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Gombeen politicians still in charge??? up date

Gombeen politicians still in charge???

By citizenliam

James Reilly (in front of microphones). Lucind...

James Reilly (in front of microphones). Lucinda Creighton (third from right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Couldn’t agree more. The problem is that most Irish voters have a sneaking admiration for gangsters of this type (witness Michael Lowrey in Tipp North). Is it that these eejit voters think some of the ill-gotten gains will rub off on them? We know it’s not any kind of “good on ye’ mate” because that is not the Irish way (begrudgery replaces that). Is it that these peasants have a slave-like adulation of their masters (legacy of 700 years of occupation?)?. Is it plain stupidity? I defeats me anyway.
I’m 62 now and I’m mesmerized at the imbecility of the Irish voter – the idea that Fine Gael would offer a viable alternative to the FF…er party beggars belief. FG are more crooked, not less than FF! Labour have taken the soup (and smoked salmon) and are, in the words of Gilmore (referring to Frog Cowan), economic traitors to their electorate.
But who will take the pensions off the criminal TDs / MEPs? …Other TDs? …I doubt it – they know only too well that such a move may rebound if they engage in dog-eat-dog tactics. Just as Irish doctors don’t challenge their peers and Irish lawyers didn’t challenge their peers when they are proved corrupt I cannot see shister-TDs doing any different. It’ll alway be the inside-elite -v- the decent people. The only way is to remove the insider-elite from power via a ULA-led government. Next time? We can hope I suppose. Maybe the Irish will wake up and vote in their first ever left-wing government who will represent their interests (rather than the interests of tyhe insider-elite)? Currently, Ireland is the only country in Europe that never had a left-wing government!!!

Germany is too strong – a Yes vote just solidifies this

By David Mc Williams

In the past week there have been a variety of reactions to the fiscal compact referendum. On the Yes side, we are getting the usual establishment cocktail of indignation, anger, haughtiness and scare mongering. It’s kind of pathetic the way the Yes side oscillates between apocalypse and indifference like a tired parent dealing with an irritating child.

One day it is “the sky will fall in” if we vote no. The next it’s a case of “nothing will happen, this will go ahead anyway and we will get left behind”; the inference being we don’t count so our vote is not particularly important for the bigger project.

In previous referendums the central argument was “we have to vote yes because if we don’t Europe will stop”. This time one of the central arguments on the Yes side is we have to vote Yes because Europe will just carry on regardless.

So we have to vote yes when we matter and yes when we don’t.

On the No side we also have the rather duplicitous “treaty on austerity” slogan, which seems to suggest that if we vote no there will be money aplenty for all things and the State’s budget can be in deficit for perpetuity.

It seems that we can look forward to a campaign based on half-truths from both sides.

Let us be clear about something. The fiscal compact is all about German politics

full article at source : http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2012/03/08/germany-is-too-strong-a-yes-vote-just-solidifies-this?utm_source=Website+Subscribers&utm_campaign=f6e88280f4-08032012&utm_medium=email


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Germany is strong but give it time for the effect of he imposed austerity measures on the smaller countries of Europe who now cannot but the expensive products of Germany anymore because all of our cash is been taken away to pay for the gambling debts of the German Banks .Things are beginning to happened here in Germany Yesterday the health services were on strike and they were looking for 6.5% increase in wages .To-day the rail workers were on strike looking for a similar amount of wage increase. The German President of 20months was forced to resign over questionable financial actions .I was in local shops looking for shoes and was shocked at the prices for I consider to be ordinary booths( 160 euro and upwards). The average take home pay is about 1200 Euros  and taxes are on the way up .I also noticed some shops have closed down in what one would consider the best trading street in my town Lubeck (the Hux Str ) .Still there is no shortage of the Banks willing to lend  on property.

The town is getting ready for the summer tourist season and the main pedestrian street is been dug up for the umpteenth time for a facelift by the workers of the council. Still one notices that activity has gone down and people do not go out as often as they used to during the week .The problems of Ireland Greece are far from the minds of ordinary Germans and I can report that they couldn’t care less ,” those countries must get their house in order” “They must live within their means” .Order must be kept in Europe”   are some of the expressions I hear when I ask people I know .Germany has forgotten what it was like when they were on their knees after the last war If the rest of Europe  insisted Germany should face sever austerity measures  then, they would never have had the economic miracle they had . The smaller nations of Europe now need the same Marshall plan (massive investment) not the austerity Germany  is demanding  which after all is only bailing out their own corrupt banks!

