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Freeman Guide ( Ireland)

by Tronner

A Short and Friendly Guide toDealing With Policy Enforcers (aka: Gardaí Síochana)

Here’s a brief example to help you understand the difference between Peace Officers and PolicyEnforcement officers. We can look at three different posts held in society, namely; Prison Warden,Garda and Traffic Warden to see how their roles vary from Peace Keeper to Policy Enforcer:1.Prison Wardens – Peace Keeper only

There are approximately 14,415 members of An Garda Síochána, so it is likely that you willencounter them a few times in your life, living on the land. With almost 500,000 recorded roadtraffic offences per year odds are you will be pulled over at some time. So what to do??The Gardai are hired to be our protectors, however when they are enforcing statutes they becomepolicy enforcers. Their role changes from peace keeper to revenue collection agents.The Gardai are not your enemy, but they are also not your friend if they are acting as PolicyEnforcers. They are in an adversarial position much like playing chess. They want to win a situation,they want to get a conviction.Please note you are perfectly entitled to record the Gardai. When they are off duty they can enjoytheir right to privacy, but if they are operating in the public domain you have the right to recordthem. If you have any problems with this you might say “I’m gathering evidence for my defenceofficer”.

Know when and how to exercise your rights and don’t forget – You are actingLawfully!1. Positive vibes


The most important thing is to be as friendly, nice and courteous as possible it will pay off in theend. Act peacefully, respectfully and lawfully toward them. Let them know you are recording them,state the date and time, get the badge numbers, ask for their names and their business cards. If theyare in a huff about this tell them it is for Your safety. If they give any guff ask them” are you denyingme my safety?” or “Is there a problem with that Garda?” Of Course not! Surely?

2. First Contact

You could be driving in your car or walking down the street, first have a look around and see if there are any people nearby who you can ask to witness, most people like a good stare anyway and itwould help in your defence if necessary. Try and pull over near them or call them over (remember youonly have to pull over when it is safe to do so, this gives you some time).

Record, Record, Record

Nearly every phone has a voice or video recorder on it. If you are more prepared you’ll even have a dictaphone or a camcorder with you. Make sure the Garda is awareyou are recording……………………………

The Peoples Convention

Diarmaid O Cadhla diarmaid.ocadhla@cppc.ie

Dear friend,

Attached is a .PDF copy of a statement issued on my behalf by The Peoples Convention.

The statement is important because it is an attempt to expose the role of the party system in our democracy as against the right of citizens.

We have highlighted the fact that there is no mention in Bunreacht na hÉireann of “party”.  Article 16.2.1 states that the Dáil should be composed of people who “represent constituencies”, it does not provide for anyone to represent either themselves individually or any party.

This presupposes that TD’s should seek mandate from their constituencies on all issues, it also presupposes that private clubs should not be allowed to usurp either the selection or election process, and they should not be given state funding or preferential status.

To highlight this issue, I have refused to complete the Statutory Declarations required by the Standards in Public Office (SIPO) legislation, something required by my involvement in the General Election (2011).

Either the SIPO legislation means something or it is a sham as declared … if it means anything then I should be prosecuted – and we get to debate this question in open court.

You can assist in this matter by publicising this issue, via social network links, forwarding this email, discussing with your friends or in any organisations you have involvement with.

Please contact me if any clarification is required or if you can help in any way,

Is mise,

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla :

2012-04-02 Press Release on SIPO

Website: An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention Follow CPPC_IE on Twitter LIKE the page on Facebook

PS Please note dates for Constituency based meetings:

Lucan, Co. Dubin Wed. 18th April and Blackrock, Cork on Wed. 25th April.

List of public sector salaries

List of public sector salaries shows the extent of Enda Kenny’s challenge to impose wage ceilings


“Government has to deliver better value in order to reduce the deficit, avoid job-destroying tax increases and protect frontline services. As part of this reform Fine Gael will… introduce a salary cap of €200,000 for everyone”

Fine Gael’s “5 Point Plan to Get Ireland Working

There was something a little surreal in reading the Department briefing notes handed to the incoming Minister of Finance, Michael Noonan and which were published by the Department of Finance last Thursday evening. The first note came from the Department of Finance’s Secretary General, Kevin Cardiff, a highly experienced civil servant who has been present at many of the nation’s crisis-points in the last three years including that ill-fated meeting at Government Buildings on the night of 28th September, 2008 which gave rise to the guarantee and you may remember seeing him alongside then-Taoiseach Brian Cowen and former Minister Lenihan at the announcement of the IMF/EU bailout last November, 2010. Michael Noonan too has been around for a long time and at 68 years of age next month faces one of the greatest challenges in his career as he tries to restore the nation’s finances. Michael is Kevin’s boss and is likely to be for the next five years. Michael earns €169,275 a year and Kevin, who works for him, is reported to earn €228,446 – 35% more. Surreal.

The same briefing continues to be surreal by stressing that one of the four overarching objectives of policy should be to deliver “improvements in competitiveness and reforms to improve competition and reduce costs” and “further reductions in expenditures will be required and achieving these will require firm control of pay”. Surreal.

