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Ireland in 2014 a BA -NAMA Republic, a land devoid of democracy


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


No matter who you vote into power we still get the same policies and gangsters lining their own pockets .The system is totally rotten and is an insult to the memory of the men and woman of 1916 !I have already denounced the right of the current puppet Irish government to rule over me or my family!

I have successfully avoided contributing to these traitors’ coffers as much as I could possible do, by not buying anything that I did not need in the mad consuming system and by using bartering as a method of getting items or services I had to have .Or simply using the Black Economy! Democracy in Ireland is a myth, we go through the motion of voting but who we get to vote for and what they in turn do when they get their hands on the reins of power is an entirely different story! It’s a story of corruption, self-serving  insiders and sell out politicians and Unions all saying the right things but doing exactly the same politics of the previous crooks and puppets of the elite and vested interests who have total control of the media and judiciary! We are no longer a nation of citizens but a nation of debt slaves and cash generating surf’s, forced to pay for everything from water to a roof over our heads to sub standard health services and a disastrous education system that brainwashes our children and robs them of their true identity!

We are a proud Celtic nation, an accent people the Egyptian and Romans revered. We are the descendants of the great famine, Are we now going to allow ourselves become financial slaves? Cash cows, to be milked for the rest of our lives by gangsters and their political puppets who wrap themselves with the nation’s flag! Yes robbing people of their identity  makes it easy to convince them that they are worthless and to make do with the crumbs that fall from the table of the rich and powerful elite who have sold us into slavery!

The government’s latest example of selling to the highest international bidders, the cash flow generating opportunity, from the hard pressed motorist of this BA-NAMA Republic under the guise of road safety (speed traps to you and me) is apparent for all to see .These new cameras will link up the revenue, motor tax office and the cartel of the Irish motor insurance rip off merchants into one super massive cash generating machine for the operators! So you won’t be able to go anywhere with these gangsters knowing it ,all we need now is for the Supermarket loyalty cards info into the same system and a complete picture is then available for our masters to have total control over our miserable lives as debt slaves!

Happy New Year, hopefully 2014 will see the resurgent rebel Irish spirit, when the citizens rise up and pull these objects of tyranny and their collaborator operators  down all over the country!

Either way, I remain loyal to the spirit of Ireland and our rich heritage, our true Celtic culture and our constitution (First )  that enshrined the principles of direct democracy and that all citizens were equal . The protection of the natural resources of our ancient lands and the benefits to be shared equally among our people .The right of every citizen to a roof over the head, and free lifelong education and health care! We do not need career politicians eagerly carrying out the dictates of Brussels and Berlin or Goldman Sacks and the IMF.

Rise up and take back our country from our out of touch puppets in the Dial

Mise Le Mass

Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Celtic Values

English: Vector version of a design from the B...

English: Vector version of a design from the Book of Kells, fol. 29r. Traced outlines in black and white representing three intertwined dogs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a collection of short posts from the IMBAS mailing list dealing with the values that were important in Pagan Celtic cultures. These posts were written by scholar Alexei Kondratiev and explore the values using comparative linguistics. This page will be added to on a weekly basis.


Honor Loyalty Hospitality Honesty Justice Courage




The traditional Irish word that is usually translated as “honor” is ‘oineach’ which (by way of ‘ainech’) goes back to Old Irish ‘enech’ which originally means “face” (from Old Celtic ‘eniequos’) — cognates in Welsh ‘wyneb’, Cornish and Breton ‘enep’ (same meaning). Thus the idea of honor is primarily related to one’s “face” which must be saved in the eyes of the community. A closely related concept, often mentioned in the same contexts, is that of ‘clú’ (“reputation” or “fame”), which comes from an Indo-European root meaning “to hear” and thus refers to what is being said about someone. To be honorable, then, is to maintain one’s “face” before the community and to be “heard of” in a good way. Dishonor comes from losing “face” and being “heard of” in a bad way. The term ‘enech’ also expresses the idea of personal power, since as long as one has “face” in the community one is able to influence others: thus people or things that are your responsibility or otherwise under your protection are described as being “on” or “under” your “face”. When you lose “face”, of course, you’re no longer able to extend the protection.

What emerges from this is a sense of honor and dishonor being very much defined by the community, rather than the individually chosen codes of honor that are more characteristic of our modern way of thinking.


The Irish word that best translates “loyalty” is ‘tairise’ (from Old Irish ‘tairisiu’), which literally means “steadfastness”. Originally it had both passive and active meanings: i.e. it implied a state of trust in the other as well as consistent involvement for the other’s benefit. The key notion here is consistency, sticking to one’s chosen position in relation to other people.

