem to mind at all!

This video doesn’t exist

New York City (2)

Clip from a past visit to a shopping centre in New York

 I was later stopped from filming by the centres security !

Apparently one is not allowed to film any shopping centres in New York.  Opps! Sorry !

This video doesn’t exist

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