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The Irish people are not obliged to honour fraudulent contracts

By Polya Lesova

LONDON (MarketWatch) — LCH.Clearnet Ltd. said Thursday it has increased the margin required for positions of Irish government bonds to 45% of net positions over the standard margin rate. The move is “in response to the yield differential of 10-year Irish government debt against an AAA benchmark,” the firm said in a statement. The change will apply to Irish government bonds cleared through the RepoClear service. The additional margin will be charged on net exposure at close of business on Thursday and will be reflected in a margin call on Friday, the firm said. “Over the last three weeks [the] Irish margin has been cranked up from 3% to 18% to 30%, and today up to 45%,” said David Buik, strategist at BGC Partners, in a note.

source http://www.marketwatch.com/story/margin-requirements-on-irish-bonds-raised-again-2010-11-25:

comment :

The latest message from the markets is a clear thumbs down for the Irish Gombeen growth 4 year plan What is plane for all to see is that we are in a debt spiral and we are going all the way down. With the changes to-day in the margin requirements on Irish Bonds the market is now pricing in a total default but is Cowen and lelihan listening? These two Gombeens are just still clinging to their delusional notion that the Irish Nation can pay off the gambling debts of the international bond holders when they themselves (the Bondholders) know that it can’t

Mr.Cowen and Lenihan face up to reality we can’t pay and we won’t pay!

The guarantees were given on false and fraudulent figures which renders all contracts null and void .We the Irish people are not obliged to honour fraudulent contracts

 Full stop!

Lenihan logic: heads you win and tails you win for the bondholders

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Irish Finance Minister Demonstrates that he doesn’t believe in Capitalism
By The Fundamental Analyst, on September 24th, 2010
Here again we see another case of those that embraced capitalism on the way up, shudder at the consequences when things go the other way. Take the latest comments from the Irish Finance Minister, from Reuters:
Irish finmin says no chance banks, govt will default
DUBLIN, Sept 22 (Reuters) – It is unthinkable that Ireland or its banks would default on senior debt, Finance Minister Brian Lenihan said on Wednesday.
Opposition politicians and some media commentators have called on Lenihan to force bondholders in Anglo Irish Bank [ANGIB.UL] to take some of the hit for the nationalised lender’s massive losses, which are a major burden on the exchequer.
“It’s unthinkable that Ireland would default on senior debt or that Ireland’s banks would default on senior debt,” Lenihan told Reuters in parliament.
“Ireland is not prepared to be some kind of social experiment for bank default.”
Why is it unthinkable? I’m not up to date with the extent of Anglo Irish Bank’s problems, but if the losses are big enough to eat through all subordinated debt then senior debt is next in line, simple. This is what happens in a restructuring, equity holders get taken out and bondholders take a haircut. Maybe the losses aren’t that big that senior bondholders need to take their lumps, but even so, to make a blanket statement such as the Irish FM has made demonstrates that he is firmly of the belief that bondholders aren’t responsible for their mistakes and that capitalism should be suspended when things go pear-shaped.
There you have it once again Lenihan is way out of touch with the norms of capitalism
Its all about risk that’s why bondholders get to demand such high interest payments because there taking a gamble and if things go pair shaped they go and take a bath
Lenihan has a logic of heads you win and tails you win for the bondholders and they love him for it!
Maybe it would be better if Lenihan was in charge,”lets shift Cowen “me thinks the bondholders might be thinking”!

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