Happy New Year

In the next few days I will be heading back to Germany and there I hope to continue to keep tabs on the political and economic developments of Ireland and Germany and I hope to post from there from time to time. I intend to set a business in my new adopted home LUBECK

I will try to keep those of you who are interested in my progress as I go through the many ups and downs and hopefully the eventual success of this new start in life! Staying in Ireland as we start the coming year is a non starter as new taxes and austerity measures are hitting hard the ones who least can take the burden and at the same time shielding the vested interests in our country is only putting off an even bigger disaster heading our way! The maths do not add up and reality will force its way to the top soon enough! The lottery salary’s of our politicians, special advisors, insiders, and top heavy management of the country’s civil service is crippling our nation.

Protecting these vested interests will have to be addressed .The Gombeen politicians are too corrupt and self-serving to be expected to do the job and I expect that the IMF and EU will have a step up to do the honours whilst the same politicians say they have no choice and no say in the matter .Meanwhile our health system our education system, the poor, the aged, and the unemployed will have to carry the heavy load and I ask myself, when will they stand up and say no more?  we have had enough and things will get nasty !

We as a country must accept that the politicians have overestimated the load baring capacity of the country in forcing private bank debts on to the shoulders of the ordinary citizens of our country and thus have betrayed their duty of care of each citizen guaranteed under the constitution of our republic .Looking around the shops some people are doing nicely whilst others are struggling to put food on the table. On the other hand we have Champaign socialists like Proinsias De Rossa who has made a nice living claiming to be a champion of the working man and woman comes out and backs Mr. Kevin Cardiff for the Court of Auditors a job that will pay him 276,000 a year !

How many voters of Mr. De Rossa would expect to earn a fraction of this lottery salary in their lifetime?  None! Why in God’s name are people still voting this out of touch politician? Is it any wonder the best and the brightest are leaving the country? The alternative is to stay and start a Bloody revolution .We the people must get up off our backsides and kick the self-serving leaches that clam to be serving the citizens of Ireland out of their plush offices and take back our country and re-establish an Independent Irish Republic >

Happy New Year.

Brian Hayes is just a puppet!

Minister of State at the Department of Finance Brian Hayes has said it would be difficult for a referendum to be passed on the new EU budget plans if a better deal on our debt burden isn’t struck.

Mr Hayes said today that in a context of such a vote, it is important that the EU authorities would cut Ireland a better deal which would see repayments on some debt stretched out over a longer period of time with a lower interest rate.

Whether or not a referendum is needed on new EU budgetary plans is still to be decided.

The Attorney General who is considering the matter has not yet been given her advice to Cabinet.

Today, Mr Hayes said an additional deal, which would help reduce the country’s onerous debt burden, would have to be put in place if a referendum is to take place, and indicated that it would be difficult to see any referendum passed without it.

Responding, the Independent TD Finian McGrath said the coalition does not have a hope in getting a vote passed if the debt issue is not addressed.

full article at source:http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/1218/eurozone.html



This puppet has been rolled out to sell the idea of us getting something in return for selling ourselves out to permanent austerity if we pass this new  referendum .We are been blackmailed into voting for something that is not in the best interest of our nation and our economic future. Like every other one of these treaties the big boys benefit while we the small boys are been exploited for their benefit. Pay no attention to this puppet the real damage is been done elsewhere and we won’t even know it is happening .The term sell out comes to mind!


Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan (Full of Bullsh**)

Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan said any referendum on the new European Union accord may effectively be a vote on the country’s continued euro membership.

The Irish government will start assessing whether it needs to hold a vote after it receives a first draft of the text by the end of the year, Noonan said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse” in London today. Irish voters have rejected changes to Europe’s governing treaties twice in the last decade.

“It really comes down on this occasion to a very simple issue; do you want to continue in the euro or not,” Noonan said. “Faced with that question, I think the Irish people will pass such a referendum.”

Last month, European leaders for the first time raised the prospect of the euro area collapsing by framing Greece’s proposed referendum on the terms of its bailout as a vote on nation’s future in the currency union. While Greece dropped the planned vote, European leaders are still scrambling to resolve the debt crisis.

Noonan said that while leaders took “significant steps”at a Dec. 8-9 meeting in Brussels to alleviate investor concerns, they “urgently” need to put in place measures to restore confidence in the euro.

Irish bonds due in 2020 yielded 8.77 percent today, up from 8.06 percent a month earlier. Spain’s 10-year bond yielded 5.69 percent and Italy’s was at 6.8 percent. The yield onGermany’s 10-year bund, Europe’s benchmark, was at 1.92 percent.