Page 190 of the main briefing document deals with the issue of public sector pay above €250,000 – not €200,000 as in Fine Gael’s “5 Point Plan to Get Ireland Working” and sets out some public servants whose pay is in excess of €250,000. The briefing goes on to say “a ceiling on salaries would have the greatest effect in the commercial State-sponsored bodies”. Former Minister for Finance Lenihan said in his Budget 2011 speech on 7th December, 2010 “while there are issues about the contractual position of incumbent post holders, I think the position of the Minister for Finance as a shareholder or statutory stakeholder in these companies can be used to enforce the objective of the maximum salary within a reasonable timeframe.”

Now in fairness to Taoiseach Kenny, one of the first reforms he effected as Taoiseach was the reduction of his salary by 7% from €214,000 to €200,000. And he reduced the Tanaiste’s, ministers’ and ministers’ of state accordingly. But what about existing contracts which provide for salaries in excess of €200,000? “private contracts” might be the defence, but is that the case any more?

Last Monday night on RTE’s Frontline programme, Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Alan Shatter referred us to Article 43 of the Irish Constitution in the context of unilaterally changing private commercial lease agreements. That Article includes the following

43.2.2 The State, accordingly, may as occasion requires delimit by law the exercise of the said rights with a view to reconciling their exercise with the exigencies of the common good.

And indeed there are other instances of the “common good” occurring in our Constitution – Article 6, which is an overarching Article, for example says

All powers of government, legislative, executive and judicial, derive, under God, from the people, whose right it is to designate the rulers of the State and, in final appeal, to decide all questions of national policy, according to the requirements of the common good.

So if the justice minister says that the State can interfere with commercial lease agreements in the “common good” then presumably the State can interfere with private employment contracts and change terms including remuneration. That being the case, then what obstacle lies in the way of delivering the Fine Gael “5 Point Plan to Get Ireland Working” pledge to cap public sector salaries at €200,000?


The First this I notice is that the Head of the Government is the lowest paid public servant on this list: These salaries are outrageous and if Enda Kenny wants to keep support for this Government he should immediately slash these lottery salaries .There is no justification in paying out such salaries when the country is in the financial meltdown it is in and with the savage cuts in essential services this action is morally justified .Before going off the Europe we need to cut our cloth according to our means !

This makes me feel sick !

I am firmly in the camp for the abolition of the Seanad!


But I have received this from Michel D

Dear friends,

 My colleague and former student Donncha O’ Connell is running in the Seanad elections 2011 on the National University of Ireland Panel. This is a panel I was elected to myself in 1982 and I know that while the Seanad is in need of reform, Donncha is somebody who would have a real contribution to make not only on the issue of reform, but on so much more. He has not only been an inspiring University teacher, but he has given service of inestimable value in the public area – on human rights, disability, and constitutional and political reform. He has done this with generosity and commitment at local, national and international level. I strongly support his candidature and respectfully ask you to give him your number 1 vote. May I also ask you to help spread the word by forwarding this email with your own personal message to those on your own mailing list. Donncha would make a great Senator – one whose Seanad contributions I am certain we will all be proud of. I thank you for your time and your assistance. With warmest regards, Michael D Higgins


Whilst I am firmly in the camp for the abolition of the Seanad,

As I believe this is an elitist tool to perpetuate the notion that some citizens are more important than others and should have a right to have their own debating chamber away from the preying eyes of the likes me who never did get the chance to get to university because of my parents financial position and the negligence of the state in whose care I was placed in.

Out of respect for “Michael D” I have forwarded his appeal for support for Donncha O’ Connell in Seanad elections 2011

I have also received this other appeal from Diarmaid O Cadhla having gone through my own attempt to collect votes I do feel for anybody putting themselves up for election and so I show my support to all candidates except thoes  from Fianna Fail and the Greens who I view as trators to our country !

Dear friend,

 Attached is a .PDF copy  ( Seanad_Election_Letter)   of the letter I have used in canvasing for the Seanad NUI election, it is focused on the need to defend Bunreacht na hÉireann from the promised “major constitutional changes” of FG/Labour.

 If you can pass this to any NUI graduates that you know it will both help the election effort but it should also help in highlighting a very important question for our sovereignty and democracy.

 I have created some web pages explaining the approach during this election campaign, you might like to review them.

