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Ireland: Corruption within senior Gardaí and the DPP s office!


BY Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


We received this e-mail today and are still shocked and dismayed at the contents there are some videos to be posted as well! This appears to be a snapshot of the corruption within the Legal  System in this rotten state of ours and I am not surprised if the political system is rotten then it comes as no surprise to me and a lot of other independent citizen journalists through Europe ! Ireland is not alone in this regard,but here in Germany there are institutions  one can access to get complaints of this nature to be fully investigated ! The  corruption and boys club exposed here must be dismantled and the culprits must be brought to justice! I am, calling on Minister Brendan Howlin to investigate  now!

Letter sent to the Minister

Dear Minister Brendan Howlin.
It is with regret I present this posting to you and request you set about investigating this as a matter of urgency! We received this e-mail today and are still shocked and dismayed at the contents! This appears to be a snapshot of the corruption within the Legal System in this rotten state of ours and I am not surprised, if the political system is rotten then it comes as no surprise to me and a lot of other independent journalists throughout Europe! Ireland is not alone in this regard, but here in Germany there are institutions one can access to get complaints of this nature to be fully investigated! Justice must be see to work for the ordinary man in the street! The corruption and boys club exposed here must be dismantled and the culprits must be brought to justice! I am, calling on you the Minister, to make a statement on the allegations presented in this post! I’m sure the Irish public will want a clear statement from the minister that this sort of conduct by serving members of the Gardaí will not be tolerated and all such infringements of citizen’s rights will be fully investigated
Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh



Dear Machholz,

Witness beaten up by corrupt senior Gardai and the DPP s office was told all about this


DPP s office covering up all the corruption and beatings and stitch ups by senior gardai
DPP s office are in contempt for failing to disclose information
every day , please expose this corruption

Senior Garda corruption at the very highest again and this corrupt government is
doing nothing about it? Where is Brendan Howlin who brought in the legislation on whistleblowers
hiding behind his relative Liz Howlin in the DPP s office , who he got
this top position for.


Senior corrupt Gardai and DPP s Barrister collude in corruption
and stitch up again, costing the tax payer millions in legal fees.
Liz Howlin again the DPP officer in charge of this, with open cash book
for Liz Howlin again for corruption to take place by senior gardai and crony barristers.

http://www.newstalk.com/Judge-rules-gardai-used-threat-to-induce-man-to-confessBoth the DPP s office and senior gardai hiding evidence , refusing to
disclose information again. Both OCU/NBCI and DPP s office should be investigated.

http://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/mick-wallace-asserts-little-has-changed-in-garda-s%C3%ADoch%C3%A1na-1.2077874Corruption, fraud and perverting the course continues by senior gardai
and the DPP s office covering it all up. Corrupt government cover up also.

http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/special-criminal-court-asked-to-direct-finding-of-not-guilty-659233.htmlBoth the DPP s office and senior gardai hiding evidence , refusing to
disclose information again. Both OCU/NBCI and DPP s office should be investigated.

http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/courts/convicted-murderer-brings-appeal-against-conviction-on-grounds-that-garda-harvested-evidence-from-him-court-told-30932309.htmlMore senior garda and DPP corruption and stitch ups by the same garda
section OCU and NBCI.Section is headed by Comm. Derek and John O Mahony.
Both DPP s office and senior gardai should be sacked for all these criminal offense.

More corruption , fraud, cronyism and perverting the course of justice by TOP SENIOR GARDAI. Will the corrupt crony DPP prosecute anyone over it? NO more of the corruption in justice

On the 22/1/15 we have three cases before the courts of where the corrupt DPP s office and senior gardai
again hid documents , failed to disclose evidence in cases

1. http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/murder-trial-told-of-dna-evidence-from-two-victims-659175.htmlthis case where again dpp and gardai stitched up Dean Lyons
for these murders and did not disclose all the evidence


“If it wasn’t for this fortuitous happenstance,” Mr Rahn said, nobody would be the wiser. Counsel for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alex Owens SC, said his side accepted responsibility for an “obvious mistake” and “of course, the document should have been disclosed”.

corrupt gardai and dpps office hiding evidence again.


In just one day in court corrupt dpp s office and senior gardai
are proven to be corrupt in hiding documents again.

