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New secondary school for Wicklow Town

Below the works on the new secondary school for Wicklow Town goes on according to plan and I am informed that the building will be completed on time
With over 75 people working there, it is a very welcome addition to the local economy
Full steam ahead !

Wicklow Town,s road works

Road works have started on Abbey road Marlton road junction and I am informed that pipe laying is in progress and eventually a set of traffic lights will be installed at the Marlton road and Abbey road junction and then the works will be finished off with a new road surface.

The work is supposed to last 3 months according the workmen I talked too.

The new by-pass duel carriageway for Wicklow town and the harbour by-pass road


The new by-pass duel carriageway for Wicklow town in now opened along with the by-pass road for the Harbour

A sturdy congrats to all involved with the project a job well done

Wicklow can do it

Take a look at the video below

Wicklow towns roads

Andrew Doyle
(Wicklow, Fine Gael)


Wicklow County Council has been given €850,000 to maintain its roads in 2010. With three weeks gone in the year and 49 weeks to go, I estimate that between €500,000 and €600,000 of that annual fund has been spent already. One of today’s newspapers reported that approximately €150 million – I imagine that was an educated guess – is needed to repair the damage done to this country’s roads in recent times. That equates to an average of approximately €4 million for each affected local authority. It is encouraging that the Minister of State from the capital city is present in the Chamber. It seems that his senior colleague, the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, who represents a neighbouring constituency, did not take this crisis seriously until it started to affect the city. As my colleagues have said, road infrastructure is the key to road safety. It is also the key to attracting investment, business and tourism. It is right that the road from the hotel in Glendalough to the upper lake car park was repaired last Sunday to make the road passable. However, another section of road not too far away, which is used for access by a milk lorry, was not repaired. If something positive is to come out of all of this, it is that local employment will have to be created as money is spent locally to repair our roads. If this is not addressed, we will have no road infrastructure in 12 months’ time.


Nice one Andrew, However I would argue that the roads in the town’s would need to be given priority as the car repair business is booming and workers cannot afford the constant repairs .This week alone I had to fork out 550 Euros for wheel Barings and the garage man tells me it was because of the various pot holes in and around the Abby street and Marlton road junction in Wicklow Town

Collecting my children from school is lethal as the potholes are getting bigger and bigger (near the Wicklow Montessori school) also outside the Abby National school

The whole road needs to be urgently resurfaced (Dublin Road & Abby Road ,Wicklow Town)

Financial Independence Dead for Ireland!

Taoiseach Brian Cowen, described the Nama bill as a “strategic priority to get the economy moving”, (Bull****) adding that ministers are “continuing to consider expenditure issues in light of the McCarthy report and other considerations”, the latter a reference to the impending report on the commission on Taxation

Well Mr. Cowen I have a question for you why are we paying up to 90 billion for these worthless assets

What is it going to cost to the service this new debt?

I believe it will cost at least 5% or all in 5,000.000.000 per year

So this means all the savings that board snip wants to save is now going to pay for the bail out of your friends the Banks and Developers is that right??

All the cuts and levies are in fact going to bailout International bond investors?

“The Government is united and determined to do what is required and expected. Over the last number of months the Government has taken and implemented decisions in the national interest.

No Mr. Cowne, It has not being in the Irish people’s interest to bail out international gamblers, the Americans did not do it and we should not do it either!

You are not elected by the people to do enslave us in to generations of financial dependency to foreign bond holders

Call a general election to get the peoples verdict now!


The Sting

The biggest rip off in the history of the Irish State coming soon!

Time to get real!


Looking at the ESRI Quarterly Economic Commentary, summer 2009

I notice that they are predicting unemployment to top 12.6% and then next year they are predicting a top of 16%

Given that this body has never got its figures right I suspect that they are just guessing!

Example from March when the unemployment total was only 300K at the beginning of July we have according to government figures 411K

So an average of 30K added every month!

They are calming that this acceleration is slowing down, and this is where they believe

We will see a top of 11.6% at the end of this year!

BUT wait a minute!

Since most of our economy is based on consumer spending we have a lot more pain ahead of us along with all the new taxes on the way 

these figures cannot be believed.

We in my own family have cut down on the VHI ,the phone the use of the car the take- a -ways even the Sunday news papers .

I am painting the house by and by myself I would say we are cutting about 50% out of discretionary spending.
Now extrapolate that to every family in the country and you start to get the picture!

We will see a rise of the unemployment figure at the end of the year to 550-590K

By the end of 2010 we will see at least 768.000 unemployed in this country and that is not counting the ca.50, 000. New young students and graduates that emerge from the third level collages every year

The government are also doing what most other governments are doing with the real figures and that is messaging them.

For example if you are or have being a self employed person and then register to go on to the dole, you do not show up on the live register, not for a year, then there are the people who are on the various trade courses and then there are the thousands in the community work programs that take anywhere from 2 weeks to 37 weeks

With the building industry destroyed, and nursing a disastrous oversupply in the housing stock

The same in the commercial building sector

The collapse of the financial services industry

Some Banks will have to go under (More on that topic soon) more job losses!

The disastrous tourist year to-date -30% and an oversupply of hotels all over the country (More Job Losses)

The need to slash jobs in the civil services

(We can’t afford to keep paying the overinflated numbers for such a small country)

Approximately 35 % of total civil services numbers will have to go I suspect (100.00 Jobs)

And the rest that are lucky to retain their jobs will have to nurse a 30 % shave off their salaries

And perks and come back down to earth and live amongst us humble citizens again!

The hint of big cuts on the way in the Health services

The already announced cuts in Education and more on the way

This is what to expect if the IMF are called in

Now for the big question

Where are 760.000 new jobs going to come from in the next 5 years???

