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Messagge from Ben Gilroy (leader of Direct Democracy)

Dear friends & supporters,
Because of the constant untruthful attacks in media in particular RTE and a Labour loving DJ with LMFM and now the court attack from the State, the Gardaí, Anglo Irish Bank and their receivers and senior legal teams, it has become necessary for me to step aside as . The constant abuse of process and late filing of affidavits on the night before the hearings, is a clever ploy to delay the court case and keep me occupied in a frivolous court battle up to the elections.
It is just not possible for me to lead the party while the elections are on the horizon, so while it has become necessary for me to step down as leader I fully intend to stand as an MEP candidate in the coming election in May
While a small few within the party are delighted to see me step down, as they said I have become toxic, I still enjoyed overwhelming support from the majority of the party. To them I take this opportunity to thank them for all their support. To the few of which I no longer have their support I would like to say that I accept their stance and bear them no malice.
Direct Democracy was really set up to challenge a corrupt system where the rights of the people were put aside to protect corporate corrupt entities that have ruined this country. I constantly attacked the system and the system attacked back and a few of the DDI members believed the attacks, one went as far as to say I broke the law. Even the system didn’t find me guilty before a trial.
RTE did a hatchet job in a pathetic primetime programme that was cut in a very construed way to give a false impression of my character. RTE must remember they are a state broadcaster not a broadcaster for a corrupt state.
Anglo Irish Bank and its cronies had the audacity to go to court to secure an arrest warrant for my arrest and claim that I broke some law, kettle calling the pot black comes to mind. On false evidence Gardaí broke into my home early in the morning and with the alarm screaming my wife was on the landing pleading with the Gardaí not to come upstairs as we had young children in the house. My young children aged 1, 5 and 9 had to witness their father being arrested and taken from their home for these corrupt bastards in Anglo Irish Bank and their legal cronies who can go to state supported courts where they weave magic and make wrong appear right.
But to my solid supporters who get it, make no doubt “I haven’t gone away” and I will stand in Europe to air my views and stand up for the rights of the people. Not one of our elected politicians has the gonads to tell Europe where to go when forcing us to pay gamblers on the stock exchange.
End of rant hope to see all my supporters in court soon and then let the battle for Europe commence.

Kenny and Ireland’s dead cat bounce

By Michael Hennigan

Enda Kenny, taoiseach, made a broadcast to the nation last night to mark the official end of the international bailout and he deserves some credit for meeting the financial terms of the bailout and winning concessions from Europe on debt. However, the crisis
provided the best opportunity for radical change since the late 1950s and now
the time has passed. The Economist in a blog post titled ‘Dead Cat Bounce‘ says that meeting the bailout terms “has done little to solve Ireland’s underlying ailment: the fact that domestic activity – – roughly equivalent to GNP – – only accounts for 80% of GDP. As the multinational firms that account for most of the rest contribute little towards
government revenue due to Ireland’s super-low tax rates, Ireland’s debt burden
will only become more sustainable when domestic firms start booming.”

full article at source: http://www.finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews/article_1026992.shtml


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


Kenny and his co collaborators in the Twiddle dumb and twiddle dumber political system are effectively announcing that its back to Business as Usual for the 350 insider family’s or so elite that are running this BA-NAMA Republic .They lied to us and broke all their promises and anyone dumb enough to believe that Happy days are on the way with 65,000 citizens leaving every year is just a joke, the lower classes, the vulnerable and the old who cannot defend themselves. Our country is divided and these crooks are still parting at our expense, sucking our country dry on behalf of the big multi corporations ,who pay a pittance in tax  so the PAYE taxpayers will continue to carry the burden of bailing out gangsters, crooked politicians and toxic banks! We need a drastic change that includes the abolition of the current dictatorship of the 2.5 political party systems that ensures no change in politics no matter what combination of political party wins at the so called polls! Putting the likes of this puppet in charge of our lives along with Noonan, Gilmore, and M. Martin is just plain stupid!

Allowing the current totally corrupt system to continue is just putting off the day of reckoning /revolution. We cannot allow this system where these self-centred, sell-outs controlling   every aspect of our lives for 5 years after each and every election! No I want to be able to kick these crooks out of office via referendum (Direct democracy) a month after any election or any time within the 5year period, if they prove to be liars, con artists, on the make or downright puppets in the pay of foreign governments, and or proven to have deceived the people (Broken promises) No real modern democracy needs career politicians! We are a small country and we should be able to govern ourselves like the Swedes or the Swiss.