We need a new prosecutions service not the political appointments
of relatives and cronies of TD s .
OCU/NBCI, the trace unit all of which are the same corrupt section run by the same political appointed person , corrupt Comm Derek Byrne and corrupt Comm John O mahony.

This Saturday OCU/NBCI arrested a Garda for drug offenses. This same section OCU/NBCI along with the DPP dropped a million pound drug charge against the biggest drug dealer in the country, kieran Boyle, costing the tax payer millions in a GSOC investigation and the dpp and this section got let off without a single sanction? pure corruption





OCU/NBCI are themselves involved in corruption, fraud, stitching people/gardai up/ perverting the course of justice, perjury, bribery and cover ups.
No garda section should be involved in the arrest of another garda this is corruption and OCU/NBCI are covering up for their own serious corrupt activities.

No person can be charged by gardai without the DPP says so.

These are the people responsible for a huge amount of miscarriages of justice in Ireland that is still
continuing thanks to cronyism and corruption by Labour and FG.

Liz Howlin , Brendan Howlins relative, head of PROSECUTIONS SECTION in the DPP s office,
now since he came in power, lives at 36 Carysfort Park, Blackrock, Co Dublin. DPP ,Clare Loftus ,
Alan Shatters crony and neighbour lives at 10 Delbrook manor, College Pk, Ballinteer.
Both are political appointments by Labour and FG on salaries of €200,000.
Francise fitzgerald lives at 116 Georgian Village, Castleknock.
Alan Shatters lives at 57 Delbrook Manor Ballinteer Dublin 16
These people are responsible for the suicides of numerous people as well as losing the tax payer MILLIONS of euro every year as a result of their unlawful/incompetent actions against people,huge miscarriages of justice, they have ruined millions of lives, they are never made accountable, corruption beyond believe. this has to change we need qualified criminal barristers in these position who know what cases to take and what cases not to proceed with and they need to be made accountable for their actions ! We need a public inquiry into the stitch up by this office of innocent people.

DPP s office needs to be investigated in particular Brendan Howlins relative, Divorced LIZ HOWLIN
who is head of the prosecutions sections, and is complicit in the crimes of corruption, stitch ups and
hiding the truth because she has a fancy/thing for the corrupt cops who tell her what to do.

Witness beaten up by corrupt senior gardai and the DPP s office was told all about this

DPP covering up all the corruption and beatings and stitch ups by senior gardai


The DPP s office, Labour and FG, senior gardai, private
solicitors and Barristers firms and judiciary are all in cahoots together. This is how with
this corrupt justice system, no one gets a fare hearing/trial in court. Its all
just a kangaroo court.Never will a labour or FG person or friend or family
member be charged while the corrupt their corrupt relatives are in power
are in power in the DPP s office.

They will charge innocent people who expose them for being corrupt or peaceful protestors or people who tweet
on twitter how corrupt they really are, but wont charge scum pedophile barrister , friends of the DPP s office who abused his children for years because he know so much about the corruption in the DPP s office and the big salary he was paid by
the DPP s office to represent the state.

We need to expose the corrupt political corruption in the DPP s office
between them all. DPP s , senior garda, judges and private law firms





No accountability in the DPP s office, just collusion and corruption and kangaroo court









“Corruption by Labour Brendan Howlin and FG. Of the 22 positions filled by Brendan Howlin, the public expenditure
and reform minister, none were advertised”


call on the Irish government to abolish FOI fees entirely.

Up- date on the FOI from our friends over at  www.thestory.ie

Access Info Europe and the Centre For Law and Democracy have called on the Irish government to abolish FOI fees entirely. In an open letter written to Public Expenditure and Reform Minister Brendan Howlin, Helen Darbishire from Access Info and Toby Mendel from the Centre for Law and Demcoracy wrote:

Various arguments have been put forward to justify charging up-front fees simply for making requests, none of which can be justified by reference to either international standards or comparative law and practice. Charging up-front fees for information requests violates international standards. It is clearly unacceptable to charge people to exercise a fundamental right. This is reflected in the Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents, which expressly prohibits up-front charges for requests (Article 7(1)). Indeed, the drafters of that Convention considered and specifically rejected a request from Ireland to allow for such charges.

full article at source: http://thestory.ie/2013/11/18/international-ngos-call-for-ireland-to-abolishfoifees/

The Arrogance displayed by this Minister is gualing!

