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Thanks Lads!

ECONOMIST Colm McCarthy was paid a fee of €35,000 for telling the Government how to cut public spending by €5bn, it was confirmed last night.

But given that some meetings did not last a full day, Mr McCarthy’s average daily rate comes closer to €1,000.

“Gullible voters”!

Economist Colm McCarthy

Chaired the group which drew up the cost-cutting report.

It is understood the group has recommended some radical measures to cut Government spending, which the Cabinet will have to consider , but not until after the Lisbon treaty !

Since the largest proportion of government spending goes on staff costs, the proposed cuts are likely to focus on this sensitive area (public sector pay and pensions).

But expect not to hear anything about the government’s intentions until After the Lisbon Treaty referendum

True to their nature they will hope to keep us all in the dark until then!

The hatchet will come out then and it will be put to good use after a yes vote has being secured from the “gullible voters”!

You have being warned!

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