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St. Columcille’s Hospital Loughlinstown up-date

About 150 concerned citizens of Wicklow showed up to day to
protest against the service cuts proposed for St. Columcille’s Hospital Loughlinstown.

We the people of Wicklow are been bamboozled by spin and all
5 Wicklow TD’s have swallowed the lies that this hospital needs to have its
services cut, because of safety issues. After years of reducing the funds, the last
government has tried to run this hospital down in order to justify their strategy
of cutting services. It is because we are now paying enormous interest on the so
called bailout of our country we don’t have nothing left to pay for the upkeep
of our community hospitals .The new government have decided to continue to
implement the policies of the last Fianna Fail government. they have also ditched
all their promises to the voters of Wicklow as they believe they are in their
Dail jobs now for the next 5 years and the voters cannot kick them out until
then .  These same 5 politicians have
lied to the voters of Wicklow and as the wallow in their lottery salaries .Unless
we the people get up off our collective backsides and stand up for ourselves we
stand to lose all of our community services and our public health system .

We must make a stand now!

“Up-grading of Services” by cutting the services of the existing hospital!

Listening to Fine Gaels Wicklow TD Billy Timmins spin on east coast radio this morning  on what he presents as  the “Up-grading of Services” for the Wicklow public by cutting the services of the existing hospital is just the latest attempt to con the public.I have stated once before these cuts in services are a direct result in the broken promises by the
government who have chosen to continue, to support gangsters in the banks and pay gamblers in the bond markets with the taxes of the Irish public. There is no more money left when they are done paying interest payments to these people. Unless we force the government and their supporters (4 government Wicklow TD’s) to accept that default is the only option left for Ireland .Our national pension reserve is all but depleted, and the money has gone down a black hole and we have nothing to show for it. Who is going to pay for this outrageous robbery? The ordinary people of Ireland will, as the politicians are sitting pretty on their fat lottery salaries and golden handshakes .Timmins attempt to justify the downgrading of St. Columcille’s Hospital Loughlinstown is appalling to say the least.

Listen here to the show:http://eastcoast.fm/listenagain/EastCoastFM-Tue-10.mp3

Save Loughlinstown A&E

The 5 TD’s of Wicklow couldnt be bothered to show up !

I attended the public meeting last night and was disappointed
to note that not one of the 5 Wicklow TD’s did bother to come .John Brady read
out a letter from Billy Timmins that basically states the governments line and
amounted to calling upon the people of Wicklow to accept what the government deems
to be what’s best for us . Richie Boyd Barrett TD also was
in attendance and gave a short account of the efforts that are currently
underway in support of the A&E services at loughlinstown he also stated that we believed that the Independent Stephen Donnelly was supporting the left alliance in their efforts to save the A&E services in loughlinstown (but never the less Mr.Donnelly did not attend this public meeting ) also in attendance
was Cllr Rossa Murray, Cllr Tracy O’Brien and Cllr Pat Kavanagh of Fis Nua.

I would like to thank Mr. John Brady for organizing this public meeting and also
thank the approximately 135 concerned citizens for taking the time to attend.
Hopefully this is but the first step in the fight to retain these vital emergency
services at this hospital .I  believe the Wicklow public should now realize that the new TD’s elected to safeguard out public services are not going to stick their necks out on the contrary it seems they are all towing the party line. I suggested at the meeting that all the hospitals should unite and any attack by the government on any of their services would be
view as an attack on their own hospital .The unions of these hospitals should
make it clear to the government that they will not sit back and allow this wholesale destruction of the country’s health services to continue.


Listen to what TD Billy Timmins had to say about this earlier this week on east coast radio.

Link here fast forward to 47.15 on Player first hour 9-10 http://eastcoast.fm/onair/programmes/morningshow

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“Evil prospers when good men do nothing.”


                               Fine Gael and Labour looking after business!

Goes  to show the markets are not jumping for joy(see  “Ireland’s credit rating grouped with Botswana “ ) with the prospect of Fine Gael or Labour taking office soon .They are only offering more of the same gombeenisem  and stroke politics.

Looking after themselves is their number one priority. Here we have ten people who have been telling us the citizens of Ireland that we are livening beyond our means and have justified imposing sever austerity measures never before see in this country .I see the results of these measures every day in all estates around the county of Wicklow below you see their pension payments that they will receive for the rest of their lives and none of the established political parties have come out and promised to cut back on these lottery pensions .These payments are immoral and cannot be justified.

I see evil and I am standing up against it are you with me?

They show how bankrupt the political system and how corrupt it is!  

By voting for the established political parties you are voting for a continuing of this type of behaviour. I am ashamed to go to the doors of people and just stand there and not be able to do anything about this, when you see people who can’t pay for the heating or their car tax or are dreading the next ESB bill or the next VHI notice of payments due.

