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Curtains for traditional third level?

By David Mc Williams

Do you remember opening the envelope with your Leaving Cert results? Can you still feel the anxiety, the hopes, the disappointments and then the calculations, totting up points to see if you made the cut?

This morning, close to 60,000 teenagers will receive their Leaving Cert results. The Leaving Cert remains one of the few collective group experiences that most Irish children have. It’s the educational equivalent of national military service.

Underpinning the annual Leaving Cert event and the points race which unfortunately goes with the territory, is the understanding that third level education will give teenagers a head start in the jobs market.

This is a type of social contract. Many thousands of students today will hope that their Leaving Cert results will be a springboard to college and that college itself will be a springboard to a better career.

Up to a point, this pact between students, parents, universities and employers still holds true.

However, this understanding is beginning to fray as the cost of third level education rises and the wages graduates are achieving are falling……………………

full article at source: http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2013/08/15/curtains-third-level?utm_source=Website+Subscribers&utm_campaign=303e967280-22112012&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_861a00f27d-303e967280-266228133

Mountain Moral Monday Aug 5, 2013

We need the people of Ireland to wake up and fight the en-slavers  the puppets of the Troika and the faceless money men who are at this moment continuing to steal our nations natural resources ,imposing tolls on our already paid for roads and the poisoning of our water supplies with florid , the destruction of our community services  (health and education) and care  for our elderly .Our society  is been pitted against itself in order that these faceless gangsters keep control over  every one of us and out country!

We the people are been brainwashed into believing we are responsible for the debts of gamblers we are also been brainwashed into believing we are worthless .Our self worth is been ripped out of us and we are isolated and categorised into little boxes and the control systems are everywhere .just drive down any street and count all the cameras .When did we allow ourselves to be monitored 24/7 by the state and the police??? So we are been monitored by gangsters are you happy with this???

Take back your own self-worth defend your rights guaranteed in the Irish constitution .make no mistake we need to protect our rights each and every day!

People of Ireland wake up and take back your lives ,smash your TV’s and stop accepting the lies  and crumbs from the puppets in the Dáil! These self-serving leaches who are helping criminals suck us dry!

Is Mise

Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

TD’s comming back to work?

By Machholz

To-day the government decided to come back to work after two months holidays. There to greet them were Parents, Teachers, and Pupils bringing the message “we will not stand ideally by and watch you take away our special needs teachers” ,”we will not stand and watch as you rob our children of their chance to an education”. We had enough! and we mean business, we will fight the special needs cuts.  (SNA)The Principle of a right to an education will not be given up without  a vigorous fight by parents the likes no government has witnessed to date!

Noonan jobs initiative (citizens let down again! )

On the Jobs plan program the main planks seem to be,

* Initiate a long-term strategy to develop new markets in emerging economies;

    (Sounds like a new quango been set up (Jobs for insiders and friends of friends)

* Abolish the €3 per passenger travel tax as part of a deal with airlines to restore lost routes;

  (I think they would be better off paying every person that emigrates to stay away)

*15,000 places in work experience and educational opportunities for those who are out of     work; (I.E work for nothing)

* Cut the 13.5 per cent rate of VAT to 12 per cent up to end 2013;

 (lads, we are all broke except government workers that 1% wont amount to a hill of beans )

* Halve the lower 8.5 per cent rate of PRSI up to end 2013 on jobs paying up to €356 per   week;

* Reverse the €1 cut in the minimum wage, bringing it back to €8.65 per hour;

    (Will any of you sitting in the Dail work for even that??)   

* Implement initiatives in areas that will create employment in the domestic economy;

          (Can you be a bit more precise on that, lads?)

* Secure additional resources for the national housing energy retrofitting plan, as part of plans to phase out subsidies in this area by 2014;

(Don’t make me laugh by then most of us will have no homes because the banks will have most of the repossessed)  

* Expand eligibility for the back to education allowance;

This is the first good ideas I believe an educated person has a better chance of getting back into employment. But I would stress that emphases should be on technology  

* Accelerate capital works that are “shovel ready” and labour-intensive including schools and secondary roads.

Smacks of pouring money into developer buddies hands again lads!

full PDF  doc on the Jobs  initiative here: jobsinitiative

 In conclusion:

[Returning sustainability to the public finances is not just a matter of reducing expenditure and increasing or implementing new taxes, important though these are. Getting those who are out of work back to employment will, of course, be of great benefit to the public finances as it will reduce expenditure on unemployment payments and help boost the income tax yield, thereby benefitting both sides of the account. Giving consumers the confidence and encouragement to spend will also play an important role in this regard and these are the main aims of this Jobs Initiative]

The first sentence is blatantly stating that we are to expect hefty tax increases in the next budget. Expecting to get huge numbers of unemployed off the dole into new jobs is just wishful thinking without a radical new and daring incentive something along the lines of the American GI bill after the Second World War. Expecting a splurge of buying from the downtrodden taxpayers of the nation is demonstrating how out of touch this new government is only after a few weeks in office. Lads 1200 citizens are having their  power cut off  every week according to the ESB. Nobody in their right mind is going out spending, we don’t have anything to spend. With the first blatant attack on personal savings (pension levies) It won’t take too long before this government will be restricting the amount we have in our bank accounts, I take this hint and will take any savings out of any Irish Bank account and deposit it in an English, French or German bank if I were you now.       

