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festive spirit we certenly have the weather!

What a change in 15 hours we are now totally snowed in here in Wicklow and in the outer estates all you can do is to walk everywhere, forget trying to drive out you will never get back in.

Might as well take down the Christmas decorations and start putting them up and get into the festive spirit !  

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Wicklow Town’s latest traffic management and road resurfacing works

Wicklow Town’s latest traffic management and road resurfacing works are ongoing and the question now is will they be finished before they run out of money?
see video link http://www.vimeo.com/17153765

Marlton Road

The completion of the pedestrian footpath along the Marlton road is a very welcome development and looks like it will be completed shortly
see video link http://vimeo.com/17154668

New secondary school for Wicklow Town

Below the works on the new secondary school for Wicklow Town goes on according to plan and I am informed that the building will be completed on time
With over 75 people working there, it is a very welcome addition to the local economy
Full steam ahead !

Electricity price hike

TDs have slated a 5 per cent increase in electricity prices due to take effect next month.

Members of the Oireachtas Committee on Economic Regulatory Affairs were particularly critical of the energy regulator for its role in sanctioning the increase in energy prices for domestic consumers.

However, the Commission for Energy Regulation, whose representatives appeared before the committee today, said the 4.9 per cent increase from October 1st was entirely due to a levy introduced by the Government to secure the country’s security of energy supply and develop the renewable energy sector. Earlier, Wicklow TD Joe Behan said the vast majority of people were appalled at the increase. “There is widespread and deeply held anger among householders and business people, who cannot understand that an organ of state can conspire to increase charges when we are living through the worst recession in living memory.”

Mr Behan said consumers were caught in a catch 22 situation; when energy prices rose, they paid more, but when energy prices fell, the PSO levy went up.

He called on the regulator to postpone the increase.

His comments came as the commission formally approved the proposal by ESB Customer Supply to keep charges at their current level. This means that that tariffs will rise by €2.73 per customer per month, the amount of the levy to be imposed from October 1st.

The levy is being introduced to cover the cost of buying electricity from less efficient peat-fuelled stations and to develop renewable and sustainable sources of electricity.


what are these concerned pampered blood suckers doing about the unemployment  Nothing !

Again we are witness to a fine example of crocodile tears from our well pampered TD, s who won’t have to pay these increases from their own pockets as we the taxpayers will have to cough up that for them and note we are getting ever so close to a general election and the Boys and  Gals  are getting worried perhaps?

The “outcry” from the TD, s must be taken with a pinch of salt as everybody knows that the greens are really behind this latest stealth tax and I expect there are many more of these smash and grab taxes on the way

I call on the next government to repeal every one of the green initiatives and tax hikes since they came into government

What chance of this ever happening?

Wicklow river been Polluted

For the last 15 years a river flowing down through the town of Wicklow is been polluted By a 24 “drain pipe and raw sewage is pumping out of this pipe on a regular bases Some local developer took some short cuts and the local council don’t want to know!

In spite of writing to the local council over the last 15 years and to minster Gormley ,We the residents still suffer the consequences of this pollution

So much for the green party, s protection of the environment I suppose there are only active when the TV cameras are rolling and they can get some Air Time .

We demand action be taken to stop this pollution and the perpetrators be made clean up their mess

What if this oil spill was off the coast of Ireland?


If this had happened in Irish waters the Government would have told the nation that we were all responsible and we must all put our shoulder to the wheel and help stop this well from leaking any more of our precious oil .They would also blame the single mothers and the Unemployed for using up badly needed financial resources that would otherwise be spent plugging the well.

A call for a national bond would be made and everyone in the work would be made pay a new oil cleanup carbon tax levy and the Unions would tell the members that we have no choice as this is the only option for the country

Gormley would employ a few green pals to count all the dead fish and Ryan would call for a national day of mourning .Brian lenihan would go on national TV to tell us we must tighten out collative belts yet another two notches!
Bertie Ahern would look for another “Dig out” from his pals to help pay his levy!
Having got it he would then seek an exemption from the revenue on the grounds he was a struggling artist!
The Government would then blame the protesters of shell to sea for the disaster and have them all thrown into jail!

Gormley getting his photo taken


So Mr.Gormely will grace Wicklow to-day to grab a photo opportunity with the help of the New Wicklow water scheme

However he is conveniently forgetting the daly problems we in our estate have with raw sewerage floating down the local stream.

This in spite of us having written to him several times this year alone about this problem

Instead of prancing around having his photo taken he should come down to our estate and see for himself what we the residents have to put up with for the last 15 years

Mr.Gormely has done nothing to stop this pollution.

Mr.Gormely you are a man of inaction, forget about you grandstanding and start doing the job you were elected to do, namely protection of the environment

A case of “out of sight out of mind” Mr.Gormely?


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Residents association

Robin living in our post box!

Coming back home the other day I noticed a little Robin just fly past me as I got out of the car and then yesterday I noticed this stuff in  the paper post box section ,at first I thought the children were playing with moss,

Then to-day as I arrived home again I saw this Robin come out of the post box

So she has set herself up in our post box

so watch this space and see if we are going to have  a new family living in our post box!

The new by-pass duel carriageway for Wicklow town and the harbour by-pass road


The new by-pass duel carriageway for Wicklow town in now opened along with the by-pass road for the Harbour

A sturdy congrats to all involved with the project a job well done

Wicklow can do it

Take a look at the video below

Where is the plan for Ireland?

Here is something that might be of interest to some of you!

Not one of the political parties, north or south, has even tried to put forward an economic plan for Ireland that is based in the first place on the needs of Irish people.

All are working with the old arguments of ‘attracting’ investment, improving our credit rating, tinkering with tax rates, demanding subvention etc. and all are accepting the underlying issue that production can only happen here if someone makes a profit, usually some foreign corporation. The natural law of capitalist economics ensures concentration and monopoly in industry; this in turn leads to manipulation of markets to earn profits and even in trade that involves no production at all – speculation etc. This is the system that has us in crisis right now and which continues to be the cause of wars throughout the world – we must think outside these narrow confines to find real solutions.

Long ago the old imperial powers said they could never leave the African colonies because the natives weren’t capable of ruling themselves, what arrogance! They say the same about production in our modern economy, they tell us we need private profiteers!

We don’t need these ‘masters’, production is already a socialised activity; the problem is that it remains in private ownership, this must change, it is our economy!

So long as this social class remains in power Ireland will remain enslaved to foreign capital.

for more information please follow link http://www.thefuture.ie/index.html?EasterRising1916.html

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