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State owns 99.8pc of AIB

AIB Bank Centre, Dublin 4, Ireland

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By Laura Noonan and Donal O’Donovan

Saturday July 02 2011

THE State’s stake in AIB is set to rise to 99.8pc
by the end of the month, it emerged last night, as the financial markets
absorbed an unprecedented number of announcements about Ireland‘s radical
bank restructuring.

The revelations about AIB’s shareholding were revealed in a document
describing the Government’s plans to spend €5bn on new shares at 1c a piece and
pony up any extra money through a “capital contribution”.

The extra money will be the difference between AIB’s €14.8bn capital demand,
less a €1.6bn government loan and whatever money AIB is able to make from doing
deals with bondholders.

The capital contribution won’t dilute down existing shareholders, who would
have seen their collective stake fall to less than 0.01pc if the Government had
put in all the cash via new sales.

AIB also completed its merger with EBS yesterday, and revealed that the
building society’s chief executive Fergus Murphy will be joining the bank’s
newly revamped executive team while four senior AIB directors will join EBS’s

AIB and EBS will remain as separate brands and businesses, but some EBS
departments will have reporting lines into AIB, a statement confirmed. Customers
will be unaffected by the merger.

Yesterday also saw AIB get the green-light to proceed with attempts to buy
back debt from bondholders after a legal challenge by an investor was

Aurelius Capital had blocked two of AIB’s 18 debt buybacks last month, but
yesterday agreed to abandon its protest after reaching an undisclosed settlement
with the Department of Finance.

A source at AIB said it now expects to move ahead with an offer to buy back
the bonds at a steep discount using a so-called subordinated liabilities order
(SLO) sanctioned by the High Court.

The SLO gives the government sweeping powers to change the terms of AIB’s
subordinated bonds, making buyback offers at any price difficult to resist.

Yesterday’s also saw Anglo Irish
and Irish Nationwide officially merged into a new entity dubbed IBRC,
or Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, so the duo’s assets can be wound down over
the next decade.

Meanwhile, Irish Life & Permanent yesterday announced that most of its
junior bondholders have taken up an offer to sell back their debt at a discount.
The buyback of one €54m bond was not approved and remains outstanding.

– Laura Noonan and Donal O’Donovan

Irish Independent

source : http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/state-owns-998pc-of-aib-as-banks-revamped-2811522.html


All we have here is an attempt to sell the notion that we have completely new banks and all the rot has been taken care of but this is so far from the truth. What about the banks hopeless loss making derivative positions that are still been hidden. These losses run into the billions and are perhaps been kept in “off shore branch’s” in the IFSC the mother of all hot money clearing houses in the world .If you’re a despot dictator of thieving politician this is where you are most likely to be hiding your ill-gotten gains and if you’re are a drug king pin your sure to be hiding your loot here .The Mexican drug lords are sure to be hiding their drug money here as well! The upstanding Irish citizens working in the financial services in the IFSC in the “Funds management business” are
helping drug lords and despot politician from around the world hide their stolen funds and drug money.

Back to AIB .This is still a toxic pig in new clothing
nothing has changed the same gangsters are in charge and are still doing business.
Almost 3 years on not one of them is in front of a judge .But as an ordinary
citizen if you don’t pay your TV licence you will end up in an Irish Jail.

Bring these crooks to justice or else, we the people will
get justice for ourselves!


New Central Bank of Ireland figures show no slow-down in deposit flight

April 29, 2011

 by namawinelake

Figures released by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) this morning for the month of March 2011 show that the flight of deposits from Irish banks shows no sign of slowing down. From an Irish perspective, possibly the most significant figure to watch is the total of private sector deposits in the six State-guaranteed financial institutions (AIB, Anglo, Bank of Ireland, EBS, Irish Life and Permanent and INBS). The total which represents businesses and households fell to €106.3bn in March 2011 from €108.6bn in February 2011 and is now down €23bn from a year ago, €11bn since the IMF/EU bailout in November 2010 and €2.3bn down over the course of just one month. The CBI and ECB continue to provide substitute funding for Irish banks which replaces this flight of deposits and Irish banks continue to provide extensive State-backed guarantees on deposits. It remains to be seen if the pace of decline in deposits slowed after the bank restructuring announcements made after close of business on 31st March, 2011 – Minister Noonan indicated the early signs were encouraging but since then our sovereign bond yields have sky-rocketed again.

So, looking at the deposit figures produced by the CBI. First up is the consolidated picture for all banks operating in Ireland including those based in the IFSC which do not service the domestic economy.

Next up are the 20 banks which do service the domestic economy and include local subsidiaries of foreign banks like Danske, KBC and Rabobank. There is a list of all banks operating in Ireland here together with a note of the 20 that service the domestic economy.

