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By Frank Hayes

The arrest of an elected TD by the capitalist state police for lawful political protest marks a new turn, a new moment of political oppression, and a new phase in the development of the political crisis resulting from of the 2007/8 Great Recession. All of this week-end’s economic news underlines how this crash has not receded, but is, in fact, still deepening.

The arrest of Socialist Party TD Paul Murphy in a 7am dawn raid is an act of blatant political authoritarianism, as much as it’s an act of political desperation on the part of this wretched shambles of a Dail coalition administration.

Every political tendency which considers itself socialist, as well as every politically active individual with a progressive outlook must defend Paul Murphy and those arrested with him, and demand an immediate end to all such political repression.
His detention is an act of:

• DESPERATION, because this Kenny/Burton management committee for the 1% class dictatorship, can find no solution to the intensifying social disruption of Austerity which characterises their global financial crisis. As Michael Noonan scrabbles about looking for some new apparently reassuring statistic to delude himself with, the real context of his micro-economic nightmare is the rapid and intensifying break-up of the old monetary arrangements globally. And with them is going all the old political framework on which has arisen a dangerously complacent acceptance of the status quo as inevitable – even by some who constitute what must now be identified as fake ‘left’.

The unimaginable quantity of systemic global indebtedness (which has a real and material systemic negative existence, and is not just ‘numbers’) is slowly crucifying the functionality of money in it’s present form, and it’s many-sided relativities within, and to, the processes of production, trade, capital accumulation, and circulation. Small wonder the establishment fear Paul Murphy TD.

• POLITICAL OPPRESSION, because, although the despicable Kenny/Burton gang have no answer to the human pain and suffering they cause (the smashing of public health and housing provision, the social destruction of the welfare of our society which they supervise); they have also been instructed to brook no questioning of their political agenda by any opposition. And so today, they attack a defender of democratic values.

And this is also why all of the other bourgeois opposition formations (Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein, The Pro-Capitalist Greens, some Fake’ Left’ Operators) refrain from proposing any end to the failed system of capitalism. They are incapable of envisioning any viable alternative approach to conducting the human affairs of our social, economic, political, and ecological existence.

This act of political coercion is an attempt to criminalise Paul Murphy TD and those others arrested at the same time, to politically harass them for daring to oppose a gangster government and its gangster agenda of Increasing Austerity and pursuing the thievery of public funds and public property.

It also criminalises every citizen who dares to believe that human society should exercise responsibility for all natural resources – a thing which capitalism is incapable of – and that these aspects of nature should not be reduced to the plaything of irresponsible corporations in a game of extracting the maximum amount of profit to add to their already colossal untaxed hoards.

Thus every responsible adult citizen must urgently join hands and minds with others in vigorous work to reject and overturn these political arrests. And to force this disgraced Kenny/Burton administration out of office immediately.

We all must now commence a conversation to respectfully and collectively begin the construction of a new political vision, a future based on real democratic control of society by the 99% majority, the transformation and reorganisation of economic activity on a NOT-FOR-PROFIT basis, and a plan to rid ourselves of the failed and destructive capitalist approach.

There is no place for political sectarianism, or for personal egos in meeting the demands of this task. We have to look to the future and leave the past with its inadequacies behind us. And if that is too much to ask for some, then would they please step aside and stop obstructing those willing to do the job.

It should go without saying, that every politically aware person should act today to put a stop to this race into authoritarianism. Not to act would be irresponsible, and acting alone will have little effect, but by connecting with others we can create an unstoppable force to remove that most movable object, that most objectionable dictatorship, sitting in the midst of its own destruction, the Dail Establishment and the class it serves. If Kenny/Burton are not stopped now, it is an encouragement to them, and to like-minded reactionaries to step up the Austerity march into Authoritarianism!

The political arrest of Paul Murphy and others today, offers a stark warning to us about others who seek power through the 26-county Dail state. Just over a week ago, Co Wicklow Sinn Fein Cllr John Snell told a public meeting in Wicklow Town “The Gardai are not our enemy!”.

Well John, their actions this morning are hardly friendly.
I am now calling on you to immediately retract your opportunistic and misleading public statement made in the Leitrim Lounge. And I call on you to condemn this outrageous political act by the Garda with whom you consort, which has criminalised legal political opposition.

