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Cancer is Not a Cell It’s a Fungus

34 Medical Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer

Sent into us to-day

There’s still a lot of confusion across the nation about whether or not marijuana is effective for cancer patients. Odds are you’ve heard something about it but weren’t sure whether the information was reliable or definitive. So, in order to help clear things up, here is a list of 34 studies showing that marijuana cures cancer, categorized by the type of cancers being cured in each study. As you sort through the articles, note that the consistent theme between them is that cannabis shrinks tumors and selectively targets cancer cells. As bills and voter initiatives to legalize medical marijuana spread from state to state, remember that we’re not just talking about mitigating the side effects of chemo (though this is another viable use), we’re talking about curing the cancer itself as well as preventing its spread. I’ve taken the liberty of only including articles from credible scientific journals, removing any biased or otherwise improperly cited studies. Enjoy!

Cures Brain Cancer






Good news from the world of medical research.

Main sites of metastases for some common cance...

Main sites of metastases for some common cancer types. Primary cancers are denoted by “…cancer” and their main metastasis sites are denoted by “…metastases”. List of included entries and references is found on main image page in Commons: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A ”universal” vaccine, which is part of a new generation of drugs that use the body’s own

defenses to fight the disease, stopping tumours in their tracks, could be available in just two years.

The TeloVac jab could revolutionise the treatment of cancer.

But it is hoped it will be effective against many other tumours, including those of the skin, lung and liver. Breast and prostate cancers may also be within its grasp.

Rather than attacking the cancer cells, like many existing drugs, it harnesses the power of the immune system to fight the tumours.

If you are travelling abroad make sure you have medical insurance over 80 to ensure you have no expensive bills.

It works by encouraging the immune system to seek out and destroy an enzyme called telomerase. Found at high levels in many cancer cells, telomerase effectively makes them immortal, allowing them to live on when healthy cells would die – easing the growth and spread of the tumour…………………..

full article at source: http://goodnewsstories.org/cancer-tumour-vaccine/

Dr. Burzynski Updates

Dear Burzynski Movie subscribers,

Hello from England!

My last newsletter was in late July, sharing with you the good news about a London, England area patient named Hannah Bradley, who was diagnosed last year with a deadly brain tumor—known as an Anaplastic Astrocytoma Grade III.

Hannah is one of many patients and families from around the world I have been following for the last 2 years—for the new “Part 2” of the Burzynski story, a documentary to be released in early 2013.

Hannah Bradley, and her partner Pete Cohen, have been making video blogs of their entire journey from the start. In addition, Pete decided to document her entire journey from England, all the way to Houston, Texas, and back—up until she has been deemed in “complete response”, where the “enhancing portion” aka “cancerous portion” of her brain tumor is now totally gone after being treated with Antineoplastons. If her next MRI scan shows that the tumor is still gone in a few weeks, it will mean she only has to have another 6 months of Antineoplaston therapy, and then should be off the therapy for good.

After interviewing Hannah and Pete for one of my follow-ups in this journey—while making my second documentary of this film series—I accompanied them in their latest video blog.

8 minute video blog from Hannah’s September 9, 2012 entry:

Watch the 8 minute video blog entry here:

This is an unprecedented documentary, because it shows the journey of a single Antineoplaston patient in a way that has never been done before. You will see the good, and the ugly—you will both laugh and cry (at least I did).

Watch their free 40 minute documentary “Hannah’s Anecdote” here:


(If the above link doesn’t work when you click it, please copy and paste it into your browser).

In solidarity,

Eric Merola

Director, “Burzynski, the Movie” film series

Burzynski Movie Subscribers

July 21, 2011

Dear Burzynski Movie Subscribers,

We have some exciting news—as well as some rather disturbing news to announce.

First, the exciting news:


. USA Television Premiere of Burzynski, the Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business on The Documentary Channel!
Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 8:00 PM Eastern:

2. Canada & USA TV pay-per-view available August 1, 2011 through October 31, 2011 only, via multiple TV platforms:
(a). Pay-per-view within the USA on the following TV subscription services:

Verizon FiOs, Charter, AT&T U-Verse, Dish, Mediacom, Eastlink Communications, Wave, Blue Ridge, Burlington Telecom, Morristown, KPU, Tullahoma Utilities, Valley Communications.

