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Protesters at Anglo Irish Bank


It appears the four people on ledger were arrested as well as two or three people who had been outside. All this took place in the space of ten minutes. Inspector Gannon who led the assault on Shell to Sea campaigners at Polthomas pier in Rossport was spotted among the Gardai and witnesses reported they had the clear impression that the Gardai were acting under orders that no further protests against the bank bailouts were to be tolerated.

Up to 100 Gardai are now around Anglo Irish bank with a second protest having being called by eirigi for 14.00 today. It has been confirmed that this protest will still be going ahead as will Tuesdays protest at the Dail.

We would call on people to join the anti-capitalist block at 19.00 at the Wolfe Tone statue on Tuesday (opposite Shelbourne Hotel) where we will discuss how to best respond to the attacks on bank bailout protests before proceeding to the Dail. 

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Take Action to-day !

Citizens Association of the Bewildered (CAB)

CAB looking for new active members

Join the CAB now!

Association of the Bewildered (CAB) Organizations – Political Organizations

This new association is dedicated to taking the fight into the streets of Ireland to take back our country from the incompetent political leaches that have destroyed our independence, handed us over to unscrupulous bankers and their masters the foreign bond holders

This club is for people willing to fight using all available means to take back our country from the corrupt politicians in Lenster House who have sold out their own people to enrich themselves!

We need to completely re-vamp the political system here in Ireland

Rid ourselves of political cronyism and family dynasties in the Dail

Bring those responsible to justice and strip them of their ill gotten gains

All TD’s must declare their full financial status this is to include all liabilities private and commercial

No TD to serve more than 10 years in the Dail

No pension from the state can be more than the national old age pension

As we believe TD’s and public servants should not become financially better off than those they are supposed to be serving

You can leave a message or contact us at bewilderedcitizens@gmail.com 

Or http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?v=wall&ref=nur&id=100000524997659

Only if you are willing to fight for what you believe in, and be active,

Will you be accepted into the C.A.B!


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