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We are not living in a democracy; we are the slaves of faceless bondholders who control the ECB who in turn, dictate to our gutless politicians who have sold us into this financial slavery. The new poll tax is just one of a platter of new taxes that are now been forced on us the ever compliant gullible citizens of this none State. Water charges and charges for the metering are on the way, not to mention new taxes for rain collection, I kid you not. Living here in Germany I have seen the bills of my landlady .She has to have a separate collection system for the rain water from her roof and it is monitored from space. Her bill is about 370 euro per year and it is going up next year! So it won’t be long before it comes to Ireland as our gutless politicians will do as their told by their real masters in the ECB aka Deutsche Bank .There is one law for the gangsters who owe billions and another law for the ordinary citizen! For God sake Wake up Ireland and fight back!

A SELF-EMPLOYED father-of-two not going to pay his taxes anymore

A SELF-EMPLOYED father-of-two has said he is not going to pay his taxes anymore and is prepared to go to jail over the issue.

Offaly man Patrick McGreal, 31, says he is no longer prepared to contribute to a system that he says is not working and claims that we pay some of the highest taxes in the world with the least return when it comes to healthcare and education.

“What’s the worst they can do to me? Bring me to court, probably heavily fine me, then I can’t pay the fine so they throw me in jail. But at the end of the day I don’t want my tax money being paid to the likes of bankers who did take a risk and who aren’t suffering,” he told TheJournal.ie

McGreal, who works as a courier selling farming produce around the country, said that at the end of the tax year he does not intend to file any tax returns and adds that he will avoid paying VAT wherever possible

full article at source: http://www.thejournal.ie/i-wont-pay-for-bankers-risk-taking-man-says-hell-stop-paying-tax-414069-Apr2012/


We need more people to now start to cut out the state .Effectively stop the state getting tax from us , we also now need to start a boycott campaign  against the banks buy only what you need to survive do not buy any un-necessary items, stop buying German goods. Anything that will reduce the state’s ability to pay the interest on the private gambling debts   of these faceless gangsters, any money the state gets in taxes is now going to pay the gambling bondholders and the Deutsche Bank! Take you savings out of the Banks and put it into the post office or the credit unions. Stop having any business with the current Government Boycott all TD,s who support the current lying government. They have broken every promise they made to the Irish people and as such do not deserve any support in return. It’s time we the people show we are not going to take anymore of this crap from them. So let’s tell our Government TD,s we will boycott them until the stop supporting this government and stand with the people and stop this madness ,taking money from our services and paying back the private gambling debts of gangsters.

Hell no I will not pay, I will use every opportunity not to pay into the coffers of this corrupt government.   

The Germans, Italians, French… Most Of Western Europe On The Brink Of Bank Collapse!

The logo of Deutsche Bank AG without wordmark.

The logo of Deutsche Bank AG without wordmark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Reggie Middeleton of the www.Boombustblog.com

If those who persue the BoomBust regularly recall, on Tuesday, 12 July 2011 I penned BoomBustBlog Traders Armed With BoomBustBlog Research Caught ~10% Deutsche Bank Fall.

Deutsche Bank looks downright UGLY! Our new Forensic Analysis/Technical Trade combo called this one out about 2 weeks ago with impressive precission. Kudos to all who contributed.

DB is now trading 20 points lower. Those that haven’t read said piece should check it out for the resident BoomBustBlog traders and fundamental analysts caught this one right on the money and a full three months before the sell side and the pop media. On that note, Bloomberg reports Deutsche Bank Risk Seen Rising as Puts Appreciate Most in Europe: Options 9 Sep 2011

” There could be ongoing pressure on German markets because people want to be short and there could be some pricing… The price of options to protect against losses in Deutsche Bank …

It would appear that much of the pop media should follow the BoomBust a tad bit more closely. I will probably release the prime French bank run candidate some time soon, potentially on in the Max Keiser Show, as I drop little bread crumb hints along the way since the banks share price is already approaching our valuation bands. Anyone in the pop media space who wants a scooping story, here is the motherload. On a separate, but related note, let’s look at what those DB puts looked like when the BoomBust first warned on said German bank…


