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The plunder of Ireland’s water by a private company is well underway with the news this morning! Dublin City Council ‘will lose €2bn in assets’ to Irish Water

City manager Owen Keegan says local authority will be left with €330m pensions liability

Owen Keegan: said the transfer posed “very significant financial and operational risks to the city council”

Owen Keegan: said the transfer posed “very significant financial and operational risks to the city council”

Dublin City  Council will be left with hundreds of millions in liabilities and will  lose some €2 billion in assets following the transfer of its services to Irish Water next month, city manager Owen Keegan has told councillors.

In what has been his stronger statement since becoming city manager  earlier this year, Mr Keegan said the transition was set to result in  higher charges for businesses, could damage the council’s ability to  respond to severe weather events, and was likely to cause “very  significant financial and operational risks to the city council” .

The council was facing pension liabilities  for water services staff of €330 million without the assets to fund them and this was the “ single most significant area of concern”, Mr Keegan  said. “In the normal course of events one would expect that when a  function transfers from one public service agency to another, public  service agency responsibility for legacy pensions associated with the  function would also transfer.”

‘Major liability’ Assets of approximately €2 billion were transferring to Irish Water “without  any compensation” to the council. These assets had been built not only  on funding from the government but from the commercial rates paid by the business people of the the city.

“It seems  unreasonable that a major liability relating to these assets will remain with the council notwithstanding the fact that the assets have  transferred to Irish Water. The pension liability is directly related to the underlying water assets and was incurred in developing and  maintaining those assets.”

The council was obliged to sign agreements to provide water services as agents of Irish Water  for the next 12 years, but although the transfer was due to take place  on January 1st next, the council had yet to be given a final draft of  the Service Level Agreement. However Mr Keegan said he had already been  made aware the council was to be left €1.7 million short of what was  needed to run water services in 2014.

‘Violation’ of principle This represented “a violation” of the principle that the council should be  recouped in full for the costs it incurs under the agreement, he said. “Local authorities should not be in a position where they are providing  services on behalf of Irish Water for which they will not be fully  reimbursed.”

If this budget deficit continued in  future years, the council would lack the capacity to react to unforeseen weather such as floods or freezes.

“In previous  years when there was severe weather we had no option but to respond, but if we are not going to recouped for it, that will put us in a very  difficult situation.”

A uniform national charge  was due to be set for businesses, which was likely to be higher than the current rate charged in the city. The council would be unable to  compensate business for any increase.

“It seems  likely that water charges will have to be increased, we won’t be able to compensate businesses for any increase. I personally think that is a  major loss.”

Mr Keegan also presented a report  from the council’s law department that pointed out that the published  Bill does not prohibit the sale of Irish Water or its assets.

He told councillors his predecessor as manager, Irish Water managing director John Tierney, and Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan were requested to attend or send representatives to last night’s meeting but declined.

source: http://www.irishtimes.com/news/environment/dublin-city-council-will-lose-2bn-in-assets-to-irish-water-1.1630200#


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Democracy is Dead in Ireland !

The plunder of Ireland’s natural resources (water) by a private company is well underway with the news this morning! Dublin City Council ‘will lose €2bn in assets’ to Irish Water! There is no other word to use here other than stealing from the Irish nation! This is treachery! Wholesale theft!  Enabled by the puppet government and their colluding self-serving councillor leaches around the country!

Priory Hall residents ‘can move on’ (Thanks to the Taxpayers )

By Fiach Kelly

Stephanie Meehan, whose partner took his own life, was speaking after the residents of Priory Hall accepted the Government’s deal, and said: “The nightmare is over for all the residents – but it is not over for me.”

She said: “I think now from today we can start to move forward with our lives. The only difficulty here is, and what I would wish for today, would be if Fiachra was here to celebrate this moving forward with me.

“That is the downside, but the upside is that we can move on with our lives.”

The residents met Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Government Buildings, and Mr Kenny also said he hoped the families affected could now move on.