Plus where are all the newly qualified students going to find work

Ask all the politicians that will be coming to your door soon

Do you believe that the ruling elite that got us into this mess should be forgiven and lead us as a country into the next 5 years

If so what message does that send out to all future political chasers?

Earlier in the year some minsters were saying that most of the immigrant workers were expected to go back to their countries, this was the spin around Christmas last

Well look at this graph from the ESRI and you will see that it tells a different story!

The most of them are clearly staying here!

So we might see even bigger numbers on the dole queues

The Government needs to be saving something in the order of 20 Billion and not pussy footing around with 3-5 billion. The longer they do this the more pain we will have to endure as a nation and the closer we might be coming to open revolt!

It’s time to take on the elephants’

Let Anglo Irish Bank Sink

Let Bank of Ireland Sink

Let Allied Irish bank Sink

Open a new Post Bank a credit union Bank

Stop bailing out international investors to the tune of Billions they took risks and they were paid handsomely for their risk .The Americans did not bail out the international investors of Laymen Brothers nether should we bail out the 10 golden circle investors of Anglo Irish Bank and the other high risk takers who played poker with our national wealth!

We must cut the civil service numbers by 30 %b at least and give the rest a minimum of 30 % hair cut!

We must immediately inject 4 billions into a stimulus for retraining re-education our work force population

Cut the Dail numbers to 50 slash pensions of former TD’s Minsters, Judges Teachers and any other Civil Servant earning a pension over the national industrial wage

Working for the public should not in turn make you better off financially than the people who you are supposed to be working for!

Full Stop! It’s time to get real

Bring the culprits that have engaged in corruption to justice and this means CAB taking everything away from them starting with the criminals in the dail and in the civil service and in the financial institutions

Jail them

Liz McManus Dail comments .9.07.2009

Written Answers – Road Safety: Road Safety (9 Jul 2009)


Liz McManus
(Wicklow, Labour)

Question 42: To ask the Minister for Transport the amount of funding which has been allocated to the Medical Bureau of Road Safety specifically to target drug driving for these years; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Noel Dempsey
(Minister, Department of Transport; Meath West, Fianna Fail)

The number of specimens tested for the presence of a drug or drugs by the Medical Bureau of Road Safety for the years 2005 to 2008 is as follows:

2005 2006 2007 2008 (provisional figure
747 879 1555 1900

Figures for 2009 are not available at this time.

While my Department provides annual funding to the Medical Bureau of Road Safety, the

allocation of resources to the various programmes is a matter for the Bureau itself.


Written Answers – Driving Tests: Driving Tests (9 Jul 2009)


Liz McManus
(Wicklow, Labour)

Question 44: To ask the Minister for Transport if he will report on the new EU road safety regulations including the requirement for a driver certificate of professional competence which will come into force on 10 September 2009; if the Road Safety Authority will be charged with implementing these new regulations; if additional funding will be allocated for the implementation of the new regulation; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

 (Minister, Department of Transport; Meath West, Fianna Fail)

Under the Road Safety Authority Act 2006 (Conferral of Functions) Order 2006 (S.I. No. 477 of 2006) the Road Safety Authority (RSA) has responsibility for these matters.

In 2008 I introduced legislation entitled the European Communities (Vehicle Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence) Regulations, which gave effect to Directive 2003/59/EC. From 10th September 2009, all truck drivers who drive for a living will be required to have a driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC). Drivers of vehicles for non-commercial purposes are exempt from the CPC test. Any drivers holding a valid full license in the truck license category on or before 9th September 2009 are automatically entitled to the new driver CPC. A driver applying for a truck license on or after 10th September 2009 will now be required to pass a further theory and practical driving test in addition to the ordinary truck driving test if they wish to become a professional truck driver.

The resourcing by the RSA of the implementation of the new regulations was considered as part of the overall budget for the RSA for 2009.



Liz McManus
(Wicklow, Labour)

Question 94: To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment the position regarding the implementation of the recommendations from the report on media mergers; and if she will make a statement on the matter.

Mary Coughlan
(Tánaiste; Donegal South West, Fianna Fail)

In 2008, my predecessor, Deputy Micheál Martin, initiated a review of the legislative provisions applying to media mergers. This was aimed at examining the criteria and arrangements for considering and assessing how a proposed merger might affect the diversity of views and the concentration of ownership within and across media businesses.

The Media Merger Advisory Group was established to assist in this review, which was undertaken as part of my Department’s wider review of the operation and implementation of the Competition Act 2002. It is my intention to bring forward legislation during the course of 2009, which will reform aspects of competition law, including in relation to media mergers, and which will also implement the merger of the National Consumer Agency and the Competition Authority as announced last October.

Wicklow Town harbour by-pass 2

This video doesn’t exist

Wicklow Town harbour by-pass

Here is the new massive rail bridge that is being built down near the mourragh side of the road development

It looks like it will be another 6 months before we can see it in all its glory but it sure looks like a wonderful  piece of engineering  and goes to show where we put our minds to it we do get great results

The cycle lanes along the new road are a very welcome addition and will get great use from the town’s health conscious public, even now I can say well done (so far) to the developers!

How about a double cycle lane to Graystones along the mourragh sea front??

With tea houses every 10 KLM’s and some seating along the way??

it would be a great tourist attraction  .

Ps DSC03502

Video camera was mounted on the bicycle I was on!

The New Marlton road Roundabout

This video doesn’t exist

The Wicklow town by-pass road is coming along slowly;

Here we have a clip on the progress on the Marlton road Roundabout

It looks like we will have a fairly good cycle lane as well!

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