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Just in !

Hi Thomas,

As if things aren’t bad enough here , we now have Twisters in Bray !! he he 

Take Care !

Response from the Wicklow TD

I have received a response from the Wicklow TD Simon Harris (FG) to previous post  Wife can keep 7,000,000:00 in cash?(NAMA)


Thank you for your email and my apologies for only getting the time to respond to it now.

I read the linked Irish Times article with great interest and agree that this is a very unpalatable situation.

I will ensure that your thoughts and views are fed into Fine Gael Parliamentary Party discussions and I will also raise the issue directly with my colleague Michael Noonan TD, Minister for Finance.

Please do let me know if there is ever anything else that I can directly be of help with, I am happy and eager to help in any way that I can.

Kind Regards,


Simon Harris TD
Wicklow-East Carlow

Constituency Office:
Office 4, Market Court, Main Street, Bray, Co. Wicklow
Phone: 01-6183805 (Dáil) | 01-2813727 (Constituency)


Well at least he had the decency to reply!


Save Loughlinstown A+E

A committee has been established to fight against the proposed down grading of the A&E in Loughlinstown. It will campaign across Wicklow and bring the fight to the 5 Wicklow TD’s and Eamon Gilmore. The group will work with other groups in
Dun Laoghaire on the campaign. The next meeting will be held on Friday 26th @7pm upstairs in the Ardmore Bar Bray.

No change business as usual!

To whom it may concern,

Dear Sir or madam,

I wish to draw your attention to the dangerous condition of the road surface and potholes in Bray town at the junction (see Google maps here)

(http://maps.google.ie/maps?hl=en&ll=53.205236,-6.109548&spn=0.00178,0.004823&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=53.205236,-6.109548&panoid=P9QcsHg77NYiz_i8F6Kaog&cbp=12,73.78,,0,11.01 )

This road surface is causing damage to citizen’s cars and I personally
have had two punctures in the last four weeks .I call upon you to inform the relevant
department and hopefully the damaged road surface will be fixed ASAP.


Kind regards

Wicklow pothole action group

The above e-mail was sent into Bray town to-day but what’s more annoying
is the fact that oil prices have tumbled on the world markets in the last three
months by 22.3% but the prices we are paying at the pumps is still at all time highs.
I call on everybody to complain to your local petrol stations and also send an
e-mail to the Minster of the Environment calling for price reductions. We have
enough of this rip off.

We are been fleeced at the petrol stations ,I’m still paying about 3 cent from the all time high prices at my local petrol station ,the real price should be less than 1.19 euro max .


Now if you think that is bad, take a look at this

Insider trading is alive and well in Ireland and the Banks are still at it, passing on insider information to their pals on the outside.

Here we can see a classic example of a massive movement on Bank of Ireland stock price ten days before the news comes out to the general public about the private investment of one billion Euros in the Bank.

Now you don’t have to be a genius in the stock markets to see that a select few
people got in to the stock at the lowest possible price, well before the
suckers who piled into this worthless stock after the news was announced. This
gave the insiders’ a clear 50% + profit worth tens of millions maybe even
hundreds of millions. I might even be that the so called investors got back
over half of their investment of one billion and in effect 36% of the bank for
approximately 4.5cent .Not a bad days works??? Not to mention the enormous tax breaks
arranged with the government on future profits so they might even be able to
walk away without paying any taxes .This is asset stripping on a massive scale .Irish
citizens been ripped off again?

Stop this rip off banana

Potholes in Bray

In the last few days I have had to go to bray and I have had
to endure driving over these potholes on each occasion, today I got a puncture
and I was really pissed off .I might also need a new set of shocks but I can’t
be sure I am hearing a strange noise coming from the front left side of the car
when I turn left .Jesus another bill in the making??? I am sending a report to
the Bray town council and Wicklow County Council.

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“Up-grading of Services” by cutting the services of the existing hospital!