‘Deliberate Attempt’

Michael McGrath, finance spokesman for the opposition political party Fianna Fail, said Noonan’s comments are “a highly political and deliberate attempt to silence legitimate criticism” of the EU accord.

“The fact that the minister’s language mirrors almost exactly the proposition used by France and Germany to scupper recent plans for a referendum in Greece will not be lost on people,” he said in an e-mailed statement.

The so-called fiscal compact agreed to by 26 of the EU’s 27 members last week requires nations to virtually eliminate structural deficits, creates an “automatic correction mechanism” and enshrines the new measures in national law. There will be tighter control of tax and spending by governments that overstep the bloc’s deficit limit of 3 percent of gross domestic product.

War Chest

The summit also added to the war chest to protect cash-strapped economies, with an extra 200 billion euros ($260 billion) for the International Monetary Fund.

Noonan said it’s “not certain” that Ireland will need a referendum on the EU accord and that it depends on whether any such text would amount to Irish constitutional change. Prime Minister Enda Kenny said last month it would be “very challenging” to pass a vote on such proposals.

Irish voters rejected changes to the European treaty in 2001 and 2008, before reruns passed the proposals.

In June 2001, Ireland voted against the Nice Treaty, which paved the way for the then 15-nation EU to accept members from eastern Europe. A second ballot was won in October 2002. Seven years later, voters rejected the Lisbon Treaty by a margin of 53 percent to 47 percent, even as the country’s biggest parties urged a “yes” vote. In 2009, after securing guarantees on Irish neutrality and taxes, the treaty was carried.

“Ireland needs to be in the euro; a euro breakup would be disastrous for Ireland,” said Alan McQuaid, chief economist at Bloxham Stockbrokers in Dublin. “I would agree with Noonan that if it is a referendum on the euro it is more likely to be passed than something on fiscal austerity and greater fiscal union.”

To contact the reporters on this story: Maryam Nemazee in London at mnemazee@bloomberg.net; Dara Doyle in Dublin at ddoyle1@bloomberg.net

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Colin Keatinge at ckeatinge@bloomberg.net


Here we have the Dail puppets of Germany (Kenny& Noonan ) trying to muddy the waters. This is not a referendum on the Euro it is a referendum on fiscal austerity and greater fiscal union for the euro zone .This is what Germany needs to control the entire euro region. The last scrap of financial independence is been snatched from us. Germany needs a strong currency and it is bullying all of the other nations of Europe. Having forced us the Irish people to bailout the disastrous investments of Deutsche Bank by taking responsibility for private bank debts,we are now caught in a downward economic spiral that is pauperizing more and more families every day in Ireland through the severe austerity measures they are dictating to the Irish Government who have by the way gone native with their paymasters. The Irish Government have abandoned the needs of their own people for the needs of Deutsche bank. The new tax on people’s homes is just the start of an eventual 1200 euro “Annual Tax ”to be extracted from every family in the country. Don’t forget the water charges that are coming as well!

The current government have lost all credibility with the people ,and their advisers (mostly the same people that advised Fianna Fail) are still pulling the strings of power from the back rooms in Lenster House .These unelected gangsters are enriching themselves  taking lottery salaries whilst dreaming up new ways to extract more blood from a increasingly desperate people robbed of all hope of a secure future for themselves and their families. The Government have proven to be ten times worse that the last shower. Despite their protests, whilst in opposition, they are now eagerly serving the Irish people up to their real masters altar of “perpetual austerity”.

Our country is been taken from us piece by piece, at the same time the wealth of the country is been squandered away paying interest on odious debt that we the people are not responsible for. In order for the country to prosper we need a weak currency ( The punt)in order for us to attract new business to the country  .If it is cheaper for a company to set up here in Ireland then we will have a flood of companies wanting to set up business here thus jobs will be created and like Iceland we will be able to employ more and more people and thus the economy will grow out of what now looks like a permanent depressed  economic zone !.No country has managed to get out of recession without having first devalued its currency .The strong Euro is crippling our economy along with the austerity measures our government in foisting on to its own people. We need to have a cheaper cost base and this is the only way out of the disaster our gombeen politicians and crooked bankers have gotten us into!  The Euro is going down and Noonan and his band of collaborators are attempting to sell us out!

Don’t believe a word this over the hill politician is saying belive  what you see on the streets, in your own housing estates, look in your own wallet ,are you any better off now ???Noonan  and Kenny are attempting to threaten and bully us into financial servitude .The 2500 penalilty  for non payment of this new home tax must be resisted !This is nothing but a poll tax and I will not be forced into slavery !