By Thomás O Cléirigh

Howling display of arrogance is appalling. He is nothing but a thug just like Quinn and Gilmore they have sold out the working man of this country and their faces are blotted from the fine living as the rest of us struggle to pay the imposed troika taxes this Gombeen-Gobshite and the other labour sell-outs promised the people of Ireland protection from!

These questions must be answered and failure to do so will only push decent people to the margins and outright radicalism and on to open revolt!

We the people must have these questions answered or else we will be forced to take matters into our own hands! The stench of collusion, corruption and protection of the untouchables cannot be ignored any longer.

We want the crooks brought before the people’s justice!

We want answers now!

Savage Budget 2012 -13

By  Charlie Weston and Fionnan Sheahan

THE most savage Budget of the economic downturn has hit ordinary families for €1,000 a year.

Property tax, cuts to child benefit and changes to social insurance have put extraordinary new pressure on squeezed family incomes.

Pensioners will lose out with cuts to the household package that helps for electricity, gas and telephone bills.

And in a move that is set to prove highly controversial, mothers on maternity leave will now have to pay tax on State maternity payments – despite paying for this already through PRSI.

No section of society was left unscathed by the draconian Budget.

In the wake of the delivery of a package of cuts and taxes worth €3.5bn, there were scuffles between gardai and protesters outside Leinster House.

The Government was also under fire for announcing the closure of 100 garda stations, as part of the biggest overhaul in the history of the State, under cover of the Budget.

Families will be pounded by a string of new taxes and charges:

* Maternity benefit will be treated as taxable income — costing mothers an average of €800.

* A new property tax will cost €180 for every €100,000 the property is worth. This means a €200,000 house will generate a property tax of €360.

* Changes to pay related social insurance (PRSI) will mean that all those earning above the minimum wage will pay an extra €264 a year.

* Self-employed PRSI contributions were doubled, and will be applied to unearned income such as dividends, rents and deposit interest.

* A €10 cut to child benefit. A family with two children will be down €240 over a year.

* Another €250 on the student registration charge.

* Changes to the drugs payment scheme which will see families paying out €144 a month before the State will cover the cost.

* Changes to motor tax, with some pre-2008 cars to be levied an extra €126 a year.

* Savers are to be hit with a rise in DIRT of at least 33pc.

* The price of a pint rose by 10c last night, with duty on wine up by €1.

* Cigarettes went up by 10c.

There will also be rises in capital gains and capital acquisitions tax, according to the new measures.

New criteria will also be introduced for those aged over 70 in order to qualify for a medical card, with those on higher incomes eligible for a GP card only.

The duration of jobseeker’s benefit will also be reduced by three months.

The full details of the property tax were provided.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the decision to introduce a property tax was “progressive and fair”.

Last night, the Government began passing the Budget measures with votes on the hikes in alcohol and cigarettes.

No coalition TDs defected and the Government passed the vote 108 to 49.

But Labour Party chairman Colm Keaveney has still not committed to voting with the Government on social welfare cuts next week. Former Labour minister Roisin Shortall said the Budget was “regressive and anti-family”.

She also attacked Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore on the size of his pension.

Finance Minister Michael Noonan used his Budget speech to outline his plans for growth in the small business sector – but there are major tax hits for workers and homeowners.

The minister last night denied his Budget will cost the average family €1,000 per year in taxes and lost benefits.

“I don’t accept that figure. You might get an example that fits that but it’s not typical,” he said.

Mr Noonan offered a robust defence of his second Budget, saying it “would be recalled as a reforming Budget” that had finally broadened the tax base by introducing a property tax after years of discussion while also reforming the public and private pension system.

“We have the most progressive income tax system in the EU,” he said.

Public Spending Minister Brendan Howlin admitted it was “not easy” to keep providing public services while imposing over €2bn in spending cuts.


He announced a range of cutbacks, including a €10 reduction in child benefit and reductions in the telephone and electricity allowances for elderly people.

Mr Howlin said the country would come through the “tough” crisis which was almost without precedent in the developed world. “In time, future generations will be proud that we, as a people, tackled this crisis head on,” he said.

Source:  http://www.independent.ie/national-news/budget/most-savage-budget-yet-takes-1000-from-families-3317482.html


Self preservation & votes = Croke park

In response to the previous posting

By Thomás O Cléirigh

I don’t find it difficult to understand, the political Gangsters/ Gombeens in Government are only looking after business as usual and that is self preservation (votes to me and you)! The Votes that will keep these political leeches sucking us dry as long as they toss a few crumbs to the public servants in the system. We have 300,000 people employed by the state and they  mostly cannot be fired!, they enjoy perks and pensions that would be a dream come true to another worker in the country. Allowances that would be viewed as excessive to say the least by any private company  !

