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Join the right to work campaign

Please note : inguries not real injuries were painted on

Join the right to work campaign

I attended the “Join the right to work campaign “peaceful demonstration the Dail tonight

Again I was mystified as to why the main trade unions were not present nor were any of the main opposition political parties there! Talk about sitting on the fence!

This says a lot; maybe they do not want the changes I now believe we as a nation must have in Ireland.

We the ordinary people must now bring together a peoples movement that will once and for all get rid of the Gombeen men and woman that infest the political process of our country.

I am not saying, that I fully support the extreme left but I am asking the question why are they, the only ones on the street? Surely all concerned citizens should be on the streets!

Where is the middle ground? They should be on the street as well.

We all want to see the back of the gangsters in the Dail don’t we?

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