Have a great day!

Cork’s ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ Group

Dear friend,

The following is a link to the statement released yesterday by Cork’s ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group, commenting on efforts made last weekend to prevent leaflet distribution and the weekly stall operating on Patrick’s Street.


This anti-austerity and pro-democracy work has been developing for some time now, calling on the people to stand in defence of our own interests.

The basis of the ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group is non-Party political and it does not promote any social outlook or ‘ism’/dogma, it is not merely a protest group. The group calls on people to unite based on our common interest to decide the future of our own country, regardless of social class, creed, gender or any policy or Party preferences (if any).  It calls on people to organise against the imposition of policy, including the recent Local Property Tax and the coming Water and Broadcasting charges.

The purpose of the weekly stall in Cork is to keep these issues before the people and to counter the lies and dictate that we must accept our lot.

The group is working for democracy, for the empowerment of the people, and is encouraging communities to select their own candidates in the elections next year – a nomination process will begin in September.

I would like to encourage you to join in with this activity, not as a ‘follower’ but as an equal and active participant – we have a civic duty to come forward and be counted.

If we empower ourselves and take responsibility for the future we will win, it is a decision for each of us to make – each can contribute in our own way, depending on our own circumstances.

If you are in Cork you are invited to join us outside Dunnes on Patrick’s Street between 1pm and 3pm this and every Saturday. If you are elsewhere we would encourage you to take the initiative or join others who already have – if you need advice or assistance please contact us.

Your sincerely,

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla (Mobile 086- 3805005, @GraTire on Twitter) Cork’s ‘for DEMOCRACY!’ group c/o Ionad an Phobail                          (visitors welcome) 99, Sráid na Dúghlaise Corcaigh


People of Ireland get up off your knees

By Thomás O Cléirigh

Ireland Jul-Aug2012 105

I am so frustrated by the absolute incompetence of our gombeen politicians. On east coast radio this morning I had to endure the utter tripe and garbage, coming from a 25 year old TD from Fin Gael who hasn’t worked a single day in a real job and yet this Gob***t has the gall to preach to us the downtrodden taxpayers ,why we should continue to pay these new poll taxes and stealth taxes , as we see local services disappear from our local communities .This self centred leach, is just an example of the latest batch of Liars, and puppets who are been groomed to take the helm on the good ship “Austerity Ireland” as she sails into “Financial oblivion”. whilst at the same time topping up on his expenses and pension entitlements.

Our country is been raped and pillaged and gangsters who are running the government .The Banker autocracy is well entrenched into the very fabric of our society .The same bankers are now more powerful and are dictating policy .We will never be able to remove these criminals as they do not come up for election and no matter what current political party gets into the Dail these crooks will still have enough power to force their interests to be placed about that of the ordinary people of Ireland  . The latest budget was dictated to the current puppet government and any new revenues collected will only go to paying off the “Odious debts” of gamblers and downright gangsters. Our local TD’s are only out for themselves and have proven to gutless liars who are well able to come on to the local media and waffle on about the “Greater good” .This is of course as long as they continue to enjoy lottery salaries and perks Obama would be embarrassed  to take .

Our natural resources are been sold off to crooks and murderers and I for one do not and will not recognize the legal right, or moral right of the current government to continue in office. I believe  our constitutional rights are being eroded and stolen from us by the collaborators who infest  Lenster house .People of Ireland get up off your knees and do something to-day, join the many new citizens groupings such as Direct democracy

God Bless and have a Merry Christmas

Machholz Blog


New political party ‘Direct Democracy Ireland’ launched in Dublin

A NEW POLITICAL party, Direct Democracy Ireland, held its launch in Dublin’s Buswell’s hotel today.

Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) says it aims to allow citizens to petition for a referendum on any issue through the collection of a certain number of signatures, as well as introducing a mechanism to remove public representatives deemed not to be performing their duties to the satisfaction of the electorate or found to be corrupt.

DDI aslo says it wants to create “realistic economic choices” based on public debate and transparent policies.

