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Antineoplastons, cancer drugs in FDA trials since 1995, results publicly audited by Congress, to gain final FDA-approval

 I am highlighting this Petition and ask for your support for this life-giving medical breakthrough.

Antineoplastons are gene-targeted cancer medications that have completed Phase 2
FDA clinical trials in 2009, with permission granted to enter the final Phase of
FDA testing. These medicines are the first in medical history to cure inoperable
childhood brainstem glioma with a 27.5%-50% cure rate, among other cures. Other
gene-targeted cancer medications have been given accelerated FDA-approval
without demonstrating a single cure. Antineoplastons, proven to be non-toxic,
remain unapproved for public use. For the sake of public health, the results
from Phase 2 clinical trials of Antineoplastons need to be publicly acknowledged
by the FDA and audited by Congress. These medicines have been in FDA clinical
testing since 1995—it’s time for the general public to have access to them.

Signatures needed by October 27, 2011 to reach goal
of 5,000


Total signatures on this petition


Please follow link to site : https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/%21/petition/antineoplastons-cancer-drugs-fda-trials-1995-results-publicly-audited-congress-gain-final-fda/M1hH28lk


I support this wonderful  Dr.Burzynski 100% and I implore all the followers of this blog to at least look  at the video clips  and make up your own minds .This medical procedure
needs to be made available and put out into the web so other people can avail of this tool against cancer and the big PHARMA  industrial complex that is stopping this life
saving breakthrough .

Please ,Please support this effort you will be saving lives!

e-mail sent to


To Dr James Reilly TD, Minister for Health  this morning 03.10.2011

Dear Sir,

I wish to bring to your attention this wonderful breakthrough in the treatment of cancer.

I respectfully ask you to investigate this new medical procedure. If there is a chance of
saving one life with this treatment, then I believe it should be an option for the thousands of Irish citizens suffering the horrors of this dreadful disease every year.

Please follow the
links:  http://www.burzynskimovie.com/
Your respectfully

Thomas Clarke

‘True Unemployment’ Rate could be 20%

  ‘True Unemployment’ Rate could be 20%

Ireland’s ‘true unemployment’ rate could be close to 20% says Congress Economic Advisor Paul Sweeney.

He says that the official figures “significantly underestimate the ‘true’ level of unemployment and thus the scale of the social and economic devastation in communities across the country.”

“When you add in the tens of thousands who have been forced to emigrate, the tens of thousands who have stayed in or returned to education for the same reason and the many thousands who want full time work but can only get part time or casual jobs, you get a more accurate picture of the scale of the problem and its huge social impact.

“Taking those numbers into account, the true unemployment figure could be close to 20%.

He points out that the CSO itself had calculated this rate – comprised of the unemployed and ‘discouraged workers’ – as having risen to 17%.

“Congress believes it is closer to 20 percent – an all time high.. We need a major reordering of Government priorities with people placed firmly before banks and private profit. Their deflationary policies are taking money out of the economy and destroying jobs.”

source http://www.irishleftreview.org/2010/07/14/is-irish-society-being-sacrificed-to-save-the-bond-market/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+irishleftreview%2Ffeed+%28Irish+Left+Review%29

The question now is, why have congress done nothing about the unemployment, the loss of earnings and the forced emigration

The answer is they are part of the select elite that have been running things in this country for the last 30 years that’s why and their cock tears aren’t fooling anybody!

Instead of waffle we need action and the Unions should be out on the streets and demanding a general election now

The Irish people do not need congress or any other union.

 We ourselves have the power to kink out the current political elites that are destroying our country and our children’s futures.

Don’t Doubt Bernanke’s Ability to Create Inflation (US News)

May 26, 2010

With the Dow Jones now down 11% nominally from its high last month, NIA has been getting hundreds of emails and phone calls asking if there is any way we could be wrong about the threat of hyperinflation in the U.S. and if indeed deflation is the real problem we need to be worried about. The names Nouriel Roubini, Robert Prechter, and Harry Dent get mentioned to us a lot, with many NIA members asking why these so-called “experts” believe deflation is in our future.

