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Time to build a guillotine?

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Ireland entered the Twilight Zone yesterday – tipped into another dimension by a gaffe-prone Government’s cheesy attempt to butter up the electorate.

Do not be alarmed, for there is Philadelphia light at the end of the tunnel. Jaws hit the floor at breakfast time when the Minister for Agriculture proudly informed Morning Ireland listeners of the great news.

“Free cheese for the needy,” trumpeted Grand Fromage Brendan Smith, having spent the previous few minutes side-stepping questions about the publication of the dreaded austerity plan.

A budget from hell may be on the way, with €6 billion in cuts and tax rises planned for next month. We are living beyond our means, cautions the Minister for Finance, reprising Charlie Haughey. The future looks grim. But at least we have cheese. Cavan’s answer to Marie Antoinette sounded very pleased with himself.

Have they no sense? Did nobody think that boasting about handing out a bit of free cheese – laudable as the scheme is – might seem a little crass when set against the financial tsunami on the way? Did the Cabinet sit in silence, bereft of ideas, at their meeting in Farmleigh and wonder what they might possibly come up with to comfort a worried nation?

Then somebody shouts: “Jesus . . . cheesus . . . cheeses . . . cheese . . . that’s it. Cheese! Let them eat cheese!” And so the low-profile Brendan Smith gets his big moment on Morning Ireland and launches into one of the most absurd radio performances since Joe Jacob’s memorable interview on what to do in the event of a nuclear accident.

photo  Machholz

The free cheese scheme has been running for well over a decade, but no minister ever felt the need to make a big deal about it until yesterday.

By mid-morning, Brendan’s announcement had made it to the international cheesewires.

The Opposition rushed to condemn what they saw as the Minister’s insensitivity. Stung by the avalanche of derision, Mr Smith fought back, saying Fine Gael’s reaction to his free cheese announcement was “deeply offensive, especially to the many charity organisations which rely on it each year”.

If there were free wine on offer, which there isn’t, John Wilson, Irish Times wine expert, recommends “a nice Chateauneuf du Pape to go with your Coalition cheddar.

It would be funny, if things weren’t so damn serious.

source http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2010/1106/breaking1.html


we all know what happened to Marie Antoinette and things are now getting to a state I might just start to build my own guillotine and I know who will be first in line to get the chop! 

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Cabinet prepared for tough economic decisions

according to the RTE News

Government ministers are admitting tough decisions must be taken in order to deal with economic realities.

Their comments came ahead of a Cabinet meeting at Farmleigh to discuss preparations for December’s Budget.

Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern said today’s meeting was the start of a long process.

He said that the difference between income and expenditure could not continue.

He said that the long budgetary process started with decisions being made early, but he added that as time goes on the cuts would come ‘closer to the bone’.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin said a range of options would be put before Cabinet today.

He said every year the Cabinet works hard on the Budget and that would continue. Mr Martin added that every Department must identify areas in which it can save money.

Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism Mary Hanafin said today’s meeting was an important part of the budgetary process. She said it is, as yet, too early to make decisions, but that tough decisions need to be made.

Ms Hanafin insisted the decisions must happen in the context of creating employment.

Minister for Agriculture Brendan Smith said a lot of decisions need to be made and detailed discussions will take place between now and Budget day.

Asked if the outcome of today’s meeting and the next Budget would mean pain for the public and Government departments, Green Party minister Eamon Ryan said ‘let’s see, we will get there’.

Today’s meeting was due to begin with an overview from Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan.

The Government needs to axe €3bn from spending, €1bn from the capital programme with the lion’s share of the balance coming from cuts rather than tax hikes.

December will not see a property tax but what sources were calling ‘novel approaches’ in the capital tax area were not being ruled out even though all concerned realise the scope for significant revenue there is limited.

There will be no announcements at Farmleigh today. The meeting is expected to continue until after 5pm.


How long more are we the Irish public going to tolerate these incompetent baboons at best running our country?

Not one of the departments’s projections has been right. (Department of Finance)

All we can expect is more taxes and lies!

How do the politicians and bureaucrats, perceive the citizenry? Paying lip service to their role as “public servants,” especially at election time, public officials, in reality, scoff at any such notion. In their eyes, the citizens are means, not ends, which exist solely to ensure the preservation of the bureaucracy.

This philosophical perspective — that the citizen is merely a “cog in the wheel” which can, and will, be sacrificed for the greater good of the bureaucracy

The civil bureaucracy exercises ever-increasing control over the lives and wealth of the citizenry.


 Are we are now going to continue to allow these economic terrorists destroy the rest of our country’s wealth for the sake of Toxic banks and dodgy developers ,whom by the way Fine Gael is just as cosy with it would appear ?

We the people are soverne and not the over bloated individuals that clam to be servants of the people

We need to rid ourselves of these leaches and incompetent bureaucrats once and for all

Still the same incompetence!

Cowen’s cabinet line-up


Brian Cowen

Tánaiste and Minister for Education and Skills 

Mary Coughlan

Minister for Finance 

Brian Lenihan

Minister for Health and Children 

Mary Harney

Minister for Transport 

Noel Dempsey

Minister for Justice and Law Reform 

Dermot Ahern

Minister for Foreign Affairs 

Micheál Martin

Minister for Social Protection 

Éamon Ó Cuív

Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport 

Mary Hanafin

Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government 

John Gormley

Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources 

Eamon Ryan

Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation 

Batt O’Keeffe

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 

Brendan Smith

Minister for Defence 

Tony Killeen

Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs 

Pat Carey

Attorney General 

Paul Gallagher

We see again that incompetence is ignored at the very top of Irish Politics

Cowen is rewarding his buddies and to hell with the rest of the people!

By surrounding himself with this clapped out and worn out bunch

We the people are going to be at the receiving end of yet more pain.

The Greens have now all but thrown in the towel and have being totally consumed in their self interest in big jobs and pensions for themselves

It is so sickening to see their blatant scramble over the crumbs from the Fiannia Fail Table

Talk about a bunch of wasters and sell outs

It’s just sickening!

When will the people rise up and get these leaches off our backs?

Betrayal of the People

The NAMA disaster is on its way!

To-day we the people of Ireland were forced to take the first steps to financial enslavement to international Bond holders

On this day I wanted to show you the citizens of Ireland the chief political culprits

There are many more people responsible for this fiasco these people will also be put up here in the next few days

These people must be brought to justice!








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