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TDs call for end to fluoride in water

The Dáil has debated a Private Member’s Bill on a proposed ban on the addition of fluoride into the drinking water supply.Independent TD Catherine Murphy said it was right for people to be sceptical and questioned expert opinion that fluoridation does not cause ill-health.Her technical group colleague, Finian McGrath, said he has concerns about fluoridation.He said: “If in doubt, leave it out.”

Citing Holland and Germany as countries with good public health policy that do not put fluoride into the water, he said Ireland should be conscious of putting fluoride in the water.

Minister of State Alex White rejected the bill.

He said he accepts that it was put forward in good faith and he is prepared to continue to make public details of studies into fluoridation.

He said the public is entitled to have more information about fluoridation.

Sinn Féin‘s Brian Stanley said it is unfortunate that the minister was so dismissive of the arguments.He said that the Department of Health will not reveal the ill-effects of fluoridation.He added that the Government should distribute it in tablet form and not force people to take fluoride in drinking water.”98% of Europe cannot be wrong,” Mr Stanley said.

A vote on the bill will take place next Tuesday and is expected to be opposed by the Government and Fianna Fáil.








Gilmore lies exposed!

“Today is the day the Irish public gets the invoice for the banks bailout” “Again” this time with the help of the Labour Party!

Gilmore lies exposed!

by Thomás O Cléirigh

Gilmore tells the Dáil this in the year 2010 but to-day 16th Oct 2013 we the people of Ireland see that this was a grandstanding exercise  as this sell out self-serving political parasite ‘s true colors are there for all to see! He and his other traitors in the Labour party are still paying the gambling debts of hidden money men and their vested interests by squeezing the Irish people of every last cent! He and the other bunch of collaborators have committed themselves to a budget that is deliberately targeting the old and the youth of this country. Yes my friends we can clearly see that this political parasite is a master of spin and has an automatic button he can switch on for his crocodile tears when the need arises! The Labor party is now exposed as a bunch of parasites all looking to feather their own nests and out for themselves and this waffle about safeguarding the marginalized, the youth of this country and the old is just party political tripe that is designed to hoodwink the gullible workers of this BA- NAMA republic! |

Listening to Lifeline today the usual complaining chorus was to be heard, from people who until now were silent,  “Joe I am going to lose me medical card”, I’m losing this or that, who the hell cares? As if Joe was going to do something about that! Joe on his 250K Euros per year really cares about you and your medical card???. Jesus people wake up and get you buts out on to the streets if you want to have a say on how the country is run! I wonder who these people voted for in the last election chances are they voted in this puppet government and what are they going to do in the next elections? Why they are going to vote in Fianna Fail of course!  Saint Michael Martin and his crew will fix everything!

I was outside the Dáil last night opposing the puppets in Dáil Éireann and their smash and grab budget that is penalizing our people whilst protecting the wealthy .where were you???If you are complaining about this budget why were you not there????If you want change stop voting in the same gangsters each and every time!

Wake up Ireland .

Ref:Seanad referendum


Well if you are in Ireland reading this you may well want to congratulate yourself seeing that we the people have thwarted the attempts by the established political elite to take a big chunk out of our constitution. Yes my friends we can indeed feel we have achieved something special but don’t go overboard as the politicians will now have to come up with an alternative plan! Mr Kenny refused to consider a major overall of the upper house and I fear he and his vested interests will now continue to stuff the house with their cronies’ .What we now need to do is to pile on the pressure for a major overall of this house and enable access for the ordinary Joe!

No more special places for our top University props and the other elitist vested interests in our society we need access for all and one way would be for a national lottery of all the citizens, where all PPS numbers will be put into a lottery and the first 64 or so numbers will be the new members of the upper house! Once served you do not get a second term no matter who you are and all the previous members must be disqualified. A payment of the equivalent of the dole payment should be sufficient for the privilege of serving your own people and a drastic cut in the existing politician’s salaries to say the average industrial wage should also be implemented ASAP. No state pensions should exceed that of the average wage earner period!

Now we are talking meaningful change and a true presentation of democracy for and by the people.