Roubini, Prechter and Dent have been wrong about the overwhelming majority of their economic forecasts over the past decade. When it comes to their latest predictions about deflation, they will actually be right to some extent. We will see deflation in some assets like stocks and Real Estate, but only when priced in terms of real money – gold and silver. In terms of dollars, prices for pretty much all goods and services are guaranteed to rise dramatically over the next few years. Creating inflation is the only thing in the world Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke knows how to do and is good at.

During the past week, the mainstream media has shifted from saying we are experiencing an “economy recovery” to now saying we are at risk of a “double dip recession”. Nothing fundamentally has changed in our economy. The fact is, the U.S. economy has been in a recession since mid-2000. All government reported positive GDP growth since mid-2000 has been due to nothing but inflation. Our economy should have experienced a depression in 2001 and an even greater one in 2008, but the depression has been temporarily avoided at the expense of an inevitable Hyperinflationary Great Depression down the road.

NIA believes it is impossible for the U.S. to experience price deflation when the Federal Reserve has held interest rates at 0% for the past 17 months. Sure, there will probably be a second wave of mortgage defaults that could cause another round of forced liquidations on Wall Street, but during any future period of forced liquidations, we doubt the U.S. dollar will still be looked at as the “safe haven” it was in 2008/2009. Gold and silver will soon be looked at as the only real safe havens because they are the only assets that provide protection from both a deteriorating economy and massive inflation. Precious metals will decouple from the Dow Jones and we will begin to see gold and silver rise at the same time as the stock market falls.

Bernanke was questioned yesterday following a speech at the Bank of Japan about whether a 4% inflation target would be better than the Fed’s current inflation target of 2%. Bernanke responded that “it would be a very risky transition” if the Fed changed their inflation target, claiming that U.S. inflation expectations are currently “very stable”. (NIA estimates the real rate of U.S. price inflation is already north of 5%.)

Unfortunately, no policymaker in the world is smart enough to accurately control the rate of price inflation through the manipulation of interest rates, and certainly not Bernanke. It’s mind-boggling to us how the mainstream media could believe anything Bernanke says about inflation after how wrong he has been about everything else. Maybe the press has already forgotten that it was Bernanke who in July of 2005 said, “it’s a pretty unlikely possibility” that home prices will decline across the country, “house prices will slow, maybe stabilize but I don’t think it’s going to drive the economy too far from its full employment path”. We are 100% sure that Bernanke will be proven wrong again when it comes to inflation.

The U.S. Dollar Index has rallied from 75 to 87 since December and is approaching its high from March of 2009 of 89. This has given Bernanke the cover to keep interest rates at a record low 0%, but NIA believes Bernanke is misreading these economic signals. When the U.S. Dollar Index reached its high last year of 89, gold was only $900 per ounce. Today, gold is approximately $1,200 per ounce. The fact that gold has held up so strong despite a rapidly rising U.S. Dollar Index, proves that our financial system is getting ready to overdose on excess liquidity. The U.S. Dollar Index has rallied only because it is heavily weighted against the Euro. The Euro is now overdue for a huge bounce, which we believe will send the U.S. dollar crashing while sending gold to new record highs.

It’s not good for us to pay too much attention to short-term volatility in the financial markets. Short-term “noise” often causes investors to second guess what they know is true. In our new documentary ‘Meltup’ (which has now surpassed 441,000 views in 10 days) we said, “If stocks were to see a nominal decline one last time, we will likely see Bernanke shoot up his largest ever dose of quantitative easing, which could turn the current Meltup into hyperinflation.”

