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‘Ming’ presents Minister with glass of dirty water in Dáil – The Irish Times – Thu, Dec 19, 2013

Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett has called an emergency meeting of the Dail’s Committee on Procedure and Privileges (CPP) today following an incident in which a TD presented a glass of dirty water to a Minister of State in the chamber.

Independent TD for Roscommon-South Leitrim Luke “Ming’’ Flanagan described the quality of the water in his constituency as “glorified piss’’ and produced a glass of dirty water during the debate on the Water Services (No 2) Bill . The Bill paves the way for the introduction of water metering.

full report at below link:

‘Ming’ presents Minister with glass of dirty water in Dáil – The Irish Times – Thu, Dec 19, 2013.

Protest tomorrow from 6pm, outside Leinster House

Sent into us to-day

Promissory Notes :

The technical group in the Dail  has tabled a motion calling on the Government to lobby the ECB to allow us to destroy the €25 billion in bonds that replaced the Anglo Irish Bank promissory note. You can read the motion here. It will be discussed tonight and tomorrow in the Dáil, and there will be a public protest tomorrow from 6pm, outside Leinster House. Details of the protest are here.
The Finance Bill This week the finance bill will be discussed in forensic detail in the Joint Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and reform. I have tabled a number of amendments to issues such as:

  • Increased support for the young and unemployed
  • Increasing tax relief  for medical insurance premiums for adults and children
  • Opposing the proposed changes to life assurance policies and investment funds
  • Opposing the proposed 0.75% levy on pension schemes and changes to retirement benefits

The committee will be sitting today, tomorrow and Thursday and can be watched online here.
Legislating for Assisted Suicide? Last week the Tánaiste and I discussed assisted suicide. We were both in agreement that this is something that should be talked by legislation. I have suggested an expert report that weighs the need to protect those near the end of their lives and cases. You can see the debate here.

From “Gathering”to “Scattering”

The political parties in the Irish Government are indeed the friends of the Irish Youth! This is their real message.”Get lost “

Youth in Ireland

see also :

 By David Burns

I last wrote for Generation Emigration about the desire to make my way home as I’d never got to know the place before I left it. It seems, especially as of yesterday, that I will be swimming against a rising tide.

Logging into the Zuckerberg express last night, I saw my friends back home were all posting protests or travel plans. A few of them ‘shared’ the call of activist group 1913 Unfinished Business, aiming to demonstrate outside the Dáil today at 5pm.Others had retweeted the quip that, cutting both Dole payments for U-26 and air tax, Michael Noonan might has well drop ‘the lads’ down to Australia himself.

Personally, I can understand the view held by the Government and others that people of that age group should be in work or education. I can understand it, despite national figures standing at 30.8 per cent for youth unemployment, because people normally equate youth with resilience. I can understand a general dismissal of protest movements against the 2014 budget because people habitually equate youth with irresponsibility as well.

full article at source: http://www.irishtimes.com/blogs/generationemigration/2013/10/16/with-this-budget-government-policy-changes-from-gathering-to-scattering/

see also : http://www.irishtimes.com/news/video/?vid=1.1570568

Gilmore lies exposed!

“Today is the day the Irish public gets the invoice for the banks bailout” “Again” this time with the help of the Labour Party!

Gilmore lies exposed!

by Thomás O Cléirigh

Gilmore tells the Dáil this in the year 2010 but to-day 16th Oct 2013 we the people of Ireland see that this was a grandstanding exercise  as this sell out self-serving political parasite ‘s true colors are there for all to see! He and his other traitors in the Labour party are still paying the gambling debts of hidden money men and their vested interests by squeezing the Irish people of every last cent! He and the other bunch of collaborators have committed themselves to a budget that is deliberately targeting the old and the youth of this country. Yes my friends we can clearly see that this political parasite is a master of spin and has an automatic button he can switch on for his crocodile tears when the need arises! The Labor party is now exposed as a bunch of parasites all looking to feather their own nests and out for themselves and this waffle about safeguarding the marginalized, the youth of this country and the old is just party political tripe that is designed to hoodwink the gullible workers of this BA- NAMA republic! |

Listening to Lifeline today the usual complaining chorus was to be heard, from people who until now were silent,  “Joe I am going to lose me medical card”, I’m losing this or that, who the hell cares? As if Joe was going to do something about that! Joe on his 250K Euros per year really cares about you and your medical card???. Jesus people wake up and get you buts out on to the streets if you want to have a say on how the country is run! I wonder who these people voted for in the last election chances are they voted in this puppet government and what are they going to do in the next elections? Why they are going to vote in Fianna Fail of course!  Saint Michael Martin and his crew will fix everything!

I was outside the Dáil last night opposing the puppets in Dáil Éireann and their smash and grab budget that is penalizing our people whilst protecting the wealthy .where were you???If you are complaining about this budget why were you not there????If you want change stop voting in the same gangsters each and every time!

Wake up Ireland .

Ref:Seanad referendum


Well if you are in Ireland reading this you may well want to congratulate yourself seeing that we the people have thwarted the attempts by the established political elite to take a big chunk out of our constitution. Yes my friends we can indeed feel we have achieved something special but don’t go overboard as the politicians will now have to come up with an alternative plan! Mr Kenny refused to consider a major overall of the upper house and I fear he and his vested interests will now continue to stuff the house with their cronies’ .What we now need to do is to pile on the pressure for a major overall of this house and enable access for the ordinary Joe!