Your words – which must have been sanctioned by Sinn Fein nationally – are a sharp warning of what might lie ahead for political oppositionists if your party ever become what James Connolly called “the management committee for the ruling class”.

In the context of the political use of police force against protesters, all those who have been misled by your political manipulation must now think again. No matter how challenging such a rethinking might have to be for them.

It is a regrettable fact that some members of the Socialist Workers Party followed Cllr John Snell’s (Sinn Fein) political lead after the earlier arrest of protesters at Glebemount, Wicklow on January 15th. They also conspired together to prevent political speakers opposed to their own opportunist agenda from speaking at the Wicklow January 31st Rally. This was a disgraceful and anti-democratic political act.

On the evening of January 15th, outside Wicklow Garda HQ, I called for the setting up of a public committee for the defence of the 8 protesters arrested that day. It now appears that Sinn Fein and the local Wicklow Town SWP obstructed such a move for personal political opportunistic and sectarian motives. Such political cowardice, and their sectarian divisiveness only opens the door to new repressions – and now we see Paul Murphy TD is arrested!

I am now calling on the Socialist Workers Party to publicly denounce this political irresponsibility and sectarian opportunism, and prevent such anti-democratic behaviour by their Wicklow Town representatives in the future, and to ensure that it is never repeated again either overtly or covertly by any other member in their name.

Any political formation calling itself Socialist and which seeks to win the trust of the people must act honestly, openly, democratically, and respectfully with other socialists. If they do not, they will sow the seeds of their own demise as soon as their opportunism becomes known to the people.

We all must stand together, principled, united, collectively and:


And together we should collectively work to:




source: https://www.facebook.com/frank.hayes.547/posts/418520998300467




By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

The Government’s crackdown of free speech and our right to free assembly  is just another step in the direction of the corporate dictatorship of this country!If you had any doubts about the roll of An Garda let it now be crystal clear they have become the enforces of the governments corporate dictatorship! Arresting  demonstrators at the brake of dawn is a classic tactic of despot totalitarian regimes eager to frighten off the peoples justifiable anger at been forced into financial slavery !

Ireland is never really going to be free unless we the people take back our central bank and use its function to create interest free money for the welfare of our people and not a bunch of private corporate gangsters hell bent of the financial enslavement of our people and the rest of the world: Creating money out of thin air and then creating sickening amount of real wealth on the backs of millions of people slaving to pay penal interest on this free money is obscene and is the cause of untold misery all around Ireland we must end this madness!

The Greek government are right we need to talk of the real debt issues that have made financial slaves out of all of Europe: Creating money out of nothing should be the function of each countries central bank and NOT the function of Private corporate sinister entities who are not accountable to anybody least of all the people of Ireland : A policy of endless debt is not going to make things better we are only enriching those who make this money out of nothing ( I.E )( the Faceless Bankers and their corporate backers)WE want our sovereignty back !Democracy in Ireland is Dead we are now in a police state run by unelected corporate gangsters and their puppets in the Dáil!

Facebook isn’t our friend

by David Cronin

A few days ago, I was told by the organisers of a “social media” festival that the hashtag was my “new best friend“. As I’ve never hugged a hashtag or cried on the shoulders of one, I felt it was important to question this “wisdom”.

Like millions of others, I’m addicted to Facebook and, to a lesser degree, Twitter. I check these websites so frequently that I often forget they are owned by vast corporations.

Some of these firms’ activities are inherently anti-democratic.

Facebook’s Brussels office is headed by Erika Mann, a former German member of the European Parliament. She has long fought to enable the interests of big business triumph over those of ordinary people.

During her 15 years as an MEP, Mann continuously advocated that the European Union should liberalise its trade with the United States.

At one point, it seemed that her calls were being ignored by political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic. All that changed in February this year, when Barack Obama expressed his support for such an agreement during his State of the Union address. Talks aimed at reaching a very broad trade and investment deal were formally launched in July.

Now wearing her Facebook hat, Erika Mann is still extolling the apparent virtues of “free” trade at every available opportunity.

In April, she spoke at a conference in Dublin, where Facebook’s international headquarters are located. Mann argued that it would be “extremely important” for an eventual deal to make the standards faced by internet companies in the EU and US “more…. coherent”.

full article at source:http://blogs.euobserver.com/cronin/



A Well written piece, thank you!

