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The Irish Media – Cheerleaders For Austerity

By Julien Mercille

Irish Media – A study of Irish press coverage of austerity between 2008 and 2012 conducted at University College Dublin confirms that the media have been relentless cheerleaders for austerity. The case is so overwhelming that it may even surprise proponents of austerity. The full report is available here (or from this author by email).

Ireland has distinguished itself among European countries by implementing austerity at the outset of the current crisis, while a number of other governments reacted by first enacting Keynesian stimulus packages, in parallel to bailing out their banks, before turning to austerity. Austerity might be good for elites, but it attacks ordinary people by cutting government spending on social services, health care and welfare. It seeks to make labour more ‘flexible’ by dismantling and downgrading work conditions and protections to give more power to employers over employees. On top of that, it raises regressive taxes like the VAT and encourages privatisation of state-owned enterprises and assets, often sold to investors at bargain prices.

European authorities themselves have announced explicitly, and even proudly, that austerity is used to attack the welfare state and ordinary people. Mario Draghi, the ECB president, declared in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the European ‘traditional social contract is obsolete’ and that ‘there is no escape from tough austerity measures’. He further said that continuing ‘shocks’ would ‘force countries into structural changes in labor markets’. Accordingly, Europe’s population faces repeated attacks from corporate and political elites, a fact noted by the New York Times recently when it observed that ‘Americanized labor policy is spreading in Europe’. It remarked that in 2008, 1.9 million Portuguese private sector workers were covered by collective bargaining agreements, but that the number is now down to 300,000. Greece has cut its minimum wage by almost a fourth, Ireland and Spain have frozen it, and in general labour protections have been reduced in peripheral Europe, so that austerity is ‘radically changing the nature of Europe’s society’. The developments will transform so deeply the social fabric that the chief economist of the International Labour Organisation described them as ‘the most significant changes since World War II’…………………….

full article at source: http://www.social-europe.eu/2013/12/irish-media-cheerleaders-austerity/


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Just the other day, during an RTE attempt to support the spin on the so called “resurgent Dublin property market” we had this outburst from Brian Dobson a overpaid gobshit dependent for his livelihood  on the taxpayers of Ireland , just like Dole recipients ,teachers, Judges, Garda  etc”. This RTE prime donna has the cheek to label peaceful protesters highlighting the real news “ Idiots “ This was a perfect example showing the establishment  is engaged in censorship and the state media is stuffed full of pampas arrogant right wing lackeys like Dobson!

Freeman Guide ( Ireland)

by Tronner

A Short and Friendly Guide toDealing With Policy Enforcers (aka: Gardaí Síochana)

Here’s a brief example to help you understand the difference between Peace Officers and PolicyEnforcement officers. We can look at three different posts held in society, namely; Prison Warden,Garda and Traffic Warden to see how their roles vary from Peace Keeper to Policy Enforcer:1.Prison Wardens – Peace Keeper only

There are approximately 14,415 members of An Garda Síochána, so it is likely that you willencounter them a few times in your life, living on the land. With almost 500,000 recorded roadtraffic offences per year odds are you will be pulled over at some time. So what to do??The Gardai are hired to be our protectors, however when they are enforcing statutes they becomepolicy enforcers. Their role changes from peace keeper to revenue collection agents.The Gardai are not your enemy, but they are also not your friend if they are acting as PolicyEnforcers. They are in an adversarial position much like playing chess. They want to win a situation,they want to get a conviction.Please note you are perfectly entitled to record the Gardai. When they are off duty they can enjoytheir right to privacy, but if they are operating in the public domain you have the right to recordthem. If you have any problems with this you might say “I’m gathering evidence for my defenceofficer”.

Know when and how to exercise your rights and don’t forget – You are actingLawfully!1. Positive vibes


The most important thing is to be as friendly, nice and courteous as possible it will pay off in theend. Act peacefully, respectfully and lawfully toward them. Let them know you are recording them,state the date and time, get the badge numbers, ask for their names and their business cards. If theyare in a huff about this tell them it is for Your safety. If they give any guff ask them” are you denyingme my safety?” or “Is there a problem with that Garda?” Of Course not! Surely?

2. First Contact

You could be driving in your car or walking down the street, first have a look around and see if there are any people nearby who you can ask to witness, most people like a good stare anyway and itwould help in your defence if necessary. Try and pull over near them or call them over (remember youonly have to pull over when it is safe to do so, this gives you some time).

Record, Record, Record

Nearly every phone has a voice or video recorder on it. If you are more prepared you’ll even have a dictaphone or a camcorder with you. Make sure the Garda is awareyou are recording……………………………

Welcome to TAX haven Ireland for the rich and Austerity hell for the ordinary Joe!