And this just in from Bloomberg: Germany Said to Ready Plan to Help Banks If Greece Defaults

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is preparing plans to shore up German banks in the event that Greece fails to meet the terms of its aid package and defaults, three coalition officials said.

full article at source :http://boombustblog.com/index.php?option=com_k2&Itemid=200079&id=5851&lang=en&view=item

The Bank bailout(Private bondholders) is illegal under Bunreacht Na hEireann, the Irish Constitution

The current government are guilty of treason and the pervious gangsters from the former government are also guilty of treason .They have betrayed the Irish people and the republic in favor of their pals ,the faceless bondholders who are now sucking the lifeblood out of every Irish family. The drastic cuts in public services especially the health and education is a massive crime in itself. Hundreds of people have committed suicide in the last 4 years and this blood in on their hands. Ahern and his cronies along with the Fianna Fail parliamentary party should be in Jail no pensions should be paid to any of the former Ministers.

No government minister ,no top civil servant from the Department of Finance or the Financial regulatory department , should be receiving any pensions  they should all be in Jail .All current top government pensions should be brought down to that of the ordinary citizens pension full stop .As for the former Bank directors none of them should be in receipt of any pension from the toxic banks and their property should be sold off to help pay compensation to the hapless pensioners who placed their thrust in these gangsters in the first place. All bank directors are as far as I am concerned are labial for the devastation we are now stuck in.

This Bailout is a bailout of Deutsche Bank and we the people of Ireland have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and suckered into taking on the private commercial gambling debts of these gangsters with the help of our corrupt politicians who are in it for what they can get for themselves. After 4 years not one of these Gangsters are in Jail!  I say again these bank debts are private commercial debts and have nothing to do with the Irish People and we are not responsible for the discharge of these debts. The new household charge is been forced on to the shoulders of every family to help pay the interest on the billions of this private commercial debt and has nothing to do with patriotic duty .The gutless politicians using this praise are the mouthpieces of the new absentee landlords in Berlin. This is odious debt! This bailout is illegal. The state has no right to force me or my family into financial slavery and it must be opposed in every way possible. Wake up Ireland and say no we will not become financial slaves!

Charge of the Lie brigade

That’s what it says on the final reminder to pay your Household Charge (the new property tax being introduced here in Ireland). They manage to combine meaningless bullshit, calculated deceit and veiled threat all into one brief phrase. That shows flair.

Don’t pay the charge and your neighbors suffer, it seems to say. As if central government is lowering its funding to local authorities by precisely the amount the household charge should raise. Of course, central funding for local spending will be reduced by far more than the household charge was ever going to raise – even if everyone could pay, never mind will. The shortfall will eventually be made up by allowing local authorities to raise the charge. So central government can keep lowering its contribution, effectively raising taxes while avoiding blame.


source: http://i.doubt.it/2012/03/27/charge-of-the-lie-brigade/


This Poll tax is nothing short of state sponsored extortion, racketeering and state bullyboy tactics now seem to be the order of the day! You have got it in one ,the gangsters and sell-outs in the current government, whom by the way, have abandoned their duty to uphold the interests of the Irish people, have instead allied themselves with the ever increasing dictates coming from “our friends” in Berlin)

These gutless politicians are using this as an excuse to starve the local councils of funds and shove the dirty work(of tax collection) on to the shoulders of council workers by making them call to citizens doors “reminding” them to pay this unjust poll tax. This is just the start of an ever increasing annual tax that home owners can look forward in the future. All taxes that are raised are going towards the interest payments on the private debts that were foisted on to the Irish citizens.

These debts may I remind everyone  are private bank losses “Odious Debt” that the Irish taxpayers have no responsibility for .The blatant blackmail of our country be the servants of Deutsche Bank in the ECB have ensured that our small country will have to endure a generation of financial slavery as a result of our gutless politicians and their absolute betrayal of their constitutional duty to put the interests of the people of Ireland before the interests of Berlin and its banker dictatorship.