The Coke park agreement was a sweetheart deal done to encourage the corrupt Union Bosses into keeping the peace and the workers off the streets! The Union Bosses are nothing more that collaborators and are equally guilty of the dismantling of local services to our citizens in favour of keeping the ranks of the civil service overflowed . They have betrayed the workers and I suppose that workers now unemployed are no longer paying dues to these corrupt Unions  so they can be dis-guarded anyway!

The conundrum the government is facing  in is this, they have raped and pillaged the ordinary people and their households. The easy and non protected citizens of Ireland  and now, the TRIOKA are now rightly looking for the culling of the elephant in the room, as there is nothing more to be got from the bludgeoned taxpayers and homeowners and the workers in the private sector. There is no more room for downsizing and the enormous elephant (the public service ) must now be downsized to meet the new reality that is the lot for the rest of us ordinary taxpayers  in the country!

The politicians are protecting their own power base and it is a shame that the masses of the unemployed do not get up off their backsides and organize a permanent protest outside the Dail  in their hundreds of thousands and force their plight on to the agenda ,Jobs, education, Health services and a roof over their heads .They should hound these pests out of the Dail! There are over that 480,000 people Unemployed just imagine what changes we could make to our country if they all would get up and stop accepting crumbs from the table of the gangsters running the country?

This country is run for the sole benefit of the political elite and their insider’s pals and the Financial money men everybody else is just there to be used and abused!

These self-serving politicians, have divided our society  and the name of the game is keep us all fighting each other and they can then stay on top and get fat and rich while the rest of us are so afraid to come out on to the streets and be labelled radicals. We must now get up of our collective knees and pull these blood suckers, liars and con artists of our backs period!

Today Ireland sold €600m of state assets…

By Namawinelake 

It is comedic, bordering on farcical, that this country will agonise over the disposal of the 25% stake in Aer Lingus – worth about a lousy €175m – whilst at the same time largely ignore sales of assets worth many multiples of this. Today, the British commercial property portal, CoStar.co.uk reports that AIB has sold €600m of assets in Poland. The Irish state owns 99.8% of AIB, so these disposals are our assets.

The buyer appears to be a joint venture between two non-Irish companies, Peakside Capital and Partners Group………

full article at source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/08/23/today-ireland-sold-e600m-of-state-assets/


Our family silver is been sold off to “Friends and “Insiders”  at knockdown prices and the Gangsters and collaborators doing this have cloaked themselves in the National Flag and so called “friend of the worker” organisations like the labour party, and the major Unions  !We are been sold out and into financial slavery .These economic terrorists  in the Dail, Banks and Unions ,will someday be made pay for this treachery!


The Great Irish State Assets Sell-offs 2012 (the ones that you haven’t heard anything about)

Last week’s surprise offer from Ryanair for all the shares in Aer Lingus generated many column inches in newspapers and much national discourse. The €694m valuation of Aer Lingus derived from the €1.30 a share offer, would have valued the State’s 25% stake at about €175m. And because the State’s stake in Aer Lingus is slated for disposal anyway, there has been much talk about the price. Last week, Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Brendan Howlin, when asked about the value of the State’s stake, referred reporters at a press conference to a reply given by his colleague Minister Noonan the previous week, when he said you don’t show your negotiating hand in advance, and have you never sold a calf at the Fair of Glen. Alongside our stake in Aer Lingus, you can also expect much discussion over the coming months with the disposal of stakes in Bord Gais Energy and parts of the ESB. All told, the plan is to raise €2-3bn in the disposal of stakes in State companies.

full article at source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/the-great-irish-state-assets-sell-offs-2012-the-ones-that-you-havent-heard-anything-about/

The Cost of Working in Ireland

The Working Paper entitled  The Cost of Working In Ireland PDF

was removed from the ESRI website yesterday because senior ESRI researchers, who are experts in this area, concluded that the analysis it contains is seriously flawed.

This was the sole reason for withdrawing the Working Paper. Any suggestion that the paper was withdrawn because of pressure, of any sort, from government, or any other source, is entirely unfounded.

