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Are we been softened up for the next austerity measures in the coming budget????

SLASHING the damaging bank debt burden, tackling the health budget and rampant unemployment all emerged as critical concerns as officials from the EU and IMF wrapped up their seventh mission to monitor progress under the Irish bailout programme yesterday.

Ireland is meeting 120 out of 120 conditions laid down by international rescue funds from the troika of the European Union, the IMF and the European Central Bank (ECB), officials confirmed, but the situation remains challenging.

The mission that ended yesterday marks the halfway mark in the EU/IMF bailout.

Rampant unemployment and overspending by the Department of Health were named as particular concerns by the so-called IMF-EU-ECB troika in a statement marking the end of their mission.

The officials also warn that stressed household budgets mean we can expect modest growth in the year ahead.

Real test

Finance Minister Michael Noonan said the real test

full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/state-hitting-targets-but-troika-warns-on-jobs-and-spending-3167358.html

Minister for Health James Reilly is another leach milking us dry!

The Department of Health has rejected claims that Minister for Health James Reilly has appointed a new “special advisor” at a cost of over €160,000 a year.

A spokesman for the department said new appointee, Lis Nixon was “not an advisor” and would not be advising the Minister.

Ms Nixon, who has over 10 years experience in change management and service improvement at Britain’s National Health Service, has been appointed to an executive position within the department’s Special Delivery Unit (SDU).

This unit was set up by the Minister to reduce waiting lists in public hospitals.

The spokesman said Ms Nixon had been brought in as a consultant when the department “couldn’t find anyone of sufficient experience and quality” to fill the role of director of performance improvement for unscheduled care.He said Ms Nixon will report directly to the SDU’s chief operating officer Tony O’Brien and be paid €41,000 per quarter, or €164,000 year

full report at source:http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2012/0419/breaking17.html

then we have this

The rising price of fuel means that one couple’s total spend on petrol for the year now equates to about four mortgage payments, writes JOANNE HUNT

IT’S AN EARLY start for Kiera Lambe and her husband Peter. Commuting from south Wicklow to Dublin each morning, a 64-mile round trip, the alarm clock goes off at 5.30am.“We’d love to have bought near where we grew up,” says Kiera, “but we couldn’t have afforded it. The boom brought us down here.”

Dropping their four-year-old daughter Seryn to creche en route, the pair battle traffic to get to Kiera’s work in Booterstown for 8am. Peter starts work in Dún Laoghaire half an hour later.

While a house in Rathdrum when they bought in 2005 was more affordable than in the suburbs of Sallynoggin or Dalkey from where they hail, what they didn’t expect was the rising cost of fuel.

Now with no prospect of work closer to home, punitive petrol prices and an increasingly expensive mortgage to pay, this young family is just one of thousands caught in a perfect commuter belt storm.With their second car permanently in the driveway because they can’t afford to run it, the couple’s work and family life now revolves around commuting as cheaply as possible.

full article at source:http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/property/2012/0419/1224314920494.html?via=mr.


How any “special advisor” can command this kind of salary is today’s Ireland and the country bankrupt .a minister can without as much as a blink award this salary is just sickening?

Minister for Health James Reilly is another leach milking the country for all he can get and a little help to one of his pals is ok too! The real world is a little different for most ordinary families. At €160,000 a year this “special advisor” has just won the lotto and will have no financial worries thanks to this p***k Reilly!

Meanwhile ordinary decent people are struggling to put petrol into their cars just to get to work .If you ever needed proof that the current arrogant corrupt government are just that, Reilly has shown us the two fingers once again.

Wake up Ireland  and get up off your knees!


New Cancer treatment with Antineoplastons (Ministers reply)

James Reilly to me

REF.New Cancer treatment with Antineoplastons

see posting : http://thepressnet.com/2011/10/03/antineoplastons-cancer-drugs-in-fda-trials-since-1995-results-publicly-audited-by-congress-to-gain-final-fda-approval/

I acknowledge receipt of your email.  Your correspondence will be brought to the attention of Dr James Reilly T.D., Minister for Health and to the relevant officials in the Department of Health.  If the content of your correspondence relates to the functions of another Minister’s department, it will be brought to their attention for direct reply.                                                                                                                                                                Yours Sincerely,                                                                                                                    Constituency Office of Dr James Reilly T.D., Minister for Health                                           Unit 3, 1st Floor, Chamber Building                                                                                      Street,                                                                                                                         Swords,

Minster just shuffling the pack before he pulls a card from the bottom!

By Michael Brennan

Friday April 29 2011

HEALTH Minister James Reilly is planning to get insiders from his own department and the Health Service Executive to replace the outsiders on the HSE board.

He is going to appoint senior civil servants and HSE officials to replace the 12-member HSE board, which unanimously accepted his call for their resignations yesterday.

Those stepping down include UCD Professor Niamh Brennan — the wife of former PD leader Michael McDowell — and former Dublin city manager John Fitzgerald.

Dr Reilly said last night that he had made his move because he wanted to reduce the gap that had developed between the Department of Health and the HSE during former health minister Mary Harney‘s tenure.