I Have long left Facebook or I have been frozen out, the fact is I cannot gain access even though I have tried to contact them here in Ireland and as mentioned in the above article there HQ in Dublin it remains impossible to contact them .But then they are not known to be user friendly: As a multi corporation using the TAX Haven that is Ireland, this company is forcing the Irish taxpayers pay the Taxes they should be paying! For every euro these corporate leeches don’t pay into the coffers of our corrupt and lying Government, we the people must stump up the difference! No wonder our natural resources are been plundered!

Wake up Ireland these multi National corporations are nothing more that leaches sucking us dry!

UK government plans to track ALL web use: MI5 to install ‘black box’ spy devices to monitor British internet traffic

UK spy agencies want to install ‘black box’  surveillance devices across the country’s communications networks to monitor  internet use, it emerged today.

A report by an influential committee of MPs  tells how spooks are keen to implement a nationwide surveillance regime aimed at  logging nearly everything Britons do and say online.

The spy network will rely on a technology  known as Deep Packet Inspection to log data from communications ranging from online services like Facebook and  Twitter, Skype calls with family members  and visits to pornographic websites.

But civil liberties and privacy campaigners  have reacted with outrage, saying that the technology will give the government a  greater surveillance capability than has ever been seen.

The report by Parliament’s  Intelligence and  Security Committee, published on Tuesday, gives UK  intelligence agencies’  perspective on the government’s draft  Communications Data Bill, which is  intended to update surveillance  powers.

The government  argues that swift access to  communications data is critical to the fight against terrorism

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2274388/MI5-install-black-box-spy-devices-monitor-UK-internet-traffic.html#ixzz2K9wyx500 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Irish Economy 2012: Exports body names Google, Ireland’s top exporter — for believers in fairytales?

By Finfacts Team

Irish Economy 2012: The Irish Exporters
 (IEA) today launched its annual publication, the ‘Top 250
Exporting Companies in Ireland.’  Internet giant Google has been named as
Ireland’s largest exporter with export turnover
having increased by 55% from €6.5bn in last year’s listing to €10.1bn in
the current year (from the 2010 accounts).  The IEA says the Irish operation is
now Google’s largest outside of the US, and employs staff from 40 different
countries. However, the UK is Google’s biggest overseas market and advertising
generated there, as well as in other countries, is booked in Ireland for tax
purposes. Google UK has a payroll of about 1,000 servicing customers in its
market and it reported a loss in 2010. The IEA says: ‘Ireland’s position as a
global services export hub is boosted by internet companies,’ but this is the realm of fairytales. The outsize data dictated by tax strategies of
companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and so on, does not even provide an
additional  tax benefit for Ireland.

full article at source: http://www.finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews/article_1024613.shtml

Comment :

Another example of fairy tales on the Irish economic growth !When we see multi corporate companies paying their share of taxes we might then get some extra cash to fund our public services .Apparently Google doesnt like paying taxes to anybody including the Irish Government. (see link below)


U.S. Bond Market, The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on Mankind

By: Rob_Kirby

A few years ago, when J.P. Morgan grew their derivatives  book by 12  Trillion in one quarter[Q3/07] – I did some  back of the napkin math – and figured out how many 5 and 10 year bonds the  Morgue would have necessarily had to transact on their swaps alone – if they  are hedged.  The bonds required to hedge the growth in Morgan’s Swap book were 1.4 billion more in one day than what was mathematically available to the entire domestic bond market for a whole quarter?

Put simply, interest  rate swaps create more settlement demand for bonds than the U.S. issues.

This is why U.S.  bonds “appear” to be “scarce” – which the bought-and-paid-for mainstream  financial press explains to us is “a flight to quality”.  Better stated, it’s a “FORCED FLIGHT [or  sleight, perhaps?] TO FRAUD”.

Assertions that netting “explains” this incongruity are a NON-STARTER.   Netting generally occurs at day’s end – the math simply does not even  work intra-day.