Have a pleasant Sunday

Mise le mass

Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Irish Labour ministers resort to bare-faced lies on national finances

By Namawinelake

“ I want to tell you Claire that that is a lie, and it should be nailed once and for all, now over to Stephen and he is an independent journalist, that isn’t true. The Shinners, the Shinners  and the party that negotiated it, Fianna Fail, come out from meetings and say “well, that’s not what they’re saying to us”. I’m saying that that’s what they’re saying to us and that’s what Fianna Fail negotiated”   Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Pat Rabitte on 1st December 2012, the Claire Byrne show on RTE – podcast here, from 42:00

He was responding to this comment from presenter,  Claire Byrne.

“But Stephen [journalist, guest], can I ask you a question, has it [the property tax] been imposed by the IMF, because the other political parties who meet with the Troika representatives on a fairly regular basis, say they don ‘t care where the money gets the money from, they’re not saying ”

This is what the Memorandum of Understanding with the bailout Troika says with respect to Budget 2013.

full article at source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/labour-ministers-resort-to-bare-faced-lies-on-national-finances/

IBRC executive to earn over €500,000

Bell Addresses Fine Gael Ard Fheis

Bell Addresses Fine Gael Ard Fheis (Photo credit: DUP Photos)

Another senior executive will join the former Anglo Irish Bank on Monday on an annual pay package of more than €500,000 in a deal that has been signed off by the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan.

He will be the seventh executive at the bank on a total package of more than €500,000 a year. Kevin Blake joins State-owned Irish Bank Resolution Corporation as chief risk officer and will sit on the bank’s executive committee.

The bank confirmed Mr Blake would be paid in line with the other senior executives at the bank, who are paid total remuneration packages of more than €500,000.

The Irish Times revealed earlier this week the names and pay of the bank’s five highest-paid executives – each on total remuneration of more than €500,000 – who report to chief executive Mike Aynsley at IBRC.

The Minister disclosed to Fianna Fáil TD Michael McGrath in a reply to a Dáil question that six executives were……………………………..

full article at source:http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/finance/2012/1110/1224326409819.html

As I have said before these Public servants in the Dail are only looking after
themselves and to hell with the rest of us .The salaries and perks been paid to
Noonan and the rest of the misfits in Government is outright scandalous and
totally immoral the state the country is in!

NAMA Wine Lake

“The second area is what we can do at the euro area level to create jobs, basically by increasing investment and enhancing infrastructures. There are many proposals, such as increasing the European Investment Bank (EIB) action and redirecting the EU funds towards the low income areas. When we talk about infrastructure and fiscal consolidation, it is certainly much better to consolidate through the reduction of expenditure, especially current expenditure and not capital or investment expenditure, rather than through increases in taxes” ECB president Mario Draghispeaking in May 2012

“Point One – Protecting and creating jobs. Because jobs and opportunity are the best chance of keeping our best asset – our young people – at home.  We plan to create 20,000 new jobs a year over the next four years. How? By cutting employers’ PRSI, by creating a welfare system that encourages work and by investing an extra €7 billion…

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Mr Justice Seamus Hughes and the Neanderthal man

By thejournal.ie

THERE HAVE BEEN calls for a District Court judge to resign after he described Travellers as being “Neanderthal men… abiding by the laws of the jungle”.

Mr Justice Seamus Hughes, a former Fianna Fáil TD,

is reported as criticising a defendant who appeared before Athlone District Court, saying:

Nobody has indicated it to me, but I suspect he comes from a certain ethnic background that would give him even more form given the type of behaviour in which some of them engage… As I’ve described it before, they are like Neanderthal men living in the long grass, abiding by the laws of the jungle.

Pavee Point, an advocacy group for Travellers, said that it would be difficult for Travellers to believe that they could get a fair trial under Judge Hughes following the ………..

full article at source: http://www.thejournal.ie/judge-travellers-comments-law-of-the-jungle-592523-Sep2012/


On closer inspection what we have here is a failed Fianna Fail insider, Gombeen, fixer, parish pump politician expressing his own deep prejudice against a fellow citizen. This gobshite should be removed forthwith from the bench .I would like to know how he got his promotion who “looked after” this failed moron Fianna Fail politician by giving him this consolation post (It this another example of Jobs for the Boys????)