Listening to Fine Gaels Wicklow TD Billy Timmins spin on east coast radio this morning  on what he presents as  the “Up-grading of Services” for the Wicklow public by cutting the services of the existing hospital is just the latest attempt to con the public.I have stated once before these cuts in services are a direct result in the broken promises by the
government who have chosen to continue, to support gangsters in the banks and pay gamblers in the bond markets with the taxes of the Irish public. There is no more money left when they are done paying interest payments to these people. Unless we force the government and their supporters (4 government Wicklow TD’s) to accept that default is the only option left for Ireland .Our national pension reserve is all but depleted, and the money has gone down a black hole and we have nothing to show for it. Who is going to pay for this outrageous robbery? The ordinary people of Ireland will, as the politicians are sitting pretty on their fat lottery salaries and golden handshakes .Timmins attempt to justify the downgrading of St. Columcille’s Hospital Loughlinstown is appalling to say the least.

Listen here to the show:http://eastcoast.fm/listenagain/EastCoastFM-Tue-10.mp3

Save Loughlinstown A&E

The 5 TD’s of Wicklow couldnt be bothered to show up !

I attended the public meeting last night and was disappointed
to note that not one of the 5 Wicklow TD’s did bother to come .John Brady read
out a letter from Billy Timmins that basically states the governments line and
amounted to calling upon the people of Wicklow to accept what the government deems
to be what’s best for us . Richie Boyd Barrett TD also was
in attendance and gave a short account of the efforts that are currently
underway in support of the A&E services at loughlinstown he also stated that we believed that the Independent Stephen Donnelly was supporting the left alliance in their efforts to save the A&E services in loughlinstown (but never the less Mr.Donnelly did not attend this public meeting ) also in attendance
was Cllr Rossa Murray, Cllr Tracy O’Brien and Cllr Pat Kavanagh of Fis Nua.

I would like to thank Mr. John Brady for organizing this public meeting and also
thank the approximately 135 concerned citizens for taking the time to attend.
Hopefully this is but the first step in the fight to retain these vital emergency
services at this hospital .I  believe the Wicklow public should now realize that the new TD’s elected to safeguard out public services are not going to stick their necks out on the contrary it seems they are all towing the party line. I suggested at the meeting that all the hospitals should unite and any attack by the government on any of their services would be
view as an attack on their own hospital .The unions of these hospitals should
make it clear to the government that they will not sit back and allow this wholesale destruction of the country’s health services to continue.


Listen to what TD Billy Timmins had to say about this earlier this week on east coast radio.

Link here fast forward to 47.15 on Player first hour 9-10 http://eastcoast.fm/onair/programmes/morningshow

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Reminder : Public Meeting on A&E services at Loughlinstown

Just a reminder the public meeting to address the
proposed downgrading of the hospital’s A&E services .If you can spear the
time do go to this meeting every voice will count


Thursday, June 30 · 7:30pm – 9:00pm


The Royal Hotel, Bray.

A public meeting has been organised by the Save Our
A&E Group as part of the campaign to save the 24hour A&E at St.
Columcilles Hospital,Loughlinstown.All 5 Wicklow TD’s and political
representatives from all parties are invited.

Public meeting to Save our A&E at St. Columcilles Hospital

Public meeting to Save our A&E at St. Columcilles Hospital



Thursday, June 30 · 7:30pm – 9:00pm


The Royal Hotel, Bray. Co. Wicklow

Created By

John Brady

More Info

A public meeting has been organised by the Save Our A&E Group as part of the campaign to save the 24hour A&E at St. Columcilles Hospital,Loughlinstown.All 5 Wicklow TD’s and political representatives from all parties are invited.
This meeting is needed to bring together people and public representatives to try save the essential service provided at St. Columcilles Hospital,Loughlinstown.
Any further downgrading of St Columcille’s will be bitterly opposed. The A&E was continuously in the firing line under
the previous Government and it appears to be the continued policy of FG and Labour to shut smaller Hospitals. The closure, if implemented, means that there will be no major A&E service available in a geographical line from Wexford Town to St Vincent’s Hospital on the southside of Dublin city. According to a recent update St Columcille’s had 21,077 emergency department attendances last year and 3,628 admissions through A&E. The A&E in St Columcille’s is badly needed, it is not feasible to try cram an additional 21,077 people into an already over stretched St. Vincents Hospital which is already at over capacity


Topaz southern cross ,the most expensive petrol station in Wicklow .


Spent the day in Bray .The petrol station at the southern cross would seem to be the most expensive petrol station in Wicklow .

Meanwhile at the seafront ,it was quite a windy day, but the rain held off .For the first time I noticed how much eaten away the shingle beach has gotten.

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