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


Welcome to TAX haven Ireland for the rich and Austerity hell for the ordinary Joe!

Welcome to TAX haven Ireland, where the hard presses ordinary PAYE taxpayers have to subsidise the world’s largest corporations, the world’s largest hot money centre holding 2.7 trillion euro’s in hidden bank accounts and where not one red cent tax is been charged by our sell-out politicians who are in bed with the very crooks who are hiding their hot money down at the IFSC in Dublin.

So we the Irish have our Natural Gas stolen from us , our Oil reserves stolen from us and we nearly had our Forests stolen from us and now I hear we are about to lose the countries Gas company to vultures and pals from corrupt politicians who were voted in to office to protect our nations interest ! Instead we find these corrupt gangsters are helping hidden moneymen steal our national treasures!.

As long as the ordinary workers of this country are forced to take the burden of bailing out gangsters in our banks, corrupt corporation, and implementing policy from unelected special advisors who all have their own self interests at heart we the people are going to be bled dry. The brightest and best are leaving the country in droves and the gombeen politicians are feathering their own nests while our people are crushed under ever increasing taxes and austerity measures designed to beat down any notion of an Independent people!We have become a nation of financial debt servers !

Our political elite are all in good spirits as the latest polls are indicating the crooks running our country have little to fear of the people rising up, we are it seems a complying bunch!. With the world’s largest companies paying little or no tax, we the ordinary people are going to have to pay for all the shortcomings! For every euro these corporate leeches do not pay tax Ordinary Joe has to do without community services , a dismantled health service and diminishes educational  prospects for our children. How long are we the ordinary people going to stay on our knees and allow this Austerity hell continue? While the privileged suck our country and its natural resources dry??

2013-09-12 13.05.24

How long are we going to allow Merkel tell us when we can build a hospital or when and where we build our schools or when we die?

Where are the fighting Irish?? , wake up and see reality!!

Google pays €17m tax on €15.5bn revenue

By Mark Paul

Google’s Irish-based operation increased its revenue in 2012 by almost a quarter to €15.5 billion, according to accounts filed over the weekend.

But, after charging “administrative expenses” of almost €11 billion, which includes royalties paid to other Google entities abroad, Google Ireland paid just €17 million in corporation tax last year.

The company, which at year end employed 2,200 staff at its European, Middle East and Africa (Emea) headquarters on Barrow Street in Dublin, boosted its gross profit by 22 per cent to more than €11 billion. Its administrative expenses also jumped by €2 billion, however, wiping out most of the gains in operating profit.

full article at source: http://www.irishtimes.com/business/sectors/technology/google-pays-17m-tax-on-15-5bn-revenue-1.1544187


Dublin ( Photo of the day)

2013-08-28 15.25.04

Homeless man alive when put into waste-crushing truck – Crime & Law News from Ireland & Abroad | The Irish Times – Sat, Aug 24, 2013

Gardaí believe a man found dead in a pile of rubbish at a waste disposal facility in Dublin yesterday was homeless and sleeping in an industrial-sized bin when its contents were collected, crushed and dumped.

He is believed to have been alive when tipped into the lorry along with the contents of the bin. Sources said he was crushed to death in the back of the vehicle by the machinery that compresses rubbish in refuse trucks.

Staff working for the waste company involved only became aware of the man’s body in the refuse when the collection truck was emptied at the recycling and refuse facility in Walkinstown, west Dublin, yesterday morning.

The facility on Ballymount Road in Dublin 24 is owned

Homeless man alive when put into waste-crushing truck – Crime & Law News from Ireland & Abroad | The Irish Times – Sat, Aug 24, 2013.


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


This is an extremely sad story as a man homeless living is a dustbin, abandoned by the state, yes our politicians are on holidays and couldn’t give a toss ,having taken away the necessary funds to keep essential social services up and running they have instead plundered these funds to pay off interest on gambling debts of their pals  and abandoned the most vulnerable in our society to fend for themselves in our trash bins!

Yes our Ministers are living palatial surroundings and our old and young vulnerable citizens are been fleeced of their dignity and a right to a roof over their heads ,forced to fend for themselves on the hostile streets as they fill up with ever-increasing hoards of homeless !

The puppets of the Troika can now say job well done! “A lot done and a lot more to do” (remember that one?)

Roll on the “awakening” when those who have sold out the Irish people will reap their just rewards!