No more special places for our top University props and the other elitist vested interests in our society we need access for all and one way would be for a national lottery of all the citizens, where all PPS numbers will be put into a lottery and the first 64 or so numbers will be the new members of the upper house! Once served you do not get a second term no matter who you are and all the previous members must be disqualified. A payment of the equivalent of the dole payment should be sufficient for the privilege of serving your own people and a drastic cut in the existing politician’s salaries to say the average industrial wage should also be implemented ASAP. No state pensions should exceed that of the average wage earner period!

Now we are talking meaningful change and a true presentation of democracy for and by the people.

Have a pleasant Sunday

Mise le mass

Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Mountain Moral Monday Aug 5, 2013

We need the people of Ireland to wake up and fight the en-slavers  the puppets of the Troika and the faceless money men who are at this moment continuing to steal our nations natural resources ,imposing tolls on our already paid for roads and the poisoning of our water supplies with florid , the destruction of our community services  (health and education) and care  for our elderly .Our society  is been pitted against itself in order that these faceless gangsters keep control over  every one of us and out country!

We the people are been brainwashed into believing we are responsible for the debts of gamblers we are also been brainwashed into believing we are worthless .Our self worth is been ripped out of us and we are isolated and categorised into little boxes and the control systems are everywhere .just drive down any street and count all the cameras .When did we allow ourselves to be monitored 24/7 by the state and the police??? So we are been monitored by gangsters are you happy with this???

Take back your own self-worth defend your rights guaranteed in the Irish constitution .make no mistake we need to protect our rights each and every day!

People of Ireland wake up and take back your lives ,smash your TV’s and stop accepting the lies  and crumbs from the puppets in the Dáil! These self-serving leaches who are helping criminals suck us dry!

Is Mise

Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Dáil sub-committee on “Global taxation” is shielding multinationals from questions about tax avoidance to hide truth about Ireland’s corporate tax regime


At last someone in the Dail has the balls to say what everyone in the finance world knows ! Well Done! Now let’s take action to stop this corporate money laundering and expose the X politicians Like John Burton and other sell-outs as they use our country to steal taxes from their own citizens in other countries!
We are not a bunch of paddies that spend their time in pubs, we are citizens of a republic and our lying self-centred politicians are selling us out top the highest bidders’ time to get rid of these public servant leaches!
Well done Mr. R Boyd Barrett::
By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Turkeys been asked not to vote for Christmas indeed!


 By Thomás O Cléirigh


Turkeys been asked not to vote for Christmas indeed!

Just look around and see all those empty seats why do we the people pay these Turkeys in the first place .I am only sorry that we are not voting away the Dail as there are enough “public servants” sucking us the ordinary people dry as they stuff themselves with lottery salaries and pensions .

Norris and the rest of these elite political dinosaurs have been dining and wining at the people’s expense, thanks to his lottery salarie from that cursed Seanad. Let them all come down to the real world of the hopeless unemployed and try and live on the crumbs the political elite throw us!

Why should we vote for cronies who don’t even show up for work???

Mr Norris if we got this kind of performance from all the rest of these turkeys who sometimes call to the Seanad just to be able to collect their lottery salaries we might consider saving your job but you would then only be able to collect the equivalent of the Dole and no more: It should be a privilege to serve the people of Ireland and we should not have to pay through the nose either!The Seanad is a resting place of the privilege and the political élite waiting to enhance their profiles as they learn to use the political tools that someday will propel them to higher public office and lottery pensions .Peroid !

EVERY household in the country will be hit with a new Public Service Broadcasting Charge

Another Rabbit pulled out of  Pat Rabbitte,s hat!


“Every household in the country will be hit with a new Public Service Broadcasting Charge”

Nobody will be able to refuse to pay the charge because it will apply regardless of whether you have a television, computer or any other device that can pick up public information.

The new universal charge will be collected in a way that tackles the current very high evasion rates of the TV licence fee – suggesting the payment mechanism could be modelled on the new property tax.

Currently nearly one in five households does not pay the TV licence fee and this is costing the government €30m a year in lost revenue.

Announcing major changes to the way public service broadcasting is funded Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte today gave a commitment the new charge will not exceed the current €160 a year licence fee………….

full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/every-single-home-to-be-hit-with-new-broadcasting-charge-29428338.html


By Thomás O Cléirigh


We are Paying for the lottery pensions of pampered and mindboggling arrogant politicians like Pat Rabbitte, Eamon Gilmore and the rest of the Leaches sucking us dry in the Dail. Now they want us to continue to pay the pampered Pre-Madonna’s in RTE their lottery salaries and their enormous pensions ,!

Labor’s Pat Rabbitte and the rest of the freeloaders in the Dail are the ones that have to go! Just look at his plumped up face from all that fine living at our expense!

This is the face of arrogance take a good look!

Mr. Rabbitte and his sellouts collaborators in the Dail should be hounded everywhere they go!

An overpaid stuffed up face of a puppet labour politician get to hear what the people of Ireland want to say. Mr. Rabbitte and his sellouts collaborators in the Dail should be hounded everywhere they go until they get out of the Dail and their lottery pensions taken away from them !

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