And lastly the six State-guaranteed financial institutions (AIB, Anglo, Bank of Ireland, EBS, Irish Life and Permanent and INBS)

(1) Monetary Financial Institutions (MFIs) refers to credit institutions, as defined in Community Law, money market funds, and other resident financial institutions whose business is to receive deposits and/or close substitutes for deposits from entities other than MFIs, and, for their own account (at least in economic terms), to grant credits and/or to make investments in securities. Since January 2009, credit institutions include Credit Unions as regulated by the Registrar of Credit Unions. Under ESA 95, the Eurosystem (including the Central Bank ofIreland) and other non-euro area national central banks are included in the MFI institutional sector. In the tables presented here, however, central banks are not included in the loans and deposits series with respect to MFI counterparties.

(2) NR Euro are Non-Resident European depositors

(3) NR Row are Non-Resident Rest of World depositors (ie outsideEurope)



Just a few weeks ago Mr. Noonan reassured the public that “The total amount of deposits withdrawn from the pillar banks has been very significantly reduced”. And “the net deposit position of the Pillar Banks has improved significantly” So what’s new he was lying and I expect he will continue to lie to us over the next few years. This is what you get when you try to build so called Pillar Bank on the rotten foundations of corrupt and toxic banks in the first place!

Shut these toxic black holes down now!

A message to our own politicians

 “We will have our rights one way or the other “was the message of the Egyptian people:

 Now I have a message for our own politicians listen to the people “We want real change” We are sick of cronyism, elitism, and political incompetence, one law for the rich and austerity for the poor. We want those who destroyed our country to pay and be seen to be paying and not hide behind convenient laws that protect the rich whilst they head off into the sunset with multimillion euro handshakes. As I write this note I see the Finance Minister Michael Noonan warned “a number of top bankers are sitting on fat-cat contracts signed off by his predecessor and are due massive lump sums on retirement”. He confirmed Colm Doherty, the former managing director of Allied Irish Banks (AIB), secured a €3m plus package when he stepped down last November. “The previous government shouldn’t have allowed this situation to develop,” said Mr Noonan. “But Mr Doherty is contractually legally entitled to what he got because of the decisions made by the previous government according to Mr.Noonan. Firstly the same public interest directors are still sitting in their high paid jobs in these same banks. These people allowed this to happen and they must resign now. As for you Mr. Noonan , this is certainly a change of tone coming from you since you  left the opposition  benches in the Dail . I don’t care Mr. Noonan, change the law, have a referendum, this is wrong and you don’t need to honor what the last shower of gangsters in government allowed.  If you don’t listen to us we will take to the streets and there will be real change. The people have had enough! While you are at it you should sack all of the public interest directors on the various bank boards and replace them with ordinary unemployed citizens. We did not vote you in to become a mouth piece, supporting the past crimes of the last corrupt government! Get your finger our and start delivering on you promises.  

Listen to live line today: link:http://www.rte.ie/radio1/liveline/ 19th april

Reggie middleton

Reggie:  Here in Ireland , the new government have  broken their promise to the voters  not to put one cent more into the toxic banks. We are now been bombarded with a PR action basically saying that Bank of Ireland is now the only Irish bank that can stay private and we are be sold the notion that it is relatively unscaved and it can recover by getting new capital investment  what crap!

more on Reggies article here :http://boombustblog.com/reggie-in-the-news/2011/04/05/the-pressure-on-portugal-increases-as-ratings-agencies-finally-arrive-to-the-fire-before-the-house-burns-down/

Live press conference: Publication of Capital and Liquidity Results by the Central Bank of Ireland 31/03/2011 16:30

The press conference will be available to view live online from 4.30pm.

 video here link

Irish Life and Permanent engaged in activities that can only be described as fraudulent

This is an e-mail I sent to the central Bank and regulator this morning.

Dear Sir or Madam
Following the revelations that Irish Life and Permanent engaged in activities that can only be described as fraudulent and detrimental to the welfare of the shareholders in the year 2008 (the movement of 7 billion to Anglo-Irish Bank) in an attempt to defraud the shareholders of that institution I now call upon you to state if any investigation in ongoing and who if any persons involved have been charged with insider trading and what criminal action s have been considered ?
If it turns out to be the case that no action is been taken I then hereby state that it is my contention that persons within this institution engaged in insider trading and I demand charges be brought against them immediately a full investigation should be carried out and all persons involved be removed from positions within the Irish life and permanent until such investigations are finished and the guilty prosecuted 
Thomas Clarke
Independent Candidate for Wicklow


Thomas Clarke

I just rang the financial regulators in the central Bank and they tell me that I am not entitled to know if any investigations are ongoing in any of the financial institutions so any of the banks could be engaged in fraud, taking funds from their customers and we will only find out about after any investigations are complete?
Nothing has changed! We the customers are again been fleeced by the same gangsters as we are now forced to pay subprime interest rates .

