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‘Ming’ presents Minister with glass of dirty water in Dáil – The Irish Times – Thu, Dec 19, 2013

Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett has called an emergency meeting of the Dail’s Committee on Procedure and Privileges (CPP) today following an incident in which a TD presented a glass of dirty water to a Minister of State in the chamber.

Independent TD for Roscommon-South Leitrim Luke “Ming’’ Flanagan described the quality of the water in his constituency as “glorified piss’’ and produced a glass of dirty water during the debate on the Water Services (No 2) Bill . The Bill paves the way for the introduction of water metering.

full report at below link:

‘Ming’ presents Minister with glass of dirty water in Dáil – The Irish Times – Thu, Dec 19, 2013.

The Irish democratic system

This article was sent into me  this morning

by Donal Buckley.

My theory is that we have the means , the Irish democratic system,  has been hijacked by the current power elites. These elites have become corrupted ( absolute power over decades etc). We have been educated away from doffing the cap etc.‘Problem I identify is that there are so many groups and individuals who desperately want to act but cannot see viable options.Therefore they opt to go it alone. But to where? How?

The mechanism for democracy is there we must claim it by using it .This democratic machine has been lying idle for decades.No one has ever tried to restore it. There is little or no local democracy .County councillors are over- paid and afraid of county officials who control by how much and when.These E 68,000 per annum bods will not represent your views to the council unless it is harmless, non confrontational.The elected TDs ditto, just Party cannon fodder, moved like chess pieces by the Party hierarchy. Dumb, blind and deaf to the needs of the electorate who put them there to represent the people.

The answer is local agitation, correspondence and civil demonstrations, confront these idiots and coerce them into democratic representation. Check up on any claims they make of representation, activity etc.‘Same at national level, a recent example is Denis Naughton and local interest groups and Roscommon Hospital demonstrations.The Dail whip system and the Ceann Comhairle are obstacles to representation by TDs and democracy  within the Dail.Are TDs elected to serve the electorate or to serve the Party?There are examples of this interest group representation working. To-day Phil Hogan has climbed down in the face of IFA representations on septic tank charges.Legal profession, Medical profession, teachers and academics, vets and accountants etc are all adept at using the lobby system which is democracy at work.Of course the public service and trade unions are experts … having direct access to decision makers.

It goes on,and on .

FG forces rebel TD to quit Dail health chair

Donal Buckley
Freelance Journalist/ Writer

Where is the Democracy in Dail Eireann?

The hounding of FG TD Denis Naughton by his own party has little to do with
Denis Naughton TD was elected by the people of Roscommon to represent them
in Dail Eireann.
The political party of Fine Gael interpret Mr Naughton’s election as an
election to the Fine Gael party.
FG expect loyalty to the political party to take precedence over loyalty to
the electorate who voted for Mr Naughton.

This distortion of democratic representation is reinforced by sanctions and
loss of income for the offending Deputy.
In effect he is fined Euro 9,500 per annum.
between the antiquated Ceann Comhairle rules and procedures and the party
whip system there is little room for TDs to represent their electorate.
How democratic is that and where does the citizens right to representation
exist in this distorted framework of party above democracy?

ALLIED Irish Bank could be nationalised by the end of the week

By Michael Lavery

Wednesday December 22 2010

ALLIED Irish Bank could be nationalised by the end of the week after President Mary McAleese signed controversial new legislation into law.

The decision, following a meeting of the Council of State to consider the Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Bill, paves the way for Finance Minister Brian Lenihan to make sweeping changes in the banking sector. He is now expected to pump up to €4.5bn into AIB over the coming days.

The injection will virtually wipe out AIB’s shareholders, who have already lost tens of millions of euro in share investments over the last two years.

The Government initially wanted to keep AIB listed on the stock exchanges but sources said “delisting” the bank is now a distinct possibility.

AIB, along with the other major Irish banks, was recently given an end of February deadline to meet tough new capital targets. In AIB’s case, it must raise almost €9.8bn by the end of February, a target that overtakes the €4.5bn it was originally mandated to raise by the end of the year.

As well as giving Mr Lenihan the power to act immediately on AIB, the new bill also gives him unprecedented power. He can direct banks to take actions, move loans and deposits between banks and force losses on subordinated bondholders who lent to the banks at high interest rates.

The decision to sign the new bill into law came as a huge relief to the Government, which rushed the new legislation through the Dail in four hours.

It drew criticism from opposition parties, which raised concerns about the powers being given to the minister.