He said residents forced to leave Priory Hall’s “fire traps in horrendous circumstances” now have “new direction, new life, new hope….

Full article at source:http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/priory-hall-residents-can-move-on-thanks-to-brave-stephanie-29651499.html#_methods=onPlusOne%2C_ready%2C_close%2C_open%2C_resizeMe%2C_renderstart%2Concircled%2Cdrefresh%2Cerefresh&id=I2_1381495167283&parent=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.independent.ie&pfname=&rpctoken=82579290


By Thomás  Aengus O Cléirigh


I am also sorry for this ladies loss but, but I fail to see why the hard-pressed taxpayers must now pay for their misfortune and their entrapment by the corrupt bankers! Surely the private commercial transactions for all citizens have to have equal standing within the law? What about the other 200 or so citizens who this year so far, have committed suicide because of their financial entrapment by the same corrupt banks? Are the families of these victims going to get any support from these gutless politicians?

The gombeen’s in government have shown with this action that there is no law other that the law for the in crowd, the more media attention you can get the better you chances of getting funds from the taxpayers of this BA=NAMA-REPUBLIC. Will this shower in Lenster house now forgive the 180,000 citizens who cannot pay their mortgages as they too were sold overpriced shoeboxes and homes that were built in fold plains all over the country???Why are the gangsters responsible still walking around enjoying their payoff’s pensions and mansions? What about the other citizens who have been evicted out of their homes by the corrupt financial transactions of the zombie bankers ?? This is another example of the politicial coverup and protection of the banker elete in this  BA=NAMA-REPUBLIC!

The sorry fact is that the country is full of Priory Hall’s , are they going to bailout all of them???

PS :

Possible TAX implications.

Are the residents now libel for benefit in kind as they have a benefit in financial terms of the equivalent to their outstanding mortgage amount???

Remember these crooks in the Dail give with one hand and take away with the other hand!

Priory Hall residents hold vigil outside homes

Residents of the Priory Hall apartment complex in north Dublin braved the bitter cold last night to hold a vigil outside homes they cannot safely enter for a second Christmas.

Their properties were abandoned on October 14th last year after being declared a fire hazard. The residents – 256 people in 187 apartments – were given 48 hours to leave.

More than a year later they face an uncertain future and are still liable for mortgage repayments on their homes.

Dublin City Council – under High Court orders – has spent more than €2 million on accommodation for them. But an appeal to the Supreme Court means residents again face the threat of being forced to search for alternative homes……………

Last night about 150 residents, many with small children in tow, huddled in small groups, clutching red candles at the Donaghmede complex.

Passersby beeped their support as the children held aloft signs reading: “Santa please don’t stop here.”

When Graham Usher of the residents committee urged those present to remember the no show by Government TDs at the vigil when next they come looking for votes, there were cries of “hear! hear!………………………………………….

Full article at source: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2012/1218/1224327961359.html

How many more Priory Hall’s are there?

Around 180 residents of the Priory Hall apartment complex in Dublin have spent the night at a hotel.

The move is part of Dublin City Council’s plan to provide them with alternative accommodation.

The residents have been told they must leave their homes because of fire safety concerns.

Compulsory evacuation has been delayed by the High Court until Thursday.

The property developers behind the complex, Thomas McFeely and Larry O’Mahony, have also been ordered to surrender their passports.

see full article here :http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/1018/prioryhall.html


There is an even bigger problem facing the residences of the
hundreds of apartment blocks all around Ireland and that is the ever-increasing
costs the so-called management companies place on to the owners of such apartments.
I know of at least two apartments blocks in the City Centre that have severe
problems trying to get insurance cover because of potential injury claims that
are coming down the road at them .This has places an unsustainable burden on
the owners that are paying the masive management fees in this particular apartment
complex .Without a proper insurance in place all of these apartments are unsalable!
The hapless owners are oblivious to this outcome because they are not selling
yet !

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