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Augusts’ Live Register figures are a lie !

Augusts’ Live Register

Official figures show that the number of people on the Live Register rose again last month, but the increases were not as big as in July.
The Central Statistics Office said the number of people signing on, when adjusted for seasonal factors, was up 2,500 from July to 455,000.
A breakdown showed that women accounted for around 70% of the increase in August.
so the headlines to day from RTE News.ie

But these figures are of course doctored, the CSO is a government body and they are posting figures that have been “approver” by the crooks in the government
They conveniently forget to count the as many as 60,000 thousand of X self-employed that are now languishing in no man’s land a kind of scrapheap that these onetime enterprising individuals who put their hard earned money into a business idea and created jobs for many thousands of workers are now dispacted to this scrapheap.

This is  the thank  the X self-employed get from this and every government this country has ever had
No wonder we had a culture of people sitting on the dole queues, been an entrepreneur in this country is asking to be screwed by every government agency in the state every day you remain in business
With 65% of all jobs in the service industry the state needs people to become entrepreneurs this activity is not the kind of work the multi nationals get into and everyone knows home grown is always best
To-days unemployed figures is a damning indictment on the current government handling of the economic collapse of this country brought about by their own incompetence
These figures sends a clear message to the people of Ireland and that is the current political system is dead, bankrupt, corrupt and incapable of bring about sustained economic expansion for the betterment of all our citizens, no it is a system that generates a class of people that are above the rest of us and are not accountable for their criminal actions and do not work for the interest of the greater community but rather promote their own self-interests
If we are going to stop this system from destroying us all we need to radically change the political system in favour of a more transparent and accountable one that is based on new laws and systems of disclosure that suite our modern society and is not subject to the whims of individual ministers or top civil servants.
All data requested under FOI should be free and should be automatically published on the web
All expenses and all expenditure of the elected TD;s must be available to scrutiny by any member of the public period!
All this to be on one independent web portal (Independent of government influence) and the withholding of any such information should automatically disqualify any guilty member of the Dail and such a member should no longer qualify to be member again
These laws should be protected by a new act in the Irish constitution
writing this I see we have such a long way to go !

Why is NAMA calming that it was not a public authority?

EU Commissioner’s preliminary decision on NAMA
Who is controlling NAMA?
Why is NAMA calming that it was not a public authority?
Is it in order to be able to escape having to supply information on its activities to the public via Freedom of information act?
see what the EU Commissioner’s preliminary decision is 35189551-NAMA-Preliminary-Decision-Reply
to recap this is what NAMA is suposed to be according to the finance Minster
10. NAMA is established as a separate corporate body with a board appointed by the
Minister for Finance under the control of the NTMA. NAMA as a corporate entity will
arrange and supervise the identification of property-backed loans on the books of the
qualifying financial institutions in the State but will delegate under its control the
purchase and management of those loans to a separately created special purpose
vehicle (the “SPV”)2. 95% of the consideration for the purchase of the loans will be
financed by securities guaranteed by the government and the remainder with non-
State guaranteed debt.

11. The SPV will be a separate legal entity with a subscribed capital of !100 million
with private investors owning 51% of the equity and the remainder owned by NAMA.
Given that the SPV is 95% funded by the State however, NAMA representatives on
the board of the SPV have a veto over all decisions of the SPV board that could
affect NAMA or the Government.

12. The SPV will seek to make a profit through the management of the acquired
assets during the lifetime of NAMA, however given that the SPV debt will be
guaranteed by the Government the distribution of the SPV profits to the private
shareholders will be capped and the remainder will accrue to the State.3 The details
of the distribution of the SPV profits are not publicly available.

Now who is in control of this SPC?
Why the investment arms of the three major Irish financial institutions (IL&P, BOI, AIB) thats who! The very vehicle that is there to rescue their own corrupt companies.link here

This is outrageous! Lenihian and his cronies has pulled a con on us all,
The same gangsters that have caused this whole financial collapse are now running NAMA.(The Bankrupt Banks ,have effectively taken control of 80 billion worth of assets for 100 million investment )the barging of the millennium
And it should come as no surprise to see the NAMA board try now to extract themselves from having to answer the hard questions from the probing general public through the Freedom of information act
When will the Irish people rise up and stop this fraud?

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