Professor Richard Tol, now at the University of Sussex, is the senior author of the Working Paper.

We are aware that Professor Tol is now in possession of a revised draft of the paper which indicates that the percentage of people with children who would be better off on social welfare than working is not 44 percent but less than 10 percent.

Professor Tol did not follow ESRI procedures when submitting the Working Paper, which is how it came to be posted on the website.

In the light of this episode, procedures for the release of working papers on the ESRI website will be revised to ensure that a similar situation does not arise in the future.


ESRI Press Office, 353 1 8632000; press@esri.ie. 
The Economic and Social Research Institute, Whitaker Square, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2.
Telephone: +353 1 8632000; Fax +353 1 8632100; email: admin@esri.ie; web site: www.esri.ie;


I saw this but did you see the clams from Brendan Howlin that the Crock Park was delivering savings but Finfacts was of a different opinion! the news is ” manipulated” to give the right impression  why do you think O Reilly has such a large slice of the Irish news media ?He is doing his real masters bidding and putting the “right spin” on the so called news ! The over staffed and vastly overpaid  Irish civil service(when compaired to the German service) is the elephant in the room! The less welloff who cannot defend themselves and dont have the corrupt Unions to back them, will be forced to pay the extra taxes needed to pay for the borrowings needed to prop up Spain and the cuts needed to adhear to the conditions of the so called stability pact.What a disaster!

We have gutless gombeen puppets running the country who are in the pay of the faceless moneymen.Common sence is nowhere to be found and its so depressing the Irish public doent even want to stand up for themselves.Even when they can see the blatent doubbel standards in the treatment of the euro member countries.We have become third class citizens within europe!

Gone are the notions of equal independent naions trading withen a common trading area withen Europe! “Deutscheland uber alles” seems to be the onely game in town!

Howlin lauds sham cost savings in Croke Park public service agreement

By Michael Hennigan of Finfacts

Irish Economy 2012: The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Brendan Howlin TD, today welcomed the publication by the Implementation Body for the Public Service Agreement 2010-2014 (‘Croke Park Agreement’) of its Second Annual Progress Report. He claims that €1.5bn in pay and ‘administrative efficiency’ savings have been achieved in the past two years. However, these savings are a sham. This report is a sham because of the focus on pay rather than both pay and pensions and the benchmark year selected.

There would be no savings on the pay and pensions bill by 2015 if 2006 — the peak year of the boom was the benchmark year.

  • The report of activities by      Ireland’s biggest employer has a long list of ‘achievements’ — not      difficult in itself to produce a laundry list involving the activities of      290,000 people.      Efficiencies      realised from the closure of barracks: €1.3m;
  • Prison Service canteen      facilities: €1.4m;
  • Changes in work practices      and value for money initiatives in the Naval Service: €2m;
  • Non pay gains in the Garda      Síochána: €24m;
  • Central Mental Hospital      roster changes: €1m.

.. and on the list goes on all ‘savings’ on exorbitant levels.

Big issues are not addressed and this list of ‘savings’ should not be seen as the result of radical change in structures but a reality of a staff embargo and a limit from the reckless spending levels of the boom period

Full article at source: http://www.finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews/article_1024483.shtml

Howlin’s compromise on pay rejected by the Taoiseach

L-R: Brendan Howlin pictured during the Labour...

Image via Wikipedia

By Ken Foxe

Brendan Howlin, the Minister responsible for overseeing a pay cap for special advisers, tried repeatedly to come to a compromise agreement on the pay of Ciaran Conlon.

The negotiations over the bumper salary of €127,000 that was finally set out for Mr Conlon show that Brendan Howlin had serious concerns about it and did not believe it could be justified under any circumstances.

He also said it would set a poor example and would provoke other Ministers into seeking higher pay for their advisers, or ask for salaries – that were already agreed – to be renegotiated.

full article at source:http://thestory.ie/2011/12/20/howlins-compromise-on-pay-rejected-by-the-taoiseach/


On the bases of this information there should now be a full independent investigation into what if any undue influence or conflict of interest this bizarre action by Mr Kenny has .This whole business stinks to high heaven and smacks of payback big time! This must be challenged; Kenny must answer to the people why this man can command this king of salary when the vast majority of the people are scraping by just to put food on the table! How long more are the people of Ireland going to allow this kind of blatant cronyism continue????


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