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THE fight against the property tax is heading to the High Court — after campaigners served legal papers on the State


The Attack The Tax group is claiming the new levy is UNLAWFUL.

It says the charge is in breach of the Constitution and has likened its  challenge to a “people’s class action” which is being brought over the  controversial charge.

The group has lodged legal papers against Taoiseach Enda Kenny, his  ministers, the Revenue, Ireland and the Attorney General, along with all the  local councils in the country. It claims thousands have already signed up as  shareholders, and are appealing for everyone angry with the tax to join.

All shareholders enjoy “legal privilege” so Revenue will not be able to get  them to pay up, the group says.

They claim the tax is “unlawful and is contrary to the provisions of the  Constitution of Ireland and international law”.

The legal papers further claim that “coercion, economic duress, deception and  fraud” were used to get consent for the property charge.

A spokeswoman for Revenue said: “The case will be vigorously defended. The  Local Property Tax is provided for in legislation and people are required by law  to pay the charge.”

Just over half of the 1.6million households liable have paid with two weeks  left to pay

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/feeds/smartphone/ireland/4931184/Court-action-Tax-is-against-consitution.html#ixzz2TdRdE465

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