The European Central Bank also had concerns, saying the bill was “insufficiently legally certain” on some key issues relating to the euro system.

President McAleese met with the Council of State, which is made up of 22 members, including the Taoiseach, the Tanaiste, the Ceann Comhairle, the Cathaoirleach of the Seanad, the Attorney General, the Chief Justice and the President of the Supreme Court.

A short statement was issued, saying: “President McAleese has signed the Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Bill 2010 this evening pursuant to the Constitution and it has accordingly become law.”


– Michael Lavery


Allied Irish Bank could be nationalized by the end of the week

Brian lenihan is about to pump €4.5bn into AIB over the coming days.

Doing this is nationalizing this bank and yes we can expect delisting at to-days share price of.40 cent there is not much more pain now for the wiped out shareholders

There is no use in trying to fool the markets any longer this bank in history.

However the game is still on for Bank of Ireland and the Minster along with the directors are playing a real smart game of course this bank will follow the same rout as Allied Irish Bank as they are still hiding their derivate positions which must have huge losses

Trying to convince the markets this bank is sound is just laughable

This Bank is going down!  Forcing is customers to pay exorbitant charges is not going to get this corrupt bank out of a hole

Joe Behan TD : Independent???? more like arch Fianna Fail

Joe Behan TD

Photo of Joe Behan
  •  TD for Wicklow

supposed to have changed party on 17 Oct 2008

  • Entered the Dáil on 24 May 2007 — General election
  • Email me whenever Joe Behan speaks (no more than once per day)
  • (at his rate you wont be getting any e-mails ever!!)

Committees and topics of interest

Asks most questions about

  • Subjects (based on headings added by the Dáil record): Special Educational Needs, Aviation Safety, Social Welfare Benefits, Schools Building Projects, Medical Cards 

(based on written questions asked by Joe Behan and answered by departments)

RSS feed Most recent appearances in parliament

Written Answers — Social Welfare Benefits: Social Welfare Benefits (2 Dec 2010)
“Question 125: To ask the Minister for Social Protection if he will support the case of a person (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter. [45724/10]”
Health Services (18 Nov 2010)
“I thank the Ceann Comhairle for giving me the opportunity to raise this important matter on the Adjournment today. As Members know, dementia is an umbrella term for a group of conditions which cause brain cells to die. Alzheimer’s disease is the most commonly known form of dementia and is a condition which has a potentially devastating impact on the cognitive, emotional and physical life…”

Irish Banking: Statements (18 Nov 2010)

“Is it the intention of the Government to seek the approval of Dáil Éireann when negotiations are concluded, before this is finally accepted as a fait accompli? As the situation is unprecedented, at the very least the representatives of the people should have a say in the final decision.”

More of Joe Behan’s recent appearances

Please note that numbers do not measure quality. Also, representatives may do other things not currently covered by this site. (More about this)

  • Has spoken in 9 debates in the last year — well below average among TDs.

  • Has received answers to 31 written questions in the last year — below average among TDs.
  • People have made 2 comments on this TD’s speeches — well above average among TDs.
  • This TD’s speeches, in the printed record, are readable by an average 18–19 year old, going by the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level score.
  • 9 people are tracking whenever this TD speaks —Has used three-word alliterative phrases (e.g. “she sells seashells”) 17 times in debates — well below average among TDs.

Comment :

What a Hypocrite This same man went and voted in the most devastating, draconian budget in the history of the state that is now going to cost the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society

I suppose once a Fianna Fail man always a Fianna Fail man

No doubt about it this guy is a full time member of the Fianna Fail appreciation society


This guy is no more an independent that Brian Cowen is

How many pieces of silver did this guy get for his vote?

The end of democracy?


With each passing day, I believe more and more that this is NOT a democracy in which we live.

This was confirmed on Wednesday when the Ceann Comhairle voted with the Government to further delay the people of Donegal South West their third representative.

When the Ceann Comhairle uses his casting vote, the belief is that he votes to retain the status quo, so in this case he voted against it.

As Ceann Comhairle he has a special position to be fair and uphold democracy. The fact that he chose to stop the people of this county voting is another nail in the coffin of democracy in this country.

Donegal was left behind during the Celtic Tiger years. There is no railway link, poor broadband service, inadequate public transport, local and regional roads are in a state of disrepair and it is not connected to the national gas grid.

Taking these various issues into account, there is a clear indication that, now more than ever, Donegal needs full representation. It was June 2009 when Pat “The Cope” Gallagher was elected to the European Parliament and resigned his Dáil seat as required. The Government is obliged to provide for his departure by planning a by-election within a reasonable timeframe. Almost a year has passed and there is no indication that the Government intends to restore full representation to the people of Donegal South-West.