Homeless in Dublin

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


Thanks to the current puppet government and bought off Union Boss’s and corrupt gangsters in the nation’s banks ,


our youth is been abandoned and left on the streets


while the same government and Union bosses collect lottery salaries and pension perks


Wake up youth of Eire and take back your rightful place .take back your dignity

BREAKING…..Eurobanks ‘heavily exposed to Detroit and other US cities’

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh:


This bank is no longer under Irish regulation and even when it was the Irish authorities were incompetent to say the least or better dare I say they were looking the other way as they wined and dined the Hot moneymen all over Dublin. The moneymen in the IFSC are still in control and they have X politicians as front men like John Bruton who recently was calling for less regulation can you belive?.
We here in Ireland are true surfs and debt slaves servicing faceless bondholders gambling debts !
This Den of toxic hot-money (IFSC)should be closed down and the operators should all be in Jail for laundering money !

The Slog

What always makes me laugh in a vaguely nervous way is when I hear soundbites/watch videos/read interviews with the Wanksters, where they claim that all their derivative debts “are netted”.

Let me explain something here. Not even Lloyd Blankfein with a direct feed from Jehovah has the faintest bloody clue whether his 103 times leveraged Goldin Sacks is netted with a Chinese takeaway or an Aussie saltwater crocodile.

In the last 24 hours, it has begun to be apparent that several eurozone banks have large exposures to the Detroit collapse, through complex certificates of participation. The startlingly unlovely UBS sold such certificates over a long period – up to a total of around one and a half billion dollars. Most of this sub-sub prime bogpaper ended up with European banks, all of whom of course knew what they were doing. Not.

One particular trail involves Hypo-Real Estate, stranded with $200m…

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Banks-Sovereign Contagion: It’s Getting Worse in Europe


  • European authorities and nation states have pushed for banks to ‘play a greater role’ in ‘supporting recovery’ – euphemism for forcing or incentivising (or both) banks to buy more Government debt to fund fiscal deficits (gross effect: increase holdings of Government by the banks, making banks even more too-big/important-to-fail);
  • European authorities and nation states have pushed for separating the banks-sovereign contagion links, primarily by loading more contingent liabilities in the case of insolvency on investors, lenders and depositors (gross effect: attempting to decrease potential call on sovereigns from the defaulting banks);
  • European authorities and nation states have continued to treat Government bonds as zero risk-weighted ‘safe’ assets, while pushing for banks to hold more capital (the twin effect is the direct incentive for banks to increase, not decrease, their direct links to the states via bond holdings).
The net result: the contagion risk conduit is now bigger than ever, while the customer/investor security in the banking system is now weaker than ever. If someone wanted to purposefully design a system to destroy the European banking, they couldn’t have dreamt up a better one than that…

No desks. No staff. No tax. Ireland’s shadow banks

By  Carl O’Brien, Caelainn Barr

So many companies are listed in the marble-tiled, plant-filled foyer that there are no brass plates or printed guides. Instead, it takes a computer to search through them all. This is 5 Harbourmaster Place, a Celtic Tiger-era chrome-and-glass building at the edge of the International Financial Services Centre, in Dublin.

It might not look big enough to house them all, but this modest-sized building is home to about 250 companies. One is Orpington Structured Finance I. It has gross assets of €1.7 billion, which would make it one of the most valuable firms in Ireland. Except it has no employees. It has no buildings or machinery. Nor does it pay any tax.


It is one of hundreds of so-called financial-vehicle corporations, which are companies set up to house or trade in securitised investments, in other words to package and resell loans.

It’s part of a much wider area of financial activity known as shadow banking, a term coined five years ago when the US economist Paul McCulley defined the area as the “whole alphabet soup of levered-up non-bank investment conduits, vehicles and structures”.

The term spread almost as fast as the financial crisis, and regulators and governments have been mobilising ever since to try to map this largely uncharted world.

It’s big business: the total value of assets in the Republic’s shadow-banking sector, at €1.7 trillion, is almost 11 times the State’s gross national product, which is the total value of all products and services produced in a single year.


Supporters of low taxes and multinational-friendly policies say these companies help create much-needed jobs in a country with 14 per cent unemployment and stagnant growth. The wider IFSC employs an estimated 32,000 people, for example, and contributes about €1 billion in corporation tax. Of those employees, about 1,000 work in companies linked to the securitisation industry. If Ireland weren’t courting this kind of business, the argument goes, it would end up in rival jurisdictions, such as the UK or the Netherlands…………………………………..

Full article at source: http://www.irishtimes.com/business/sectors/financial-services/no-desks-no-staff-no-tax-ireland-s-shadow-banks-1.1388923

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