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One interesting point on Fiscal Compact, folks


One interesting point on Fiscal Compact, folks. The 1/20th adjustment rule has been interpreted widely as the rule requiring states with debt/GDp ratio in excess of 60% to reduce their debt levels by 1/20th of the gap between their existent debt level and the 60% bound. However, the Treaty itself states: “the obligation for those Contracting Parties whose general government debt exceeds the 60 % reference value to reduce it at an average rate of one twentieth per year as a benchmark” (page T/SCG/en5). In other words, there is a big gap between interpretation and reality.
Hat-tip for this discovery goes to Peter Mathews, TD

full article at source: http://trueeconomics.blogspot.de/

The French Government Creates A Bank Run?

By Reggie Middleton

You know, if it wasn’t so damn destructive, it would actually be funny how regulators appear to find it genetically impossible to learn from mistakes – whether it be theirs or somebody elses. In 2008, when the US foolhardedly decided to allow banks to misreport their long term toxic assets bought with excessive, short term leverage, said banks collapsed. It was not as if this was unforeseen. France is anxious to repeat that exercise with its banks and sovereign debt. In 2008, when the US foolhardedly decided to ban shorts on insolvent financial companies, I made a small fortune constructing synthetic short positions with options that skyrocketed in value because regulators dabbled in markets in which they really had no clue. ZeroHedge reminds us that the short ban in the US ended in a 48% drop in financial company share prices.

full article here at source:http://boombustblog.com/BoomBustBlog/The-French-Government-Creates-A-Bank-Run-Here-I-Prove-A-Run-On-A-French-Bank-Is-Justified-And-Likely.html

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