“If we’re going back to anything, it’s to ministerial responsibility. I am shortening that chain of command, and I believe this will be for the betterment of patients through improved services,” he said.

The only survivors from the 12-member HSE board will be chairman Frank Dolphin and HSE chief executive Cathal Magee. They will be appointed to the interim HSE board, along with Department of Health secretary general Michael Scanlan and other Department of Health and HSE officials.

The board, which held its final meeting in the HSE’s offices in Adelaide Road in Dublin yesterday, will be officially abolished by the end of the year when legislation is passed.

But Dr Reilly said the structure would still remain — with the intention of keeping a good line of communication open between him, the HSE and his department. He said he would be able to get quicker reports on waiting times for patients in emergency departments.

Mr Reilly praised the retiring HSE board members for their “tremendous public service” and said they had got no pay-offs for offering their resignations.

Dr Reilly’s move is a reversal of the policy of the previous government, which clearly separated the HSE and the Department of Health. It is part of a plan to increase the control of the Department over the HSE as Dr Reilly begins his re-organisation of the health service.

The programme for Government states that the minister and the department will be “responsible for policy and spending”. It says that the HSE will cease to exist “as its functions are given to other bodies during this process of reform”.

However, the switch over to a system of universal health insurance is due to take at least five years.

Editorial comment & analysis: Page 20

– Michael Brennan Deputy Political Editor

Irish Independent


I wouldn’t be feeling sorry for the Board of the SHE they are all well looked after and have other jobs to go to .The Minister  has done a good job in getting rid of them but what is he going to do now  ?

Well of course he has friends he will now look after and we can expect to see them get the nod  this is the norm in Irish politics behind closed doors all the rotten details are kept and in a few years from now we will get to hear of the deals that this Minster is doing right now .Here is an example of rotten deals done it now appears that Brian Lenihan approved of the last bumper lottery payout to the former AIB chairman  see below

By Emmet Oliver Deputy Business Editor

Friday April 29 2011

AIB has said that Brian Lenihan rubber-stamped the €2.7m pay package for its managing director Colm Doherty when he stepped down last year.

The bank, in its 2010 annual report, claimed that the then finance minister considered Mr Doherty’s terms and conditions in November 2009 — and raised no objection.

It said Mr Lenihan approved Mr Doherty’s “existing entitlements” at the time.

The annual report reveals that AIB directors paid themselves €4.3m in 2010.

The bank revealed the sequence of events when Mr Doherty became managing director in 2009.

It said the Government’s own pay watchdog for the financial sector (known as CIROC) signed off on his contractual entitlements, including cash payments to compensate him for a cap on his overall pension benefits.

“Mr Doherty’s entitlements in lieu of pension benefits accrued above his personal fund threshold were notified to, and discussed with, the Government-established Covered Institution Remuneration Oversight Committee (CIROC) in January and February 2009,” said AIB. It pointed out that the Revenue Commissioners also signed off on the arrangements.

“Subsequently, AIB sought agreement from the relevant authorities on Mr Doherty’s contractual entitlements in the context of his appointment as group managing director,” explained the bank.

“The matter was considered in November 2009 by the then Minister for Finance, who agreed to Mr Doherty’s appointment on a voluntarily reduced salary and continuation of existing contractual entitlements, including payment of pension allowances.”

The report reveals that Mr Doherty was granted a €432,000 salary, benefits of €50,000, payments in lieu of pension benefits of €1.96m, a termination payment of €953,000 and another pension payment of €1.04m

Mr Doherty was forced to step down last year when Mr Lenihan demanded changes at the top as part of the recapitalisation of the bank.

It had been reported during 2009 that Mr Lenihan did not want Mr Doherty in the senior role and wanted the AIB board to find a suitable outsider.

– Emmet Oliver Deputy Business Editor

Irish Independent

Again another example of a minster appearing to do the right thing only to be feather nesting his own pal (softening the blow as it were) Lenihan lied to the people, of Ireland and I don’t expect any more from the current government minsters.    

None of these career politicians are trustworthy .The Current Minster was the same guy that negotiated with the last Minster of Health the enormous pay packets for the country’s hospital consultants. The Irish Hospital Consultants Association is one of the most powerful lobby groups in the country and famously described a salary of €250000 as “peanuts”. Is he the right man to get a severe cut in their salaries now??? I don’t think so!

The Minster is just shuffling the pack before he pulls a card from the bottom! This is what they do!

Taxpayers getting shafted once again

The Irish Times – Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Who will benefit from the early retirement/voluntary redundancy schemes? 

The schemes will be primarily aimed at staff in managerial/administrative and clerical grades in the HSE, voluntary hospitals and in voluntary health service agencies funded by the HSE. They will also be offered to support staff, such as catering, portering, cleaning and maintenance personnel. Approval for applications from these grades will depend on the number of management and administrative staff who apply and on the basis of the overall budget for the scheme not being breached.

How many people will leave? 

This will very much depend on the categories of staff who opt for the packages. The Government has capped the budget for the schemes at €400 million and if a large number of senior managers choose to go, it will restrict the overall numbers.