It was also interesting to note that while the vote was tied at 76 – 76, had our two neighbouring TD’s in Donegal North East, namely Deputies McDaid and Blaney showed up for the vote then things may have been different or maybe not as it appears that we do not even have the support of our other South West representative…The Tanaiste.

Michael Cowley,



Mr Cowley you can huff and puff all you like these gangsters in the government will not allow local election when they know that they will lose the elections the current political system allows for this democratic deficiency

The biggest disappointment in this sorry saga in the betrayal of the people by the greens

Who voted with the government to stop the people from exercising their constitutional right!

This is not their first time they did this they also allowed their own party members to vote on NAMA but would not allow the general public the same right,

So you only get to have your say if you are a green party member!

Captains Log

Starship Dail

Star date 456231




Captain Seamus Kirk has been elected as the new Ceann Comhairle of the Dáil

and promises to go where no Captain has gone before !


Captain Kirk, from the starship Dail, succeeds X
Captain John O’Donoghue, who resigned earlier today over the controversy surrounding expenses he incurred while in office, and did stay too long at the
Romulan pleasure dome !

There was no sign of sorry indeed Mr.O Donoghue made a staunch defense and mother Teresa could not have done a better job, I nearly started to cry and shout bring him back all is forgiven John!

Until I noticed this Cheshire cat grin on His face, and I started to ask what has he being promised by his peers to go quietly??

Mark my words a top job is coming down the tracks, maybe the European commissioners Job???

Dick you might as well un-pack your bags, this guy looks like he’s  waiting for the next plain to Brussels

All those perk on the way and out of sight from those prying eyes as well!




The Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan, has said the issue of Oireachtas expenses had to be put into perspective.

Mr Lenihan was speaking after the Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Houses of the Oireachtas Commission, Tom O’Higgins, said his proposals to reform the system governing expenses for TDs and Senators were ignored by the commission.

Mr O’Higgins explained why he resigned in a letter which was disclosed to the Irish Times following a Freedom of Information request.

These guys will have to be brought kicking and screaming from their lucrative expenses rip-off

They have shown yesterday their total contempt of the taxpayers of this country by showing their support for the disgraceful behaviour of the CEANN Comhairle John O’Donoghue

It comes as no surprise to me that Mr.O Donoghue walks away with a  (see Link) lavish payoff

Again curtsey of his pals on the same scam!

“The twilight zone”

From the Irish Indo

Tuesday October 06 2009

WHAT filthy, grotesque, unprecedented and bizarre revelations about John O’Donoghue must Irish citizens be subjected to before some appropriate action is taken?

The obscenity of this ongoing news story (and others regarding golden handshakes at FAS) is only surpassed by the total absence of leadership from the Government. Labour are suggesting the Ceann Comhairle may consider paying back some of his expenses, while Fine Gael ”think that the Ceann Comhairle might like to consider his position”. The Greens think there should be a total review of Government expenses but this again ignores the current elephant in Leinster House.

Meanwhile, our leader Brian Cowen appears cloaked in a deafening silence of indifference. He dare not speak of the office of Ceann Comhairle for fear of the skies opening above him and a lightning bolt from the heavens removing him from his tower of babble. It’s beginning to look like the Ceann Comhairle is not really from the Kingdom of Kerry but from the Kingdom of Narnia: a magical and special place where all is not what it seems. Leadership is what leaders do. Leaders lead by example. Leaders continually challenge the status quo. Leaders seek not just to fix what is broken but to envision a better future where the same source of the problem cannot re-emerge. Leaders go beyond fire-fighting. Leaders firstly put the fire out.

Then, they investigate its source and then, they creatively consider and implement actions to prevent a similar fire from starting. It’s all common sense but common sense does not appear to be very common in Dail Eireann. We have all the usual Government suggestions rolling in: let’s have a meeting about it or let’s have a review of procedures or let’s ask the Ceann Comhairle to maybe think about considering his position?

We need leadership and we need it bad.

John O’Donoghue should not only be immediately removed from public office, he should be forbidden from ever holding public office again. Then, and only then, can the Government start fixing what’s clearly broken.


Glasnevin, Dublin

Irish Independent



This is appalling stuff why are we even allowing this kind of crap even to go on, John O’Donoghue is dictating to the Dail what is to be done about lavish expenses and will come up with proposals for change! He’s having a laugh!

