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Renault scenic 04 nightmare continues

 Sunday: As I was driving back from Bray My driver side window “fell down” as I was closing my window .This is not a new problem for the Renault scenic .This problem in all too common. I have two such cars in my family and My Wife’s car has already suffered this window problem on two separate occasions before. I even had the privilege myself last year .I was so angry with Renault I even decided to take a video clip of myself attempting to do my own repairs, as I was quoted by Renault somewhere in the region of 500 Euros to have the window regulator replaced .

Having examined the problem I discovered that It was all down to a piece of plastic but Renault do not sell this piece by itself no Sir, you have to buy the entire door mechanism at a cost of at the time of 275 Euros  and then the labour and Vat charges brought it close to 500 Euros .Anyway  here are the two videos and I sincerely hope I do help someone out there and save them a few bob. If you have a spot of super glue you can stick the plastic pieces back togother again . Job done !  

How to change window mechanism on Renault scenic 04 models 1600cc (Part 2)

How to change window mechanism on Renault scenic  04 models 1600cc ( 2nd video )

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