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Retail Sales and Consumer Confidence: July (By Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev )

By Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev

In the previous post, we looked at the latest data on retail sales for Ireland
for July 2011 (here).
Now, let’s update the data for retail sales and consumer confidence.

Per  ESRI latest data, consumer confidence in Ireland dropped from 56.3 in June 2011
to 55.9 in July, with 3mo moving average down to 57.2 in July from 57.9 in June.

full article here :http://trueeconomics.blogspot.com/2011/08/29082011-retail-sales-and-consumer.html


Another excellent presentation of facts !

With the government in full denial that the economy is free fall,
maybe now these figures might give them a wakeup call. Austerity doesn’t work
because if it did, after three years we should be booming by now! The government
are about to announce another round of Austerity measures and thus tighten the
tap of credit and economic activity .Just where do they expect economic growth
to come from when the very consumers they are relying on are on their knees and
swimming in an ocean of debt ?

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