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CAB Join up to-day !

Citizens Association of the Bewildered

As stated before I remain convinced that we must put pressure on the powers that be

Again to-day Brian Cowen fob off the Idea of an investigation into the Banking meltdown that he and Brian Lenihian help to cause

He also poured water on the notion to revisit the previous financial regulators negligence

We can make all the comments we like and David McWilliams will eventually move on to the next topic

I believe that it has its uses, like b ringing likeminded individuals together to discuss the grave matters facing the Irish Nation.

But I am not satisfied anymore just talking about things I want to do something and I want to fight back I want to bring the fear I have every day, to the very people that have caused this incredible damage to our country

These people have blood on their hands, just look at the suicide’s statistics

There comes a time when you just have to stand up and take action !

Who will join me?

To all Irish patriots out there join


(Citizens Association of the Bewildered)

This new association is dedicated to taking the fight into the streets of Ireland to take back our country from the incompetent political leaches that have destroyed our independence, handed us over to unscrupulous bankers and their masters the foreign bond holders

This club is for people willing to fight using all available means to take back our country from the corrupt politicians in Lenster House who have sold out their own people to enrich themselves

You can get in touch with me  at  bewilderedcitizens@gmail.com

Only if you are willing to fight for what you believe in.

Any help is appreciated but do something!

Response to Alan Ruddock’s article

NAMA   is just plain fraud,

The greatest financial fraud that has ever happened in this state was not brought about by some un-known bank robbers; even the outrage that happened when Garda McCabe was murdered in Limerick does not come close to the outrage that is NAMA

What hope is there for law and order when the biggest bank robbers in the state are in fact the Directors of the Banks themselves and the Government?

In my view any bank robber in this state, can now go to court and claim that he or she was following the example of the bank directors, the Finance Minster and the Government

The Green Party’s total mindboggling betrayal of their principles and of the majority of their voters has destroyed them forever

Gormely and his sidekick must know that it was the “votes” of non green party member’s that got them into the Dail and not just their 400 odd members

I believe it is time now for a new Green party, an alternative green party to oppose the power addicted, FF stooges currently nourishing this corrupt government.

We need to perhaps have a complete rethink of the political system that has the power to so utterly and convincibly  corrupt

I have in the past called for and still demand that the Banks be Nationalized

All directors to be charged with neglect and fraud

All their assets frozen

A full investigation into the conduct of the financial regulators office and charges brought forward on the grounds of dereliction of duties

All pension payments to be stopped to him and any others involved in his or other civil services offices

A full repayment of his Golden handshake

A full investigation on who authorized the fraudulent financial transactions that were designed to mask the true financial position of Anglo Irish Bank

All directors of the financial institutions involved to be brought up on criminal charges of attempting to defraud the ordinary shareholders and their own institutions

All such directors must be barred from holding any future directorships in any financial institutions

All their assets to be frozen, and upon convictions must face a minimum jail sentence of 20 years (Full Time Served)

Brian Lenihan and Brian Cowen to be investigated on their involvement in the destruction of Irish sovereignty, loss of financial independence, attempting to defraud the state by setting up the largest bank robbery in history (NAMA)

These men to stand trial on charges of treason.

The previous Directors of Anglo Irish Bank to be investigated on possible charges of fraud

All pensions and assets to be seized until outcome of investigation

A complete disclosure of the names of the Anglo Irish golden circle members

All transaction carried out with them to be investigated and results to be published

Only after this kind of accountability can the Irish public move forward into a future where the people in places of trust and power will be held accountable for their actions

And a new begining can take place and we can demonstrate to the world that

we are the masters of our own destiny!

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