(b). Pay-per-view within Canada via the following TV subscription services:

Rogers, Cogeco, Access Communication, Source Cable, NorthwsTel Cable, Bluewater, Seaside, Cable Cable.
3. More online rental and purchase starting August 1st:

iTunes, Vudu.com, CinemaNow.com  (Netflix coming this fall).

If you have already seen this film, we hope that you encourage a friend to see it—seeing it has become easier and easier for everyone! As Dr. Burzynski, Antineoplastons, and this film project continues to gain more momentum within the worldwide public eye, more and more distribution outlets have opened up.

This is a good thing, not just because it exposes more people to this story, but because we are going to need you and everyone else that cares about medical freedom and the preservation of Dr. Burzynski, his clinic, and Antineoplastons to soon step up to the plate to help, because…

4. We have some disturbing news:

The Texas Medical Board is trying once again to shut Burzynski’s clinic down. In January 2012 they will take him to trial—again. We will be launching a new call-to-action to bombard Governor Rick Perry’s office, with letters, emails, faxes, phone calls and DVDs to keep this trial from going forward. Please sit tight, we will have a fully targeted package to utilize to try to help fight this absurdity.

As a part of this call-to-action, we will also be asking people to bug all of our Congressman and Senators to open up a new hearing to force the FDA to allow the approval of Antineoplastons based on their completed Phase 2 FDA clinical trials. Almost all cancer drugs approved in the last decade were approved after only completing Phase 2 FDA trials, especially for brain cancer. To make matters worse, nearly all of these drugs were approved after completing Phase 2 without having saved a single life. Yet, Burzynski & Antineoplastons are credited with saving hundreds of lives in Phase 2 FDA clinical trials, including the lives of pediatric brain cancer patients—who have not only been alive for over 10 years—but are the first patients in the history of medicine to ever have been cured of their type of tumor.

There is no logical reason other than outright bureaucratic suppression to force Antineoplastons to enter Phase 3 trials without hitting the market first after completing Phase 2. Not to mention the $300 million dollar price tag that Phase 3 trials cost, which can be more easily paid for if the FDA would allow them on the market—allowing The Burzynski Research Institute, Inc. and other third-party distributors to profit from it, then turning that money into funding for Phase 3.

Allowing drugs to be FDA approved after completing only Phase 2 is not remotely unusual. What the FDA does is approve these drugs after Phase 2, then while they are on the market they simultaneously conduct Phase 3. But, not for Burzynski, Antineoplastons, or cancer patients that need this treatment now.

We will have a well-buttoned up fact sheet and form letters to write your local Congressmen and Senators to push this forward. The truth is on our side, and all we are asking is to make the FDA consider Antineoplastons no differently than they have considered any other drug on the market.

If we put the FDA on the stand today, we can not only expose this abuse of power—but participate in the first time in history the general public will be responsible for forcing a medicine into FDA-approval and into the public’s hands. (That’s almost as exciting as discovering a cure for cancer).

Please stay tuned and look out for our future email newsletter that will include this new call-to-action. We hope to have it up and out to you by late August. Encourage others to sign up so they too can take part in this historical event.

In solidarity,

Eric Merola
Director, Burzynski the Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business

“Cancer Is Serious Business” Dr.Burzynski (2)

If you have been affected by Cancer or know of somebody who has, this video should
be brought to their attention please spread this around your contacts. This
treatment can save lives and you can help at no cost to you .I have purchased this
full video and will be showing the full version soon at a local venue in Wicklow Town, or I can deliver it on loan , for you to view anytime at your convenience. In the meantime you can contact me at 1machholz@gmail.com for more information.

What did they expect ? Just another election promise broken!

By Paddy Clancy


FURIOUS cancer campaigners are demanding the resignation of Junior Minister John Perry over his failure to keep a promise to return breast-cancer services to Sligo General Hospital.

Dozens of activists turned on the small business minister at a press conference in Sligo yesterday, when he claimed to have made progress on the issue.

Several women shouted at the minister: “We want our votes back.”

Mr Perry said he had ensured the return of mammography services to the hospital by the final quarter of this year and that recruitment of a second permanent medical oncologist would now go ahead.

However, campaigners claimed that Mr Perry had promised the full reinstatement of breast-cancer services that were moved to a centre of excellence in Galway two years ago.

Campaigners also claimed that the mammography services to be made available later this year would be carried out on a machine that is already paid for and currently lying idle in the hospital.