 Very best wishes,

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla

National Spokesperson

Website: An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention

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“The Greens:They are a disgrace and no loss to the Irish Nation”(New Comment)

New comment on your post “The Greens:They are a disgrace and no loss to the Irish Nation”
Author : Diarmaid O Seigefriede (IP: ,

If you dont know the nuts and bolts you dont get it
The Greens might have been in the distant past a grass root enviormental movement. The Communists changed from red to green to use enviormental movements as a method of controling peoples.
Enter Gormless and his type sponsored by Rockerfellers and Rothchild Banks to hijack Green movements make communt governments in the  EU and spin the lies about CO2 from the club of Romes decision to find a type of pollution, that can be hijacked to control sociecty and unltimatly make all the EU a communist run empire.
Naturally Gormless doesnt care he is a puppet to his masters in the Tri lateral globalists  who we  filmed in Ireland at the Tri Lateral meeting in Four season Hotel  Ballsbridge Dublin . They were there engineering the take down of Eire and all Europe
Gormless is a traitor to the nation along with FF Mehall Martin . The then minister for forgien affairs and the then Atorney general    Paul Gallagher (Barcellona Bilderberg attendee )aided and abieted the escape from legal justice from a european  war crimes arrest warrant for the Henry Kissinger who was in Ireland on that occasion may 8th 2010( Film evidence at youtube/user/dcbourbonireland)
If you think FG blue shirts are any better forget it they are just as bad puppets and got the head globalist of the European Tri lateral Peter Sutherland and linked to globalist Bildergberg movement into high positions in Ireland which launched him into the EU empire
The real power structure in Ireland for many year up to now is the Head of state the Toichioch gets his instructions from the Governer general  who the Bilderbergs have chosen well in advance  .The Atorney general gets his instructions from the Bilderberg annual meeting and ensure the Irish state does thier bidding .
Everything we see on RTE and similar main stream mussled media is a dog and pony show to confuse us.
The Rockerfeller and Rothchild families decide in advance what laws we Irish  will have and ensure the loop holes are there for them to drive the Globalist agenda and thier communist bus projects through. Ask yoself why they can never get the child protection laws done correctly .Its manditory in the Globalists religion that they can have sex with young children and have legal  loop holes there to protect them if they ever get caught
So now do we get a new puppet Kenny who will take his instructions from the communist hijacked Labour party position wearing pinky camoflage and they ensured they now got e the Atorney General position  who up to now has always been   the true head of the Irish state( Ireland Inc.) .
If she goes to Bilderberg meeting in Switerland  29th june 2012 this year you will know the globalists and communists have taken more control for Ireland
Ask yourself why does Labour NEEEED the Irish  constitution changed . Is the present Irish constitution  blocking thier communist agenda to break up the Irish family unit so that all children will go into government dorm at birth and parent will rarely see them  ???  All the more access for the Globalist peodofiles to gain accesss to even more young unprotected children
The rest like Gormelss and kenny are muppets

Diarmaid O Seigefriede

Lenihans Credit Institutions Stabilisation Act

By Dearbhail McDonald Legal Editor

Friday December 24 2010

ANYONE leaking details of the Finance Minister‘s plans to deal with the banks under new legislation faces fines of up to €100,000 and a possible three-year jail term.

The secrecy surrounding the minister’s dealings with the banks under the new Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Act was underlined yesterday when court proceedings were held in private.

Journalists were asked to leave the High Court as the Government sought an early morning hearing, held ‘in camera’, to deal with Allied Irish Bank (AIB).

There the Government secured an order allowing it to inject a further €3.7bn of state funds in to AIB — a move that has led to its effective nationalisation.


The plan to inject further capital in to AIB had been widely publicised in the media. But a news blackout was imposed on the facts and contents of the court application.

A legal provision allows all or part of a court application under the new banking law to be held ‘in camera’ to protect the publication “of any material that might be commercially sensitive”.

Restrictions can also be imposed on the publication or reporting of any commercially sensitive material disclosed in open court. The law also bans publication of the fact that the minister proposes to make or has made a proposed direction order.

– Dearbhail McDonald Legal Editor



Are we now experiencing the first steps by the government to take away  the  freedom of the press.

 Court hearings in private and threats been made to patriots trying to get the truth out to the rightful masters of this country “The People” .Now where are you most likely to experience such state intervention  “Why North Korea would be a good place to start” !

Not only are the government forcing us to take on the debts of their pals the equally corrupt bankers we’re now experiencing the first steps of freedoms we have guaranteed by the Irish constitution been taken away from us  and again this is been done step by step drip by drip

This is the classic way all dictatorship start.

Cowen, Lenihan and their cronies are becoming more brazen as time goes by! 

Lying has become the norm for this government  

Time to Act in the Nations Best Interest

This letter was sent to me today

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Ireland.

The most important vote in recent Irish history is to be taken on Wednesday 15th December 2010. This vote is taking place because the Irish constitution demands a vote when Irish sovereignty is substantially mitigated. The Dail must cast out this treasonous agreement negotiated by Mr. Paddy Honohan on behalf of his international masters. Its terms are unacceptable and are solely for the benefit of cosmopolitan bankers and their local carpetbaggers who have sold out the nation through their corruption and disloyalty. This “crisis” taking place is no accident. When will we all wake up? The game was well spelled out by Carroll Quigley former professor of Georgetown University and mentor to President Bill Clinton in his classic book “Tragedy & Hope.” I quote:

“The powers of financial capitalism had a far reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political systems of each country and the economy as a whole.

 The system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central bankers of the world acting in concert, by secret agreement. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel,  Switzerland (and the I.M.F.), a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central bankers which were themselves a private corporation.”

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