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What You Need To Know About GMO

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in your food may make you sick. Studies
link GMOs with toxins, allergies, infertility, infant mortality, immune
dysfunction, stunted growth, accelerated aging, and death. Whistleblowers were
fired, threatened, and gagged. Warnings by FDA scientists were ignored. Expert
Jeffrey M. Smith, author of the #1 GMO bestseller Seeds of Deception, and
Genetic Roulette, presents SHOCKING evidence why these gene-spliced crops may
lead to health and environmental catastrophes. Learn how to protect yourself and
discover the Campaign for Healthier Eating in America—a brilliant plan to
quickly end the genetic engineering of our food supply



By Thomás O Cléirigh

We need the insects as mother nature has held a fine balance and the mad people at Monsanto think they have all the answers .Their only concern is how to increase their profits ,doesn’t matter if they destroy this fragile balance. I remember hearing that in the 1958 during the culture revelation  China’s Mao Tse-tung ordered all the farmers to keep making noise in the fields to frighten off all the birds and particulary sparrows  as they were eating a lot of seed .to make the long story short they managed to kill millions of birds and in the following year there was a total collapse of the harvest as it was overwhelmed by insects because there were no birds to eat them.

These mad men must be stopped now before it is too late!

Dr. Burzynski :Cancer Is Serious Business


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This shocking information was sent into us this morning by Chris

Whilst shocking it is also an example of the truth coming out despite the best efforts of vested interests.

Hi Chris,

I have highlighted this before about 2years ago and I am delighted you sent this to me I have purchased a copy of the video and I will of course post this information to-day

I am overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the cover-up by the big pharmacy companies  whose vested interested is to subdue this information .I am also aware that these companies are guilty of mass murder as they are preventing this cure for cancer from coming on to the world market and thus save the lived of countless millions of people. How do these people sleep at night? Whether it’s going to save one life or countless millions this treatment should be available to all the people who have been stricken with this tragic disease. I feel so sad at the unnecessary loss of life and all because of greed and profit.Somebody is guilty of mass murder !

Thank you

In the 1970’s, Dr. Burzynski made a remarkable discovery that threatened to change the face of cancer treatment forever. His non-toxic gene-targeted cancer medicine could have helped save millions of lives over the last two decades had his discovery not been criminally suppressed by the US government, as his therapy, called “antineoplastons,” have been shown to effectively help cure some of the most “incurable” forms of terminal cancer.

This documentary takes you through the treacherous 14-year journey Dr. Burzynski and his patients have had to endure in order to finally obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of antineoplastons.

His story is yet another testament that fact can be far stranger than fiction, as the film exposes the powerful, unscrupulous forces that work to maintain the status quo of the medical- and pharmaceutical industry at any cost—including the lives of millions of people.

Please visit source at: http://www.burzynskimovie.com/

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