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Lubeck 29.11.2012

Today  the weather turned and Lubeck got a  lot colder so a warm glass of Gluewien was most welcome .A chance meeting of this famous Hux str policeman ( one of Lubeck,s  finest) was also one of the highlights of the day ! We might be in for snow tonight! I hope to get some video shots of the Marine kirche Christmas market tomorrow!

Lubeck Marathon today!

Lubeck den 21.10.2012

To-day Lubeck had its Marathon and I did arrive to take a few snaps .The day started out with a bit of sunshine but after two hours it started to get overcast, however the rain stayed away. I did not manage to get a photo of the overall winner but it doesn’t matter this kind of race is all about the individuals and their determination to do their best and fair play to all they did just that! Great show Lubeck!

Up date from Lubeck

Update Lubeck

Here in Lubeck, it’s a very wet, dark and gray morning! At first glance, after a few days now roaming around I get the impression that business is a little slower and I do come across a few empty shops In some streets there are quite a few empty .I can’t say that business is drying up but you do get the feeling it is slower and people are not out spending .Anyway I took this novel photo yesterday.

Boat race in Lubeck

Lubeck 18.05.2012

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Today in Lubeck is a very blustery day and you don’t know whether to bring a coat or an umbrella. I actually bought one today but felt like a fool walking around with it afterwards. It was quite warm when the sun managed to come out but we did have spells of quite strong winds to contend with .I came across the “Broken Heart Bridge”

apparently for every lock on this bridge there is  a broken relationship (broken hart) some of the Locks have initials inscribed on them .! When I was last in Dublin I noticed going across the halfpenny bridge lots of locks on the bridge and I wonder if this same ritual is been done .I would say that the halfpenny bridge is probably a more appropriate bridge as we have the remains of St Valentine in Dublin and Dublin should clam to be the capital of Hearts .Why Not even if there are broken ones?

David Mc Williams on Pat Kenny

Here is an excellent commentary  by David Mc Williams on the current financial crises in europe .I find myself in agreement with most of his analyzes .His assertion that the answer to deflation is inflation and his knowledge of current German ideoligy is spot on as I am living here among them I can confirm that is what I am hearing from many Germans I talk to here in Lubeck

My own belief is we need a Financial Marshall plan for Europe

see :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marshall_Plan

also :


Pod cast here

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lubeck at night

Ireland looses 4-0 and I’m walking back to my apartment, another bad day!

But the beauty of Lubeck makes up for it !

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