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Alan Watt ~ The Century of Change

Propaganda by a previously trusted news source is the greatest tool those who
want to control us, have.We are all victims of circumstance as we are at a time
when many don’t know what is really happening but still choose to follow and
believe the establishment news.The alternative sources have tapped a pipeline of
truth and are bringing forth undisclosed material most would say is a nontruth
because the state run news didn’t report it.We are at the day of


Money Money Money!!!!


I felt it important to put a few thoughts down in print in relation to Public
Trustee Remuneration, its a hot topic and resurfaces frequently, but with the
daily barrage of scandal, corruption, mismanagement and cronyism which bombards
us as our inept Government lurches from one drama to another, the last couple of
weeks its been O’Reilly and it is moving on to Gilmore and deservedly so.
is important to understand basic common sense when it comes to Public Trustee’s,
the people that we the citizens of Ireland have picked from a motley bunch of
chancers who put themselves forward every five years and portray themselves as
the the best of the best to look after the interests of our little country.
always became a little uneasy during the boom when I heard the term “Ireland
Inc”, this term seemed to permeate all levels of society, I heard it nightly on
the news, current affairs programmes etc.. I was very dismayed that we seemed to
have forgotten that Ireland is a society, a culture, a way of life and we were
running a definite risk of losing our identity and allowing economic reasoning
take over entirely……………………………………..

full article at my colleagues excellent blog : http://outsiderireland.blogspot.ie/2012/10/money-money-money.http



FOX NEWS Obama admits his Muslim faith

This video clip has been sent to me by Donal Buckley a Free lance Journalist/writer who contributes to this blog from time to time .Thank you Donal

This is the video that FOX NEWS has been trying to show that is constantly blocked by the administration.



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