Education is the Key to jobs growth and not government spin!  This is far too little and of no use to anybody over the age of 40.So all in all this is not worth getting worked up about its more of a photo opportunity .To tackle our crises we would need to spend 10 Billion over the next 4 years on re-educating the masses that are now unemployed, in the fields that are needed now, by the would be foreign investors and home-grown Technology, IT and chemical industries. This is where the demand is and for the foreseeable future. By robbing people who have saved and put something aside for their pensions in just outrageous .If this doesn’t get the people out on to the streets I suppose nothing will!

Points out of 10  

1 for a half-baked attempt

Gaelscoil Chill Mhantáin’s ongoing efforts to secure a permanent home.

Coiste Suímh
Gaelscoil Chill Mhantáin
9th February 2011
A chara,
Following your declaration to run as a candidate in the upcoming general election I would like to take this opportunity to highlight Gaelscoil Chill Mhantáin’s ongoing efforts to secure a permanent home.
The Gaelscoil was founded 15 years ago and is temporarily accommodated on a site recently purchased by the Department of Education and Science for the Rathnew amalgamated national schools. At present, the school has 222 pupils and is nearly full to capacity. We are likely not to be able to offer a place to all applicants in September 2012. We believe that there will be a deficit of mainstream school accommodation in Wicklow town, due to the fact that Wicklow is a ‘rapidly developing area’ with a growing population of children of school going age and also that other local schools are currently operating at, or are close to, full capacity.
Over the last 5 years at Merrymeeting, the department has spent out approx. €1 million on rents, pre-fab, ground works etc. The school has had increased overheads due to operating out of a temporary building on a temporary site. These costs have been born, to date, by the parent’s of our students; this is not something that is either acceptable or sustainable in this economy.
Currently under the DES’s Amended Criteria for Prioritising Large Scale Projects, the Gaelscoil is ranked on Band 2; however, the Gaelscoil believes it should be ranked on Band 1.1. We have issued several invitations to the DES to meet with the Gaelscoil’s board of management to discuss future plans for our school and how best we can achieve our goal of permanent accommodation. To date NONE of our invitations have been accepted.
Plans for the Merrymeeting site / Rathnew amalgamated Schools are constantly progressing and, as such, a plan must be agreed upon urgently, regarding the Gaelscoil’s future.
Given this information, will you commit to work to have Gaelscoil Chill Mhantáin moved to Band 1.1? To help us in any way to achieve a permanent home after 15 years of being ignored?
Thank you for your consideration and best wishes in your forthcoming election campaign.
Beir bua agus beannacht!
Is mise le meas,
Melanie Fitzpatrick
Melanie Fitzpatrick,              
Cathoirleach an Choiste Shuímh
087 8248923
An Casadh Meidhreach,
Rath Naoi,
Co. Chill Mhantáin
Ríomhphost: gcmsitecommittee@gmail.com

new secondary school for Wicklow Town (Update)

Driving down by the new secondary school for Wicklow Town, it’s looking pretty impressive, but one has to ask what king of future the kids coming out of there in the next few years now after the damage Fianna Fail and the Greens have inflected on the country, even with a good education how many will have to emigrate .We as parents must get up and take action we must demand that our political representive take steps to ensure education is accessible to all and it must be kept free. That we the Moms and Dads have decent jobs and where necessary when we become unemployed we can immediately up skill to avail of the so called smart economy. The current government and their cronies are happy to let the highly educated current generation just leave   

National Student March

03 November · 12:30 – 16:00

Location Dublin City Centre

Created by:


  Thousands of students & graduates will march on the streets of the capital city to protect education and the future of the country:Can you afford another massive hike in the registration fee to €3000?Can you afford another 10% cut to the student maintenance grant?The march will also highlight the soaring levels of graduate unemployment & emigration…. and the Government’s ongoing failure to tackle these problems.Students will congregate at Parnell Square at 12.30pm and from there, will march to Government buildings at Dublin 2.

Guest speakers at the event will include USI President, Gary Redmond and a host of public representatives



The National Student March is taking place on Wednesday and I will be attending, if there are any of our members that would like to come I can collect you from the Grand Hotel and bring you back after the march, I can take up to 4 persons in my car

see our events notice here http://thepressnet.com/movement-for-political-change/events/

I would ask you to wear one of our special T-Shirts (supplied by us) or can be collected if you are going on your own!

Contact Thomas  e-mail  1machholz@gmail.com

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