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Disaster off the Irish coast?


Is this the kind of headlines we will some day read??

The BP saga continues off the coast of the US, and the question which has to be asked is could this kind of accident happen in the corrib gas field off the Irish coast. A fundamental review of all safety procedures must be top priority.

The whole notion that a foreign national can just plunder our national resources cannot be allowed to continue.

No government has the right to sell off the natural energy resources of the nation

The explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig that precipitated the vast Gulf of Mexico oil spill came after the well was capped with a relatively cheap type of casing, BP papers have revealed.

To cap costs, how do we know that Shell are doing the same off the Irish coast?

The fact we have the Greens in government, it is astonishing that they have not even called for such reviews on safety

I suppose we have yet again an example of the greens dumping their values for the allure of political power

The brave people fighting the shell company’s grab of Irish Gas should be supported as in my view they are the real eco warriors!

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