We are seeing signs of this coming true already. Washington is now calling for another stimulus.  quantitative easing, senior economic adviser to President Obama, has asked Congress to begin drafting a new stimulus bill in an attempt to prevent a “double dip recession”. The proposed size of this new stimulus is so far only $200 billion, much smaller than the last $787 billion stimulus bill. However, we are sure Congress will increase the size of it, especially if stocks continue their nominal decline. The new stimulus bill will likely coincide with trillions of dollars in additional quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve.

Market Up-Date January 2010

Quarterly Market Brief & Stock Pick

Sent to me by  Chris  at  www.wealthbuilder.ie


The market is currently trying to find its bearings after the spectacular run up since March 2009.


On a weekly chart the Dow Industrials and Dow Transports both indicate a definite technical consolidation line being formed. The longer the averages remain in their respective November and December ranges the more the the market will discount the March rise and focus on the new support point. According to Hamilton the greater the duration of this “line of consolidation” the more significant the direction of the trend on “breakout.” On probability the market will move North, once the earnings season indicates there are no major surprises in the offing. However, how quickly the averages approach previous highs is anyones guess but price movement is bound to be choppy due to all of the following:


A:              Will future earnings eventually justify such rich valuations.

B:              When rates start rising will the hikes be benign or aggressive due to explosive inflation.

C:              Will the Real Estate, Financial & Banking sectors “tank” on rate hikes.

D:              When will unemployment stabilise and improve.

E:              Has the market discounted tax hikes.


As always the market must try to discount such uncertainty but given the mix I see above average risk in the martket given the weak underlying fundamentals.Therefore I am happy to advise clients to hold onto their fabulous 2009 gains and await a clearer economic tablet or a powerful technical indicator.


Some folk recommend Gold or Silver but again I see major institutional manipulation which makes a traders life a misery. Trading gold makes good fundamental sense but in actuality the technical picture has been muddied by paper gold in the form of ETFs, so I have moved on.


The situation since March provides all the emanations that TARP funds found a home in equities. In other words the fix was in. The wonderful gains thus far have given “banks” great profits to repay congress borrowed funds. I use the word bank with great delicacy because they are in effect derivitave traders. For this reason the TARP funds were not used to “stimulate” the real economy and therefore cannot be found in credit card account funding or car finance deals or property mortgages or business overdrafts (no that would be too much work and risk). The funds are in hyper leveraged instruments, cross purchased. Thus this is a synthetic bull run, hence the spectacular market rise.
The sooner congress realises this the sooner the true American economy can regenerate. When will it be accepted in honour and faith that the key to recovery was, is, and will be small enterprise. History educates that small entrepreneurs create 80% of ALL NEW JOBS in America. Support them and all will go well.
Ignore them and a double dip
correction will prove inevitable due
to sustained high unemployment.


I don’t know if any of you noticed but over the Christmas, during a 7 day period, short term interest rates shot up 600% from .01% to .07% and long term rates jumped 25%. In the first days of the new year they were pulled back but short rates are sill up 200%.  This volality indicates the fact that the FED has a major job on its hands holding the “balanced quantatitative easing” story together. A lot is riding on the holding of rates down and if anyone drops the PR ball there will be hell to pay. Ergo the market is risky until the jobs situation shows definite unmanipulated improvement.





Stock Pick:

RDSA: Royal Dutch Shell plc.


Royal Dutch has regained about half of the ground lost since their 2008 peak, supported by a partial recovery in oil prices.


The refining, chemicals and natural gas lines have not snapped back as quickly as the oil pumpimg business.
However, efficiency measures have been implemented and Shell is targeting a return to growth before too long.


Expansion is on track for the oil and gas exploration business in 2011, when a couple of extra large gas projects in Qatar are due to come on stream.
These top quality ADRs should appeal to conservative investors. While the issue is untimely strong dividend income underpins the good long-term total return potential that we envision.



Dividend Yield:                                  5.5%

Financial strength:              A++

PE Ratio:                            11.0

Return On Cap:                            12.5%             

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