This Government has no right to impose this odious debt on to the Irish Nation and they certainly do not have the right to impose unjust taxes on behalf of foreign interests that are destroying the very fabric of our communities .We need to come together and fight for our rights enshrined in our constitution!


BY  Jim_Willie_CB

Notice the debt  solution to the debt problem handed to Greece, shoved down their throats.  More specifically, observe the austerity budget requirements that assure  economic deterioration. No exception has been offered, yet the same  prescription is applied that results in job cuts, project termination, and  greater deficits. Observe the bond swaps of new faulty bonds for old impaired  ruined bonds. No solution there. Observe the strongarm methods of powerful  coercion to enable the bond holders a cooperative role in the process. Observe  the asset grabs and seizures tied to collateral in previous debt agreements.  Observe the vacuum effect of money fleeing the Greek banking system. Observe  the profound economic recession, far worse than reported. Observe the chaos in  the streets, as the people are angry that decisions are made without their  participation, acknowledgement, or approval. As the Greek debt default  continues down the road, with delays and distortions to its view, the only  assurance is the end point. The banks resist a liquidation or exit from the  Euro currency, since it would spell sudden death failure for many large  European banks. The nation must exit the Euro currency in order to write down  its debt more effectively (rather than trade it), in order to be in a position  to devalue it for a true stimulus, in order for a fresh start out from under  the banker thumb. Let’s watch the details of the Credit Default Swap, whether a  default event is ordered. Be sure to know that the claimed $3.2 billion in net  CDS payouts is a grand lie. If $200 billion is offset by $196.8 billion between  Group A versus Group B (guessed hypothetical numbers), then know clearly that  Group A is deader than dead, while Group B will never by paid by the dead  counter-party. The CDS sham reveals mutually dead financial entities, not  offsetting calculus.

full article at source: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article33529.html



I cannot for the life of me understand how the loss to somebody of 100, Billion Euros on an investment can be categorised as a success. Clearly somebody must pay for this loss and I suppose it’s going to be the taxpayers of Germany but this is not the end of this crises .I see Greece polishing its begging bowel for the next round of free money. Meanwhile the Irish are been the teacher’s pet and are paying off the bad investments of Deutsche Bank and what do we get for it another kick in the googlies as we are handed another list of austerity measures !

Wake up Ireland!



Ireland and its begging bowl

“German consumer confidence has increased again, its sixth rise on the bounce. The country’s GfK index has increased to 6.0, its highest level since March 2011, as households said they felt significantly more positive about the prospect for their incomes”.

What is been concealed to the German public is the fact this bailout for Ireland is in fact a bailout of the corrupt German Banks who lent vast sums of money to equally corrupt “Private Irish Banks”. The failure of the Deutsche Bank to carry out “due diligence” before powering billions into the various corrupt Irish banks is in itself a gross dereliction of duty to the German public who have trusted them to look after their pension funds .The greatest con job that has been carried out is the placement of these private commercial German Bank debts on to the shoulders of the Irish taxpayers .Effectively placing private gambling commercial debts and socializing them by forcing the taxpayers of Ireland to take responsibility for them. These deutsche Bank debts are not the responsibility of the Irish taxpayers.

As a result of this successful fraud on the Irish public the bondholders have incurred vast profits using CFD,s  and other unregulated derivative tools . .No wonder Germany is booming when you can force other people to pay off your gambling debts and strip the assets of that country at the same time you are in a win win situation! Our gutless and traitorous politicians that are now in government have sold out their own people to a generation of debt enslavement and I am counting the days when we the Irish stand up and take back our country from these mouthpieces of the new absentee landlords. We are now serfs in our own country, the last time this happened Oliver Cromwell was in town with his men ,now it’s the Troika!

See also link  http://www.internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article2267

Wake up Ireland!

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