This demonstrated just how out of touch the entire body of politic in Ireland is out of touch with the reality of ordinary people trying to make it through every day in this depression

The likes of O Donoghue and the rest of the leaches in the Dail, Top civil service & Top Bank oficcials, Doctors, Union Bosses all are living in “The twilight zone”

Where there is no rescission or depression and somebody else pays your bills for you all the time

These entitlements or perks, that have being self awarded, have built up un checked over 70 years, to these select few individuals in the public pay.

This culture is in every facet of oficcialdom in this country

I remember in the 1980 when a change of government came about I was working in a well known Dublin Hotel we were getting some building work done and it so happened that the developer we were using was the same builder a particular government new Minster was using to spouse up there government office the builder told me that they had just finished renovating the same office for the previous Minster a few weeks before and the new Minster wanted to completely change the entire office all over again because XXX did not like the colors ,this was a cost of 85 thousand pounds at that time

So you see it’s nothing new, what we need is for the Finance Minster to come out and cancel all perks and marks every item of expenditure, including all payments above normal wages must now be canceled period!

The wages for the job is the wage for the job and if anybody has a problem with that I will gladly take any one of their jobs for half of their normal standard wage with no extra perks


How to win a referendum:

Scaremongering but who’s doing it?

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan also warned yesterday that if Irish voters snubbed the treaty the result would “shatter international confidence” and lead to continued scarcity of funding and increased borrowing costs.(Looking for a yes vote)

A ‘No’ vote in next month’s lisbon Treaty  referendum could result in the interest bill on Ireland’s national debt jumping by up to €900m a year according to Indecon
Looking for a Yes vote )

A NO vote in the upcoming Lisbon Treaty referendum would represent a “spiritual withdrawal”, from Europe, Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has warned. (Looking for a Yes vote)

A Yes vote in the referendum would earn Ireland the continued goodwill and support of the EU in tackling the banking crisis, he added.

Mr Gormley “It would be entirely counterproductive to vote “The whole emphasis in terms of the European recovery is a green recovery [which can provide] jobs, jobs, jobs.” Echoing the sentiments of other pro-Lisbon political leaders, “It would be a huge mistake to focus on national issues when this is a campaign to get us out of recession,” he said. (Looking for a yes vote)

How to win a referendum:

1. On top of high VRT, introduce a Green (Party) carbon tax, and just to be on the safe side, impose a €200 a year work parking tax, just for daring to have a job!

2. Make the citizens vote a second time, even though they said No – but make sure you don’t change the wording.

3. Have on the Yes side a millionaire car salesman, like Bill Cullen, who opposed changes to the infamous VRT, and is the biggest over priced merchant for  the Renault spear parts in the country(Nice one Bill!)


4 . Have Ryanair on the Government side, who are best known for their F-Service , saying there are a millions reasons to vote Yes (excluding taxes and charges), and (Baggage charges Now approaching 100 euro per bag) then have the same Government introduce a €10 travel tax, contrary to EU law of freedom of movement between member-states.

5 . In case the European Central Bank doesn’t hype up mortgage rates any time soon, re-introduce water rates and a property tax on every family home in Ireland, while at the same time making taxpayers bail out the bankers and the builders.

6 . Make sure Brian Cowen leads the Yes campaign.

7 . Have crooks running FAS

8 . Have people like John O’Donoghue become Ceann Comhairle in the Dail

9 . Create Toxic Banks to help your buddies in the Banks and the Building


10 . Keep corrupt Politicians in places of power

11 .TAX the Sh*** out of the ordinary people

12 Tell them you are going to crucify them in the coming December Budget

13. Make a complete mess of the Economy, and blame it on the ordinary people

For having paid extortion prices for their own homes

14. Put a Tax on those homes, let say 1000 Euro on average for every home in

The land

15 .when you hold a referendum keep going back to the people until you get the right result (the one you want)

16 .
Keep corrupt Bankers in their High paying Jobs at Bankrupt Banks

17. Allow these same Banks (Now with Government appointed Directors) to

Overcharge their own customers, and then, clam that it was a computer error when found out.

18. Allow dodgy Building Developers stroll into the courts of the land and present fantasy valuations as a means to dance around The Supreme Court rulings

When 80 families are turned out, and lose their overpriced homes every week, sold to them by these developers in the first place

19 . Make it blatantly obvious, that there is one law for the rich, and another law for the poor in this country

20. Tell everyone that NAMA is the only game in town and we the people must pay the gambling debts of the super rich of the country.

That should do it!




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