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Facebook and Apple escape censure over ‘sending data to US’

DATA Protection Commissioner Billy Hawkes will take no action against the Irish-based subsidiaries of Facebook and Apple – who stand accused of handing over personal data of hundreds of millions of Europeans to national security organisations in the US via their parent companies.

The decision is set to cause ructions with other European countries, notably Germany, which has been infuriated over revelations that the US accesses the data of EU citizens.

Mr Hawkes (below) responded to complaints filed against the two multinationals by the Vienna-based organisation Europe v Facebook.

He said he cannot act on the basis of the precedent set by the European Commission‘s own ‘Safe Harbour’ decision brought in 13 years ago.

Under the Safe Harbour directive, American companies in Europe can only give data such as a person’s emails or phone call records to US authorities if the US fulfils a number of criteria such as protecting the information, and doesn’t pass it on to a third party.


Last month, however, the whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed how US firms pass on user data to the American government as a matter of course. Those disclosures have raised doubts about whether the US fills those criteria.

Many of the companies that have passed data on to the US, such as Apple and Facebook, have their European headquarters in Ireland, so are regulated by Mr Hawkes and the DPC………………..

full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/facebook-and-apple-escape-censure-over-sending-data-to-us-29449947.html



By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

This is total bullshit! Here we have american multi nationals who are paying next to no tax on their enormous profits here in Ireland  and are using questionable accountancy tactics that enable them to side step paying taxes in their own countries using their substantial mussel forcing the puppet Irish Goverement  to comply with their wishes .Personal information of citizens of this country is been sent to the USA  and this twit says he cannot do anything about it ??? what a cop-out! Multi Nationals are running rings around Irish Law

Sindo insinuates NAMA abused press complaint procedure to suppress freedom of press

By Nemawinelake,

Last week was a bad one for NAMA as it was revealed that an internal investigation by the Agency led to the uncovering of what was alleged to be a breach of its security with confidential details of loans being leaked by a former employee. NAMA has sued the employee, Enda Farrell and his wife Alice Kramer, it has also referred the matter to the Gardai and to the Data Protection Commissioner Billy Hawkes who incidentally is not commenting on the matter. NAMA is not commenting further on the matter saying it is sub judice and indeed it has been fast-tracked to the Commercial Court division of the High Court for hearing……………………….

full article at source:http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/09/17/sindo-insinuates-nama-abused-press-complaint-procedure-to-suppress-freedom-of-press/

ANONYMOUS and Fine Gael

History of Fine Gael

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A very bad week for Fine Gael

January 9th, 2011 · Elections, General Election 2011, Irish Politics

After the Brazillian copying, the hosting outside of the state with their election guru, the numerous questions on data privacy, the changes to the site in response to those questions, tonight Anonymous visited the new FG website and left some dodgy html and visitors received the following message.

Photo thanks to @Darraghdoyle – via Politics.ie

Ah yes all the data is secure and their experts know what they’re doing – well that is what FG have been saying. And some people thought that I was gossiping or something?


The Data Protection Commissioner is now investigating if data submitted by visitors and commenters has ben compromised.

Mr Hawkes has confirmed that he has been contacted by Fine Gael in relation to the attack, as the party suspects that the personal data of those who posted comments or registered their details has been compromised.

Fine Gael has also contacted the Garda Computer Crime Unit in relation to the attack.




Fine Gael has to learn that a fancy website is not going to win over the conned Irish taxpayers they have to come up with original ideas and for a start the have to commit to prosecuting the criminals that we all hope will be kicked out of office and to cutting the enormous salaries paid to the heads of the states guangos.A free universal health care system for all the citizens of the Nation, Free education and the withdrawal of the commercialization of people’s homes via the bank’s mortgage practices. What about a jobs stimulus package?What about reducing the salaries of all the TD’s to 50,000 Euros and their entitlements to lottery pensions, what about outlawing bonus in the top positions in the state guanos?I could go on and on but Fine Gael will not make these changes !  

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