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X politicians :Irish and european, are riding this vast gravy train

This is a German TV report along the lines of a (Panorama report) about  X top German politicians making vast amounts of money at the head of Oil and Gas Russian companies. German Car Manufacturing companies and Large Parma and sweet companies like “Mars”   “Gerhard Schröder arbeitet für Gazprom” Gerhard Schroder (past German Chancellor) is now working for (Gazprom – The world’s largest gas company) (Conflict
of interest??) the we have Joschka Fischer an x foreign Minister of Germany  and member
of the Green party .Now working for the Car company BMW who are not known for
their environmental  concerns  . The mess our Green party left the country in is nothing compared to the mess vast areas of Russia are now in . The point is these people and their successors (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Merkel ) are now making laws that the rest of Europe and now forced to live by .This report shows that in Germany the top politicians are just as corrupt as the gangsters here in Ireland .In fact our gombeen-men and woman are at the halfpenny place when it comes to looking after the vested interests. Make no mistake these people in Europe are not our pals we are just tolerated and a minor inconvenience in the greater scheme of things .Paddy must do what he is told, we have exchanged one master for another that’s all!

The EU is Big Business and X politicians Irish and european are riding this vast gravy train

Another summit, another “we’re vewy, vewy sad” for Ireland?

Enda Kenny talking to pensioner in Ballina

July 21, 2011 by namawinelake

In recent days, Taoiseach Enda Kenny has been mimicking German chancellor Angela Merkel’s position so much on the financial crisis, that it has seemed Enda is hiding behind Angela’s skirts. Truth be told, Irelandis but a small player in the unfolding crisis and we must be sensitive to the Small Dog Syndrome we sometimes understandably exhibit in Europe. The financial crisis has had a major impact on our country, but in a EuroZone with 330m people and a GDP of €9,200bn, our 4.6m population and €150bn GDP is miniscule. And we shouldn’t be too indignant that the EuroZone’s two biggest economies,France andGermany (population 150m and GDP €4,300bn) have met a day before a plenary summit of EuroZone leaders. And that later today the leaders of the smaller economies, includingIreland, will be presented with a fait accompli. So maybe it makes good diplomatic sense after all for Enda to row in behind one of the big players; and after Enda’s “Gallic spat” with French president Nicolas Sarkozy, perhaps behind Angela’s skirts is the only practical position for Enda to take (and that’s not meant as a criticism)

full article at source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/another-summit-another-%e2%80%9cwe%e2%80%99re-vewy-vewy-sad%e2%80%9d-for-ireland/

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