The other word often used for “loyal” is ‘dílis’ (Old Irish ‘díles’), which comes from Old Celtic ‘dílestos’ and also appears as Welsh ‘dilys’. This is the secondary meaning of a term widely used in Brehon Law to mean “inalienable property”: the idea is something that is unquestionably the attribute of something else. Thus it also comes to refer to consistency and permanence: certain (desirable) traits and sentiments are so deeply imbedded in the person that they are unchangeable and can be depended upon. In modern Welsh usage ‘dilys’ often means “authentic”.


The general term for “hospitality” in early Irish is ‘oígidecht’ (modern ‘aíocht’), derived from ‘oígi’ “stranger, newcomer”, from a root that may have implied “travelling, being out of one’s home territory”. Thus the term means “dealing with strangers” – i.e. people who don’t belong to one’s household. Needless to say, rules for helping people who were not your kin were of paramount importance in ancient times, and were the one thing that made travel and trade possible.

Although the mythology suggests that unlimited hospitality was the original ideal, by the early Middle Ages the legal system clearly defined obligations and limited what those with little material means (e.g. the ‘fir midbotha’ or men who didn’t have title to their homes) had to provide. And there were professional hospitallers (‘briugu’, modern ‘brughaidh’) who took the pressure off ordinary people.


The basic term for “honesty” in Old Irish is ‘indracus’ (modern ‘ionracas’) from ‘indraic’ (modern ‘ionraic’) “honest”. This generally meant someone or something that showed integrity, that was not flawed. There is a folk etymology (accepted by some early linguists) that derives it from ‘in+reic-‘ (“sellable”, as of an undamaged item — this is actually one of the contexts in which it was used). It’s more likely that the second element is the root ‘reg-‘ “to put in order” (whence the English “right”). The original meaning would thus have been “right/correct inside”.

In later Irish the words ‘cneasta’ (from Old Irish ‘cnesta’ “healed, returned to its proper form”) and ‘macánta’ (“filial, behaving like one’s son or child”) are often used to convey the meaning “honest”. The idea expressed is guilelessness, openness and friendliness in dealing with others.

In the same vein, Welsh uses ‘didwyll’ (“without deceit”) and Breton uses ‘reizh’ (“right”) to mean “honest”, although both have borrowed ‘onest’ from Norman French (as has English).


The oldest word for “just” and “justice” in Irish is probably ‘cóir’ (oldest form ‘coair’), which comes from Old Celtic ‘ko-uéro-‘ “in accordance with the truth” (cf. the more transparent Welsh cognate ‘cywir’, which in modern usage means “correct’). As usual, we have the basic Celtic concept of Truth (‘uéron’) which refers to a cosmic, indisputable rightness which human behaviour must seek to imitate. Other Celtic words for justice are related to the same idea: Welsh ‘cyfiawnder’ from ‘cyfiawn’ “just” (literally “in conformity with rightness”), Breton ‘reizh’ (from Old Celtic ‘rextion’ “that which is [properly] ruled”, and cognate with English “right”).

The later Irish word for “justice” is ‘cert’ (modern ‘ceart’), which appears to be a borrowing from Latin ‘certus’ “certain, sure”.


‘Meisnech’ (modern ‘misneach’) means “courage” in the sense of being able to keep one’s head (it comes from the root ‘med-‘ “to measure, to reckon”). It generally implies that one can maintain control over one’s mood. ‘Calmacht’ (derived from the adjective ‘calma’) comes from a root that means “hard” (the same as in Welsh ‘caled’ “hard”) and implies strength in endurance. The same is true of ‘cródacht’ (modern ‘crógacht’), derived from ‘cródae’ (modern ‘cróga’), which originally meant something like “bloodthirsty”, the hardness that prevents one from being swayed by pity in battle; eventually this came to mean simply “bravery” in all senses. ‘Uchtach’ comes from ‘ucht’ “breast, bosom” and originally meant a breastplate, and then acquired an abstract meaning of moral defense; it was also understood as “spirit, mettle”.

All the Brythonic languages use ‘calon’ (‘kalon’/’kolonn’) “heart” to mean “courage” (notice that it’s also formed from the root that means “hard”). Welsh also uses ‘gwroldeb’ derived from ‘gwrol’ which means “male-like, typifying masculine virtues”, as well as ‘dewrder’ derived from ‘dewr’, which had similar connotations. Older Welsh also used the word ‘glew’ which basically means “bold, daring” — as in the name of King Arthur’s doorkeeper, Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr “The Bold Grey One of the Mighty Grasp”.

source :http://www.imbas.org/articles/celtic_values.html

The Tuatha Dé Danann


By Séamas Ó Sionnaigh

The Tuatha Dé Danann are a race of supernaturally-gifted people found in the indigenous literature and folklore of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man who were adapted from the Celtic religious beliefs of the pre-Christian Gaelic peoples. Over the course of a thousand years and more they were central to much of the literary output of the Gaelic nations, including their speculative histories, explanatory geographies, genealogies, sagas and poetry. Their lasting influence was to remain, albeit greatly debased and diluted, in Irish and Scottish folklore, and is still to be found in some contemporary works of fiction, drama and art.


