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Yes, a breath of fresh air is sweeping through Ireland and these patriots

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh
In 2007 we had a national debt of 24.8 billion today that debt is now 250 billion and going up all the time! So 220 billion has gone where???? Certainly the people of Ireland did NOT get these billions we were lied to by our bought and paid for corrupt politicians who took on 230 billion Euro of extra private corporate debt and no one can say where it has gone! Just imagine what the country would look like if the gangsters in Government had given every citizen say 300 Euros a week since the 1st of January 2008 I have no doubt the economy would be in much better shape! Instead we have a corporate dictatorship now ruling the country and they are busy asset stripping the natural resources of our nation on the monopoly money created out of thin air!

In so doing they have enslaved us and the future generations into financial slavery! For the last 4 years these lying Bast**DS in Government have stripped the weakest members of the Irish society of their dignity, the means to sustain themselves, they have stripped away the communities of the vital health services, education and housing! There is now an attack on some of the most needy the un-married mothers of Ireland. The low hanging fruits in the orchard! This is war a war on the poor and the ordinary people of Ireland by corporate greedy merchants! The political class has now lost all creditability and all of the political parties are on the same gravy train, out for themselves and the “what’s in it for me parasitic system must now be taken down!

A new breed of citizen is now emerging from these downtrodden members of our corrupted society, Yes a breath of fresh air is sweeping through Ireland and these patriots, like these woman speaking at the GPO this afternoon will not be pushed back into their boxes and they will not be pushed into accepting the crumbs the disgraced political class throw down on to the floor. These are the true hero’s of Ireland to-day standing up against the corrupt state and their hired thugs! May they continue to get stronger because Ireland needs these people!

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