Minister for Health Mary Harney said about 4,000 managerial and administrative staff could leave. The HSE said it was estimating that between 3,000 and 5,000 personnel could go.

How do the two schemes differ? 

There is a voluntary early retirement scheme, which is open to employees over 50. This provides for immediate payment of pension entitlements on retirement with no actuarial reduction in respect of payment prior to minimum retirement age. Full lump-sum entitlement will also be paid and payments will not take into account the salary cuts introduced in the public service earlier this year.

The voluntary redundancy scheme will involve a severance payment of three weeks’ pay per year of service in addition to statutory entitlements, subject to an overall limit of two years’ pay. This could see some senior managers getting €300,000.

Is there a deadline for applying? 

Applications will have to be submitted by November 19th. Staff who take a package must leave the health service by December 30th.

Will all applications be accepted? 

Applications from managerial/ administrative staff will be prioritized and will be approved automatically, subject to the overall €400 million budget not being breached.

How will services be maintained? 

Management plans to use the provisions of the Croke Park agreement to redeploy staff or introduce more flexible work practices. Much will depend on the type of staff who actually leave. It may be easier to maintain services in administrative areas than if a large number of porters or catering staff, for example, from one organization took the packages.

Why are these packages on offer now? 

Since the establishment of the HSE in 2005 there have been questions raised as to why there was no rationalization of administrative and managerial staff given that 11 health boards were being amalgamated. On at least two occasions in recent years the HSE and the Department of Health drew up proposals for a voluntary redundancy scheme but these were rejected by the Department of Finance.

source http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2010/1102/1224282482579.html


Having signed the Croke Park deal the government now have realized it was a disaster for the taxpayers of the country with 70% of the Health Services Budget going on salaries, this commitment should never have happened because the country could not afford to shelter any group of state employees if it was going to make any real savings  

So Not only is the HSE now closing down services and hospital beds they have now found 450,000,000:00 Euros to allow these middle management to retire laden down with these bumper benefits

Earlier this year we were told citizens will have to work an extra 3 years for the state pension (68)

With this deal thousands of state workers get to have their state pension up to 18 years earlier and this when the country is broke?

We the taxpayers were told back in 2005 that the rationalization of administrative and managerial staff was one of the reasons for the establishment of the HSE in the First place, given that 11 health boards were being amalgamated.

Now the taxpayers are again getting a raw deal here and the ordinary Joe public is been shafted once again having to foot the bill again! If you thought things were bad in the Health Service think again we are about to feel real pain now thanks to Harney.

Harney your hands are stained with blood and you know the country hasn’t got this 450 million it has to be borrowed why don’t you go and take all your cronies with you?

OMBUDSMAN EMILY O’Reilly has been rebuked by Minister


OMBUDSMAN EMILY O’Reilly has been rebuked by Minister for Health Mary Harney for comments at the MacGill Summer School on the “fair deal” Nursing Home Support Scheme, which a spokesman for the Minister described as “prejudicial and wrong”.

Ms O’Reilly spoke at length yesterday at the summer school on a report she is due to publish on the performance of the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive (HSE) in caring for the elderly.

Ms Harney’s spokesman said: “The Minister has noted that the ombudsman has chosen to refer in a speech and on radio to a report she intends to publish, when she has only just sent extracts of the report to the Minister inviting comments by August 16th.

“The Minister has to question the point of being asked for comments on extracts of a report, not even the full report, when the ombudsman chooses to make a speech about it.”

As regards Ms O’Reilly’s comments on the “fair deal” scheme, the spokesman said they were “prejudicial and wrong insofar as they suggest a policy of so-called ‘creeping privatisation’.”

As part of a series of MacGill lectures entitled The Republic I Want to See , Ms O’Reilly told the summer school in Glenties, Co Donegal, that the system of long-term care for the elderly was largely chaotic, with many people confused about their rights and entitlements, and subject to years of stress and crippling expense.

Although the newly-introduced “fair deal” scheme would improve things for many people, what had effectively happened was that the State now believed it had no further responsibility in this area.

Ms O’Reilly said she would shortly publish an investigation into the operation of this sector over the last number of years by the Department of Health and the HSE.

“It will tell of a largely chaotic ad hoc system in which many people were not alone confused about their rights and entitlements but also suffered years of stress and crippling expense because of the deliberate failure of the system to clarify their rights to public care let alone provide for them.”

She said one man, 75 years of age, rented out his home to pay for private care for his mother while he rented a room from his friends.

“Women spoke of the stress of coping with their own children as well as with an elderly parent, scraping together hundreds of euro every week to meet exorbitant private nursing home fees.”

She added: “I am aware that the new system – the so-called fair deal system, the Nursing Homes Support Scheme – will make things a lot clearer and a lot better for very many people, but as my investigation will point out what has effectively happened through the new legislation is that the State believes it has now divested itself of the responsibility to provide nursing home care.”


This is another clear example of the Government reneging on its duty of care to its elderly citizens and they should hang their collective heads in shame

While they still have them!

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