This trumped up gombeen and the rest of the criminal elite running the country are the real menace to Irish society, their behaviour in government has robbed countless families of their ability to support their families and have financial slaves of our entire nation.

The likes of this prat has ironically been put into the position of casting judgement over citizens who never had a fair start in life in the first place! The Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Labour self-serving political leaches are the real criminals and they are the

Neanderthal men living in the long grass, abiding by the laws that suite themselves “.

The Irish constitution guarantees that all of the citizens of the republic will be treated equally and I have never come across a section of our community who are more honourable! This failed gombeen politician is not worthy to unite  the shoe laces of the man he has described as a Neanderthal  

Lying Politicians And Words they use to get away with it

The Irish governments hijacking of words like stability, Recovery, Investment, and Labour using of the Irish Flag, and Fianna Fail using the TA or Irish for Yes are typical examples of using language to bamboozled the gullible voters who will vote once again to get screwed by the same gombeens in the Dail . .There is no provision for jobs creation, no financial stimulus to retrain the unemployed, there is no stability in squeezing the taxpayers with ever increasing taxes to pay interest on private toxic bank debts. This treaty change will curtail any future Irish government from building infrastructure and hospitals without the go-ahead from our new masters in Berlin.

Yes my friends the Irish Government ministers are great at using language and playing to the media (Government controlled of course) by cloaking themselves in the national flag and hijacking events like the 1916 commemorations trying to display themselves as patriots when in fact they have sold us out to the likes of Goldman Sachs and the financial gangsters still running our nation’s nationalizes banks

Do they take us for complete idiots?????

Apparently yes they do! Wake up Ireland and take back our country from these leaches!

 Vote no!

Labour has turned its back on its election promises and have betrayed the people!

Labour chiefs were shaken by the plunge in support from 19pc six months ago to   just 13pc as it appeared the party was bearing the brunt of voter   dissatisfaction. Just 22pc of Labour supporters indicated they were happy   with the Government’s performance. Fine Gael slipped 3 points to 33pc.   Fianna Fail TD Timmy Dooley, the party’s director of elections for the   coming referendum, said the rise in Sinn Fein support showed the electorate   was “flirting” with that party’s “utopian” views

full article at source: http://www.herald.ie/news/labour-reeling-as-shinners-in-front-to-lead-opposition-3087301.html


The Bank bailout(Private bondholders) is illegal under Bunreacht Na hEireann, the Irish Constitution

The current government are guilty of treason and the pervious gangsters from the former government are also guilty of treason .They have betrayed the Irish people and the republic in favor of their pals ,the faceless bondholders who are now sucking the lifeblood out of every Irish family. The drastic cuts in public services especially the health and education is a massive crime in itself. Hundreds of people have committed suicide in the last 4 years and this blood in on their hands. Ahern and his cronies along with the Fianna Fail parliamentary party should be in Jail no pensions should be paid to any of the former Ministers.

No government minister ,no top civil servant from the Department of Finance or the Financial regulatory department , should be receiving any pensions  they should all be in Jail .All current top government pensions should be brought down to that of the ordinary citizens pension full stop .As for the former Bank directors none of them should be in receipt of any pension from the toxic banks and their property should be sold off to help pay compensation to the hapless pensioners who placed their thrust in these gangsters in the first place. All bank directors are as far as I am concerned are labial for the devastation we are now stuck in.

This Bailout is a bailout of Deutsche Bank and we the people of Ireland have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and suckered into taking on the private commercial gambling debts of these gangsters with the help of our corrupt politicians who are in it for what they can get for themselves. After 4 years not one of these Gangsters are in Jail!  I say again these bank debts are private commercial debts and have nothing to do with the Irish People and we are not responsible for the discharge of these debts. The new household charge is been forced on to the shoulders of every family to help pay the interest on the billions of this private commercial debt and has nothing to do with patriotic duty .The gutless politicians using this praise are the mouthpieces of the new absentee landlords in Berlin. This is odious debt! This bailout is illegal. The state has no right to force me or my family into financial slavery and it must be opposed in every way possible. Wake up Ireland and say no we will not become financial slaves!

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