The became an official party on the State’s register of political parties last month, after having been in existence for two years previously.

Party founder Raymond Whitehead said he aimed for the organisation to be seen as a ‘service’ rather than a party. Speaking at the launch, Whitehead added that he hoped that Ireland’s political system could become a direct democracy rather than a representative democracy, the Irish Times reports.

In its mission statement, DDI outlines a number of advantages that it claims its approach offers:

  • Raises issues that others may want to hide
  • Restores authority to the people, and makes them responsible, not the parties.
  • Curbs the imbalance of power, makes politicians responsible to the people
  • Gets the community involved
  • Makes for better legislation
  • Politicians are forced to act on petitions instead of throwing them out right away.
  • Helps to gain control over Parliament and the direction of the country.
  • Restores parliamentary government with representatives
  • Makes politicians be accountable

Full article at source: http://www.thejournal.ie/new-political-party-direct-democracy-ireland-launched-in-dublin-674643-Nov2012/

Message from Is Feidir Linn

Croke Park Dublin

Croke Park Dublin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Sent in to us to day

Is Feidir Linn has not been active in its own right over the last few months, but we have been participating extensively in preparing an upcoming Claiming our Future ‘National Event’ on democratic reform.

The Event – titled ‘Reinventing our Democracy’ will take place on the 26th May in Croke Park, Dublin,  and we think that many people on the Is Feidir Linn mailing list will be interested in taking part.

Democratic reform has always been central to the Is Feidir Linn agenda, and we have brought this concern to the wider coalition within Claiming our Future. Funding cuts to community groups have diminished democracy by limiting their capacity to articulate the interests of those living in poverty and inequality. The limited agenda proposed for the Constitutional Convention exposes the lack of energy in our democracy.

We need a ‘high energy’ democracy if we are to emerge from crisis and flourish as a society. We need a democracy that can raise the temperature of politics, develop alternative social and economic models, and embrace both representative and participative forms of democracy.

You can read more about the event here, and book here.

Visit Is Feidir Linn at: http://www.isfeidirlinn.org/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

Rothschilds Give Formal Support to US Direct Democracy?

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Image via Wikipedia

By the Daily Bell

Free-Market Analysis: What an editorial at Huffington Post by Lynn Forester de Rothschild! In it, she makes the point that “some revelation is at hand” – and mostly likely it has to do with the reality of a genuine third-party challenge to put a candidate in the White House.

Is Ms. Rothschild suggesting Congressman Ron Paul is about to win the US presidency? (Not sure about this.) A close reading of the article, however, reveals something that may be even more radical. Ms. Rothschild is arguing for, wait for it … “direct democracy.” That is, electing candidates directly, by majority vote, at the federal level, presumably without the fuss of the current two-party system.

We’ve written about the dominant social theme of direct democracy before. The governor of New York, Michael Bloomberg – an elitist worker-bee if there ever was one – is a big supporter of an element of direct democracy, which includes the elimination of the two-party system.

full article at source:http://www.thedailybell.com/3325/Rothschilds-Give-Formal-Support-to-US-Direct-Democracy

We want our democracy back

The ordinary citizens of Ireland have had enough we want our
democracy back. Like so many cities around the world the citizens of Ireland have at last begun to take action .Taking the example from Occupy wall street we are now at the beginning of hopefully something big .The peoples of the world will no longer just allow themselves to be traded like goods.

Iceland elects ordinary folk to draft constitution



By ALDA SIGMUNDSDOTTIR, Associated Press Alda Sigmundsdottir, Associated Press – Fri Nov 26, 8:52 am ET
REYKJAVIK, Iceland – Iceland’s getting a new constitution — and it’s really going to be the voice of the people.

The sparsely-populated volcanic island is holding an unusual election Saturday to select ordinary citizens to cobble together a new charter, an exercise in direct democracy born out of the outrage and soul-searching that followed the nation’s economic meltdown.

Hundreds of people are vying for the chance to be among up to 31 people who will form the Constitutional Assembly slated to convene early next year — a source of huge pride for Icelanders who have seen their egos take a beating in recent years.

“This is the first time in the history of the world that a nation’s constitution is reviewed in such a way, by direct democratic process,” says Berghildur Erla Bergthorsdottir, spokeswoman for the committee entrusted with organizing the Constitutional Assembly.