Gangsters at Irish Life & Permanent exploiting their own customers!

Photo by Machholz

By Finfacts Team
Irish Life & Permanent today reported a pre-tax loss of €349m for the first half of this year (H1 2011), mainly related to loan losses at its Permanent TSB banking businessIL&P is under State  control after it was provided with capital after the March bank stress results.
Irish Life, the life business, is to be sold.Speaking today, Kevin Murphy, group chief executive, said;  “there were a number of positives in the performances
of  both the bank and the life company during the period including higher sales
in the life business and a higher net interest margin in the bank.  However both
businesses were impacted by the continuing difficulties in the broader economy
including rising unemployment levels, reduced disposable income and weak
consumer confidence.”

Murphy said IL&P was making good progress on the
planned sale of Irish Life.  He said; “we are progressing discussions with  a number of interested parties and we are encouraged by the process so far.”The bank recorded a
pre-tax operating profit for the period of €376m (2010 – loss of €131m).
However the key factor in this result was the gain of €763m as a result of the
State’s recapitalsisation.  Excluding that gain, and the net loss of €23m on the
bank’s own Tier 2 debt holdings, the bank recorded an operating loss of €364m in
the first six months of the year.

Full article at source:http://www.finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews/article_1023024.shtml


These figures would be a lot worse if it were  not for the fact that the  gangsters running this bank are in fact exploiting their own customers (I am one of them) I along with approximately 80,000 other customers are in fact now forced to pay sub-prime interest rates on our outstanding mortgages (currently  5.60 % )While the ECB rate is just 1.5%.The government
is allowing this den of thieves and the rest of the Toxic Banks to exploit their own customers in this way so as to give the impression these toxic banks are sound but we all know that they are all bankrupt. According to the European Union I should be able to get a mortgage from any bank in Europe but in reality we are at the mercy of these home grown crooks and their gutless political masters.I call again on all 80,000 customers of this corrupt financial institution to boycott this bank for any other services and withdraw any extra savings. Best of all stop paying our mortgages en-mass all over the country, they can’t throw us all out of our homes or put us all in jail!

see also :http://thepressnet.com/2010/01/28/irish-life-mortgage%E2%80%99s/

This morning I was listening to the Eamon Dumpy show on Newstalk

This morning I was listening to the Eamon Dumpy show on Newstalk (Sunday Show)

Listen here:Newstalk radio show

I have promised myself not to buy Sunday newspapers because I am always upset that there is nothing in them .We always seem to have the same self-serving so called celebrity journalists and mouthpieces of the political élite spouting off or touting the latest government kites !.We do not have any real objective ,investigative journalism in this
country and we are only fed tripe from the well placed insiders who never stop
telling the rest of us we are not been taxed enough and things are not as bad
as they could be!

In any case I want to highlight this morning’s program because Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev managed again to spell out the utter dire folly of the current government’s efforts to continue with the previous government’s policies of appeasement to the ECB.

Morgan Kelly’s article last week was in some measure covered too.

The latest example was only last week when Nicolas Sarkozy and German chancellor Angela Merkel barely down from the podium demanding changes to our constitution and announcing a pan European corporation tax that would seriously damage the Irish economic competitiveness (so we have be told ) our finance minster Michael Noonan shot out on to the world stage and declared his total support for the these  two chancres!

Jesus its embarrassing how far this guy has crawled up the rear end of these two self-serving politicians (Merkel&Sarkozy)

I warned that the markets would not be fooled by their half baked ideas and
sure enough the markets promptly tanked the rest of the week in response. The plunder of our national pension fund is almost complete and what did the 25 billion achieve?  Nothing! It all went into a black hole and we don’t have anything to show for it!

The gob-sh***s who advocated we should put it into the banks have now disappeared or on long summer holidays .While the ordinary Joe soaps struggle to hold on to their sanity the ruling class are preparing us for the next round of Austerity Measures  and we hear of the latest broken promises from our political gangsters and con artists who fraudulently won their way into the Dail.

Anyway I must say I felt better havening listened to this program as I agree with Constantin  Gurdgiev assessment of our current economic crises. (part an end of tap spells it out the way I see it and I have been saying for the last three years)

We do not own the Banks the ECB does and let them take them by giving them the equity and then we should wash our hands of them period!

Why can’t we have the likes of  Gurdgiev as a minster ? Someone who has b**** enough to
tell the ECB to go and get stuffed?

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