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Dick Roche Wicklow TD

I see the Sunday Times journalist Mark Tighe has published some interesting documents concerning Minister of State for European Affairs, Dick Roche. The correspondence details Mr Roche making representations relating to a tender for patient transport services for the HSE. PDF Documents click here  Dick Roche TD

The Wicklow firm that Roche lobbied for is run by Pat and Irene Sweeney in Arklow. Pat Sweeney has been a town councillor in Arklow for Fianna Fail while Irene, his wife, ran unsuccessfully for Fianna Fail in last year’s local elections.

Roche wrote to Brendan Drumm, chief executive of the HSE, and the HSE’s board to criticise the “fundamentally flawed” HSE tender process for taxi services in which the Sweeney’s failed to win a contract.

Ms Sweeney was also appointed to the board of the EPA. (http://www.epa.ie/htmldocs/annualrep07eng/annualreport2007en_04.htm )

 Mr Roche says he was acting on behalf of constituents, but they are constituents who were clearly party political, and Mr Roche was trying to interfere in the tender process on their behalf. This type of behaviour from a politician is sadly, likely all too common – political loyalty above serving all of the people.

Forget the minimum wage and work for nothing!

Work Placement Program (WPP)

Languishing on the Dole for the last 12 months and not in receipt of any payments (because I was self-employed) I heard about this program, and thought I would go down to the local FAS office here in Wicklow Town and enquire about this possibility for myself!

As usual I was met with the usual courtesy .The FAS officer reminded me that they were always available, no appointment was necessary and we got down to business

I wanted to know if there was a possibility I could take advantage of this program.

Cheerfully she informed me I would be eligible for this program (now we are getting places I thought!)

Then out of the blue I was told that whilst I could theoretically get a placing for up to nine months in a company, I would be working without pay for those nine months.

As I am not in receipt of any payments from the department of social welfare or FAS itself.

I would not receive any funds from these state bodies nor would I receive any payment from the company I was working for!

So we have now reached the bottom in the Irish labour market, forget the minimum wage, with the new changes to the FAS rules at the last budget in December.

Brian Lenihian now expects the unemployed to work for nothing!

The sense of injustice is just sickening, as I have worked all my life and paid my taxes and yet I see people who have not contributed to the state collect payments!

It’s almost a crime to be Irish in Ireland now! FAS may not have any more money to pay

For the training and up skilling of the unemployed as a result of their incompetence

And questionable financial practices.

I appeal to the minster concerned to ratify this obvious abuse of the Unemployed and I call on all TD’s to demand that this practice be immediately revoked

I particularly call on the local TD’s for my area, to publicly show their support for the unemployed of Wicklow and support this petition.

Liz McManus TD liz.mcmanus@oireachtas.ie,

Joe Behan TD joe.behan@oireachtas.ie

Andrew Doyle andrew.doyle@finegael.ie

Billy Timmins billy.timmins@oireachtas.ie

Dick Roche dick.roche@oireachtas.ie

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