They also said the appointment of a second oncologist was not a new development, as the HSE had announced in April that it was going to advertise this position.


Mr Perry presented an HSE discussion document outlining consideration for breast cancer patients within Sligo General Hospital catchment area but campaigners demanded a direct meeting with Health Minister Dr James Reilly.

He said he regretted that he had not got the full return of cancer services to Sligo within 100 days of the new Government. However, Mr Perry added: “This is a start.”

He also denied that he had pledged to resign as a minister if he failed to deliver on the issue within 100 days.

The Save Our Cancer Services (North West) steering group said in a statement that Fine Gael and Labour had given unambiguous commitments that they would restore cancer services to Sligo once they were in power.

– Paddy Clancy


Irish Independent



What did they expect ? Just another election promise broken!

John Perry is just another career politician making promises he has no intention is keeping ,he got what he wanted a secure job for the next 5 years and a lottery pension .What surprises me is the fact so many people fell for the same old crap and promises made by the local gombeen politicians from the established political parties. I was hoping that the people would see through the same old game of political musical chairs, one lot gets kicked out and the next lot comes in with promises of change and once they have their feet under the table they drop them all .Soon you will have the lot that got kicked out come back on the airwaves with new promises and calling for change and the people will again make that change by putting back that lot again .What a rotten system and we the public deserve no better because we are stupid enough to fall for it every time.

Dr. Burzynski :Cancer Is Serious Business


Image via Wikipedia

This shocking information was sent into us this morning by Chris

Whilst shocking it is also an example of the truth coming out despite the best efforts of vested interests.

Hi Chris,

I have highlighted this before about 2years ago and I am delighted you sent this to me I have purchased a copy of the video and I will of course post this information to-day

I am overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the cover-up by the big pharmacy companies  whose vested interested is to subdue this information .I am also aware that these companies are guilty of mass murder as they are preventing this cure for cancer from coming on to the world market and thus save the lived of countless millions of people. How do these people sleep at night? Whether it’s going to save one life or countless millions this treatment should be available to all the people who have been stricken with this tragic disease. I feel so sad at the unnecessary loss of life and all because of greed and profit.Somebody is guilty of mass murder !

Thank you

In the 1970’s, Dr. Burzynski made a remarkable discovery that threatened to change the face of cancer treatment forever. His non-toxic gene-targeted cancer medicine could have helped save millions of lives over the last two decades had his discovery not been criminally suppressed by the US government, as his therapy, called “antineoplastons,” have been shown to effectively help cure some of the most “incurable” forms of terminal cancer.

This documentary takes you through the treacherous 14-year journey Dr. Burzynski and his patients have had to endure in order to finally obtain FDA-approved clinical trials of antineoplastons.

His story is yet another testament that fact can be far stranger than fiction, as the film exposes the powerful, unscrupulous forces that work to maintain the status quo of the medical- and pharmaceutical industry at any cost—including the lives of millions of people.

Please visit source at: http://www.burzynskimovie.com/

contempt for the listeners as minister hangs up on live radio.

More promises put into the scrap bin by Minister for Small Business, John Perry today.

Live on radio this poppas Minister decided to show his rudeness and his contempt for the listeners of this radio program by hanging up when pressed about the restoration of breast cancer service he promised to restore, within the first 100 days of the new government. This is but the latest example of broken promises the new government has done .This shower is turning out to be just as bad as the last crowd!Unbeliviabel

See full article and listen to the interview here : http://www.joe.ie/news-politics/current-affairs/audio-flummoxed-minister-hangs-up-on-live-radio-0012776-1

Japan raises nuclear alert


Each year there are over 19000 new cancer cases and 11000 cancer deaths in Ireland. This excludes 5800 cases of non-melanoma skin cancer, which are rarely life-threatening.The four commonest cancers— breast, colorectal, lung and prostate .


In Light of these stats I though later on this year I would start to monitor the radiation levels along my part of the east coast because if you can’t trust the authorities to tell you what’s going on maybe it’s time to have an independent source of radiation readings for the east coast of Ireland Seallafield been just across the water and I certainly wouldn’t rely on then them to inform us the Irish about any leaks!

I will post readings when I get going it will take a few months as the unit required is in such demand that there is a 3 months backlog on orders  before the company will even take on any new  order.


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