Iceland has never written its own constitution. After gaining independence from Denmark in 1944, it took the Danish constitution, amended a few clauses to state that it was now an independent republic, and substituted the word ‘president’ for ‘king.’ A comprehensive review of the constitution has been on the agenda ever since.

Pressure mounted for action after the nation’s economic collapse in 2008, an event punctuated by ordinary citizens gathering outside the Althingi, the parliament, banging pots, pans and barrels — a loud, clanging expression of fury. The meltdown was seen not only as a failure of the economy but of the system of government and regulatory agencies. Many came to believe a tighter constitutional framework — including a clearer division of powers — might have been able to minimize that damage, or even prevent it.

“It is very important for ordinary citizens, who have no direct interest in maintaining the status quo, to take part in a constitutional review,” said Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir. “We are hoping this new constitution will be a new social covenant leading to reconstruction and reconciliation, and for that to happen, the entire nation needs to be involved.”

The election marks yet another twist in the fortunes of this Nordic nation of just 320,000 that went from economic marvel to fiscal basket-case almost overnight. The rugged island settled by Vikings was transformed from a country of fisherman to hub of international finance with dizzying speed. Icelandic investors — dubbed ‘Viking raiders’ — snapped up assets around the world for a decade, mostly on borrowed funds.

The global financial crisis wreaked political and economic havoc in Iceland. Banks collapsed in October 2008, and with them the Icelandic currency, the krona. Unemployment soared, as did the cost of living. Loans issued in foreign currencies during the boom suddenly doubled, tripled or even quadrupled, all due to the collapse of the krona.

Icelanders debated their values and turned to questioning the foundations of their society, including those that had facilitated the boom. Anger grew as more instances of misdeeds and incompetence in the private and public sector were exposed. Icelanders woke up to the harsh fact that their country, which had consistently been at or near the top of the Transparency International anti-corruption index, was, in fact, steeped in corruption.

That was ultimately confirmed in a 2,000-page report following a special parliamentary investigation. That report showed that the foundations of Icelandic society were decayed and that a sweeping revision of the social framework was needed.

Sigurdardottir says a new social covenant can at least assist in “restoring the public’s faith in the government.”

The constitutional assembly will be made up of 25 to 31 delegates, the final number to be determined by a gender and equality ratio. It will be made up of regular citizens elected by direct personal voting. Anyone is eligible to stand for election, with the exceptions of the president, lawmakers and the committee appointed to organize the assembly.

The assembly will draft a proposed new constitution next year. They will use material from another extraordinary project earlier this year in which 1,000 randomly chosen Icelanders — aged 18-89 — offered their views on what should be in the constitution.

Now the race is on to be among the charter’s authors, with 523 people in the running. Truck drivers, university professors, lawyers, journalists and computer geeks are all among the candidates. All have been given equal air time on Icelandic radio to make their platforms known.

Those elected will receive a salary equal to that of Iceland’s lawmakers while the constitutional review takes place, and Icelandic employers are legally obliged to grant leave to any employees elected to the assembly.

One candidate, Thorvaldur Gylfason, a professor of economics at the University of Iceland, drew parallels between Iceland and South Africa, saying that a country that has experienced shock needs a fresh start.

“A country that has suffered a complete economic and moral collapse needs to start with a clean slate,” he said. “We need to ensure that the sort of malpractice and negligence that, among other things, led to the collapse of the Icelandic economy two years ago, cannot happen again.”

Not everyone is convinced that the constitution should be amended, and some view the process as a frivolous populist exercise. They cite the high cost of the assembly and the difficulty of adequately presenting all the candidates.

Thorsteinn Arnalds, an engineer, is running in hopes of keeping the existing constitution intact, arguing that change in a time of crisis is preposterous.

“The constitution had nothing to do with the bank collapse, and it is not standing in the way of rebuilding,” he said. “Right now we need the basic social structures in place, not for them to be torn down.”

Others, like Berglind Steinsdottir, a proofreader and student, are more enthusiastic.

“I am incredibly optimistic and excited about seeing what comes out of this,” Steinsdottir said.

By ALDA SIGMUNDSDOTTIR, Associated Press Alda Sigmundsdottir, Associated Press – Fri Nov 26, 8:52 am ET


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