Have we reneged on the IMF/EU bailout deal?

By namawinelake

(Memorandum of Understanding)

The decision by Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan this week to postpone the next round of bank recapitalisations to after the general election was momentous and I don’t think the shock waves have been accurately captured yet. And the reaction of what are assumed to be the government-in-waiting must surely be a matter of deep concern for our lenders, as it would seem that there has been unilateral repudiation of a key term of our agreement with the EU/IMF (either a one-month-plus delay or a conditional repudiation). Let’s examine the sequence of events

1. 16th December, 2010 – Agreement with IMF/EU of bailout terms following Irish parliamentary debate and vote and IMF board meeting

2. January Exchequer Statement confirms that we have so far received €10.873bn from the EU/IMF facility (€4,979m from the European Financial Stabilisation Fund and €5,803m from the IMF Extended Fund facility) in Jan 2011. The December 2010 Exchequer Statement shows that there was no drawdown from the facilities last year.

3. 1st February, 2011- Dail is dissolved and it is claimed by Minister Lenihan that he discussed the possibility of postponing the recapitalisations with his colleagues.

4. Wednesday afternoon, 2pm, 9th February, 2011 – IMF produces broadly upbeat staff report on Ireland

5. Wednesday afternoon, 9th February, 2011 – Minister Lenihan issues statement cancelling his intention to recapitalise the banks before the general election – “the Minister has informed the European Commission, the IMF and the ECB” The Central Bank of Ireland responds in detached terms (“notes” cf “welcomes”)

6. Thursday afternoon, 10th February, 2011 – Minister Lenihan issues informal invitation to two main Opposition party finance spokespeople to write to him if they wanted the recapitalisation to take place before the general election.

7. FG finance spokesperson, Michael Noonan issues statement in which he says “if Fine Gael is in government will await the results of the solvency and liquidity review before we recapitalise the banks”. These reviews are due to be completed by Barclays Capital, the Boston Consulting Group and Blackshore by 31st March 2011. Work has been ongoing since January so there is the possibility that the results may be published earlier than 31st March.

 8. Labour party leader, Eamon Gilmore said, according to the Irish Times, “his party would not put any further capital into Bank of Ireland, AIB and EBS building society before renegotiating the bailout with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the EU”. I cannot find a statement on the Labour website on this subject.

9. General election on 25th February, 2011 with constitutional statement by An Taoiseach that the next Dail will meet on 9th March, 2011. The likelihood is that the next government will be a coalition and the usual post-election horsetrading may delay the formation of a government. For what it is worth, Paddy Power are offering 1/10 odds-on that the next government will be FG/Labour. I recall Paddy Power not being on the money with the outcome of the British general election in May 2010 but the only fly in the ointment I can see in our election is the uncertain role to be played by independents and small parties as my own sense is there is a palpable hostility/apathy towards FF (mostly)/FG/Labour. The reason for mentioning the likely outcome of the election is that above are the positions of the two main opposition parties likely to be in government, on the recapitalisation. So where does this all leave the agreement with the IMF/EU. We’re taking their money but not honouring commitments on the use of that money. The hope on the IMF/EU’s part must be that this is a temporary hiccup and this agreement term will be honoured in April 2011. I can’t find written statements from the ECB or the IMF or EU reacting to Minister Lenihan’s decision but press reporting suggests muted concern. I can’t help but notice that we have €11bn of the bailout funds plus €126bn from the ECB in our banks and yet we seem to be unashamedly delaying (or something more serious in Labour’s case) a key term of the deal.

Comment :

What about to notion that we haven’t seen the real extent of the problem? Perhaps we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg what if the hole in the banks is three times bigger or even four times bigger can we really believe a word any of the players to date .Brian Lenihan, Patrick Honohan Allen Dukes Brian Cowen and even the ECB with their Bank stress tests, none of their figures have been proven right on the on the contrary they all have been wrong.

For my money I bet the hole is so much bigger and we will have no choice but to default. By the time we have the full figures on the Banks derivative positions in CDS, s ,and OTC,s  we will be in for a nasty shock and Lenihan knows it!

The use of derivatives can result in large losses because of the use of leverage , or borrowing. Derivatives allow investors  to earn large returns from small movements in the underlying asset’s price. However, investors could lose large amounts if the price of the underlying moves against them significantly and boy has the underlying assets prices moved and it is down down down so its not going to be good news comming from the banks .

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