When Ireland and Scotland made the conversion to Christianity in the 5th to 7th centuries CE the countries’ new monastic schools gradually developed an innovative literary corpus of histories, genealogies and toponyms based in part upon the older oral traditions of the Gaelic peoples and in part upon an “approved” body of Biblical, ecclesiastical and Classical texts. This lent the emerging Christian societies a broad sense of continuity with their pre-Christian past as well as co-opting older beliefs and customs to the new proselytizing faith. However, those previously worshipped as gods and goddesses amongst the Irish, Scots and Manx presented something of a theological challenge to the monastic scribes as the process of assimilating indigenous oral beliefs to the new literary faith developed. Seemingly the preferred method of managing this quandary was to rationalize or explain away the existence of the “pagan” deities once recognised by their ancestors with a number of different theories, depending on the writer or the school of thought he adhered to.


full article at source: http://ansionnachfionn.com/seanchas-mythology/tuatha-de-danann/


Keeping our Celtic heritage alive is always a good thing!

Minster Michael Noonan is still trying to fool the Irish people

I was sent this article from Mary Synot on the Anglo Irish Debt and how Minster Noon is trying to Juggel Billions     XXXXXXM547 MESynon BoI bailout



By Thomás O Cléirigh

Minster Michael Noonan is still trying to fool the Irish people, he is juggling billions around like confetti at a wedding. We are the idiots at the end of the day, that will have to pay for his incompetence .When will we the people realize this puppet is singing from the hidden money men’s songbook. He hasn’t got a clue just like Lenihian and Cowen before him! We must refuse to pay the gambling debts of banker gangsters and bondholder gamblers. He has no legal or moral authority, as he forces hospitals to close their A&E,s cut special needs and robs from our aged and our down-trodden unemployed friends and neighbours . We must support the weakest members in our communities and the so called élite must now be forced to carry out the wishes of the people and not their hidden masters in Brussels  and in Berlin!

Fellow citizens we are the true power and we must get up off our knees and take back our independence from these collaborators who are only looking after themselves and their insider pals!

We must fight to save our democracy and our unique Celtic heritage! Noonan and his band of sell-outs are prepared to allow hundreds of thousands of our children leave our country, they have no future here,as he and his band of misfits rape our country of all of its assets .Anglo Irish is just the tip of insider deals and “special purposes vehicles”   that effectively sell our national assets to the very gangsters who have destroyer out country and made  us all financial slaves to faceless bondholders.

Irish men and woman get up off your knees and stand up for what it right!



A small step for our Irish Language

In view of what is happening in the Ireland of today. As our Independence has been sold off to faceless German bondholders, I was thinking what could individuals could do, particularly businesses owners ( shop owners) and the thought occurred to me ,why don’t we ask all our shops to display their business names in Irish. With this is mind I took a stroll down the town to see how many of our shop fronts actually had their name in Irish and the sad fact it just one.

Yep that is correct just one business has gone to the bother to put its name in Irish! I call upon all the followers of this blog in Wicklow town to ask the various shops in the town to consider in putting their names in Irish .Lets have something different and something to show the tourists when they come visiting .lets reminded them they are in a  Proud Irish town. This action could be done in every Irish town!

What do you think this small step would do for our Irish language?

As a thank you to this business owner I intend to pay a visit and spend some money there! If you are in Wicklow Town do call in to this business and spend a few bob as a thank you for his support of the Irish language .

Thomás O Cléirigh

Irish rap and street music scene the underbelly of the new Irish republic ???

By Thomás O Cléirigh

At last we are seeing the underbelly of the new Irish republic  a 2nd Irish republic  and the volunteers are these musicians and they are using the tools of the modern age to get their message out there and it is this young generation that  will not be forced to comply with the dictates of a corrupt political elite who have written off the cream of Irish nation (Its Youth) a political system that has abandon vast sways of our youth even the youth who have managed to get an education are been forced to leave our Celtic shores .Our out of touch  political dinosaurs  are in for a shock ,a new ground swell of frustrated citizens are about to explode on to the scene and they will not put up with you waffle and tripe any longer.

You the political elite, are creating your own disastrous future as these future citizens will extract their just reverence!

Long Live the new Irish republic where the real gangsters like the corrupt politicians, bankers, and “insider wankers” are stripped of their pensions and perks  and are brought to swift justice!

The Banks (our Masters)

For 25,000 Irish homeowners the dream of owning their own home is about to come crumbling down. They are so far behind in their penal interest payments on the inflated mortgages, the Banks are now at the front door and they are  about to throw them out.

The Banks themselves having destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Irish citizens are now about to get nasty. They are now calling the shots and no opposition will be tolerated .They totally control the government and they are now our new masters.

We must unite and strike back, show them we are and willing to do what is necessary to take back our country. 

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