Further  Evidence of Gross Malfeasance in the U.S. Bond Market

Back in 2008, at the height of the financial  crisis, folks are reminded how the Fed and U.S. Treasury were unsuccessful in  finding a financial institution to either acquire or merge with Morgan Stanley.  Unfortunately, Morgan Stanley’s financial  condition has continued to deteriorate:

Analysis: How Morgan Stanley sank to junk pricing

REUTERS | June 1, 2012 at 5:45 pm |

(Reuters) – The bond markets are treating Morgan Stanley like a  junk-rated company, and the investment bank’s higher borrowing costs could  already be putting it at a disadvantage even before an expected ratings  downgrade this month.

Bond rating agency Moody’s Investors Service has said it may cut  Morgan Stanley by at least two notches in June, to just two or three steps  above junk status. Many investors see such a cut as all but certain

full article at source: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article35164.html

The Peoples Convention – democracy and the empowerment of the citizens. Update

Sent in to us to day

Dear friend,

Work has started on issue number 2 of the ‘Convention’ paper and ideas or submissions are welcome.  Here is a link to the online edition of the first issue.

If you are in a position to arrange distribution of any number of printed copies please let us know – they might be distributed at public meetings or amongst your friends and neighbours.

We hope that Convention will assist the community wide discussions and also offer a practical tool that individuals can use in order to be active on the crucial issues today.  The focus of Convention is on the core objective of The Peoples Convention – democracy and the empowerment of the citizens.

Meanwhile, if anyone is attending the ‘Protest Against the Anglo Promissory Note Stitchup’ on Monday please make sure to say hello, I will be there.  The protest starts at 8am at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dún Laoghaire where Bank of Ireland are having their EGM on this issue.

Is mise,

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla Mobile: 086-3805005 Website: An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention Follow CPPC_IE on Twitter LIKE the page on Facebook

The Future Of Eurobonds

François Hollande à Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire

François Hollande à Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New French president Francois Hollande is making quite the impression with his anti-austerity agenda. He might even have a mandate to go toe to toe with German leader Angela Merkel of the pro-austerity camp in Berlin. Besides the incessant news about Facebook, European stocks did quite well on Monday. The MSCI Europe index rose 2.64% on the day, beating the S&P 500, which rose 1.6%.

Vlad Signorelli, founder of Brettonwoods Research, a boutique top-down investment research firm in Mt. Tabor, New Jersey, points out that the optimism appears to be linked to Hollande’s influence on producing a growth-affirming statement from the G8 over the weekend, along with his plan to raise the issue of Eurobonds at an informal Eurogroup summit this Wednesday

full article at source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2012/05/21/hollande-grexit-the-future-of-eurobonds/


Eurobonds are on the way???. Eurobonds by December ??

Facebook turns nasty !

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Shares of Facebook Inc. fell more than 8% to $35.09 on Monday morning, putting the stock below its IPO price of $38 per share on its second day of trading. Facebook /quotes/zigman/9962609/quotes/nls/fb FB -11.33% made its trading debut on Friday following its $16 billion IPO, with the shares closing the day with a gain of only 0.6%. More than 35 million shares of the social network were traded at least check.

Facebook  quote May 21, 2012, 10:43 a.m.

Real time quotes

 Previous close $ 38.23

 Current price  $ 33.81  Change  -4.42 -11.57%

Day low  $33.00


There appears to be more fools with money out there than I thought!

FaceBook $100 Billion Internet IPO Emperor Has No Clothes, Investors Could Lose 85%

The Facebook IPO at $38 a share to raise $18.4billon is expected to value the social media company at over $100 billion that reeks of another LastMinute Dot com investors being suckered moment. Now Facebook clearly has value by virtue if its 900 million subscriber base, however valuing the company at X100 earnings is well on par with that of the peak of the last dot com bubble. The IPO itself illustrates that public investors are being sucked in by media hype as the amount to be raised has risen from first $5 billion, to $10 billion and to finally over $18 billion as major private investors including Goldman Sachs and Russian billionaires cash out as they offload stock to the public

The problem with Facebook is that it is already flat-lining in terms of revenue growth so not only is it over priced at 100X earnings but there is also no significant revenue growth to bring that high valuation down. For instance Facebook promotes itself on the basis of having 900 million subscribers, however to me that suggests that it is already a saturated market, where are new subscribers going to come from to grow the revenue?

Investors need to realise this that Facebook is no Google, the closest stock to Facebook is Yahoo which is priced at X17 earnings, so the Facebook IPO is being priced at X5 its real value.

Full article at source: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article34724.html

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