Wicklow Friday 25th February 2011, 22:00  

                                                       Constituency Betting  

    Singles Only. 5 Seats. To win a seat for the constituency at the next general election. All in, run or not. **Not all candidates are confirmed. Bets will stand regardless.** Others on request.

Billy Timmins (FG) 1/6

Tom Fortune (Lab) 11/8

Pat Kavanagh (Ind) 25/1

Anne Ferris (Lab) 1/3

Pat Fitzgerald (FF) 11/8

Gerry Kinsella (Ind) 25/1

Andrew Doyle (FG) 4/9

Joe Behan (Ind) 11/8

Niall Byrne (Green) 28/1

Conal Kavanagh (Lab) 4/9

John Brady (SF) 7/4

Peter Dempsey 33/1

Dick Roche (FF) 4/6

Stephen Donnelly (Ind) 14/1

Robert Kearns (Ind) 33/1

Simon Harris (FG) 4/6



Judging from the paddy power betting I haven’t got a hope so why do I continue to put myself to the expense of standing when I can’t reach all 130,000 voters in the county when I can only speak to 20 people every hour and only commit to 5 hours every day until the Election Day

Because I want to be able to show my Children I did something to try and stop this outright robbery and I stood up to this corrupt system.

                        Evil prospers when good men do nothing.”

Brian Cowen   310,000:00 Euro FF       Noel Dempsey  313,000:00 Euro FF

Mary Harney  310,000:00 Euro NP       Willie O Dee   270,000:00 Euro  FF

Noel Ahern    310,000:00 Euro FF       Ned o Keeffe 250,000:00 Euro FF

Martin Cullen  265,000:00 Euro FF       Bat O Keeffe   258.000:00 Euro FF

John Gormley  229.000.00 Euro GP       Eamon Ryian  229.000:00 Euro GP

                           Good Men and Woman help stop this now

Billy Timmins Wicklow TD Dail Debates

speaker:Billy Timmins : 9 Dail debates

There are more results than we have shown here. See more:

Social Welfare Bill 2010: Second Stage (Resumed) (9 Dec 2010)
Billy Timmins: The Deputy is a great chap.

Social Welfare Bill 2010: Second Stage (Resumed) (9 Dec 2010)
Billy Timmins: I wish to share time with Deputies Naughten and Creed.

Social Welfare Bill 2010: Second Stage (Resumed) (9 Dec 2010)
Billy Timmins: I listened with interest to Deputy Gogarty’s speech and
there is much in it with which I agree.  However, if I had not seen the
announcement made a couple of weeks ago that the Green Party was pulling
out of Government I would not believe that he is pulling out.  I know
that deep down the Green Party probably regrets the decision made at the

Wicklow TD’s Dail activity watch

speaker:Billy Timmins : 9 Dail debates

There are more results than we have shown here. See more:

Social Insurance (23 Nov 2010)
Billy Timmins: Question 34: To ask the Minister for Social Protection
the position regarding the number of self-employed persons; the number
of these who are currently unemployed; the pension provision of these
persons; and if he will make a statement on the matter.  [44059/10]

Social Insurance (23 Nov 2010)
Billy Timmins: Did the Minister indicate in his reply the total number
of self-employed people in the country?  How many of them are
unemployed?  Is that statistic available?

Social Insurance (23 Nov 2010)
Billy Timmins: The start of the question concerned the position of the
number of self-employed persons who are currently unemployed and the
pension provisions of these persons.

speaker:Billy Timmins : 2 Written Answers

Written Answers – Diplomatic Representation: Diplomatic Representation (23 Nov 2010)
Billy Timmins: Question 222: To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs
the position regarding a matter (details supplied).  [43890/10]

Written Answers – Grant Payments: Grant Payments (23 Nov 2010)
Billy Timmins: Question 314: To ask the Minister for Agriculture,
Fisheries and Food  further to Parliamentary Question No. 238 of 3
November 2010, the position regarding the matter; if this will be paid
as a matter of urgency; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Billy Timmins Dail questions

speaker:Billy Timmins : 4 Written Answers



There are more results than we have shown here. See more:



Written Answers – Travel Documentation: Travel Documentation (16 Jun 2010)


Billy Timmins: Question 142: To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs

the position regarding the case of a person (details supplied); and if

he will make a statement on the matter. [25980/10]


Written Answers – Telecommunications Services: Telecommunications Services (16 Jun 2010)


Billy Timmins: Question 168: To ask the Minister for Communications,

Energy and Natural Resources the position regarding the provision of

broadband in respect of a person (details supplied) in County Carlow;

and if he will make a statement on the matter. [25710/10]


Written Answers – Grant Payments: Grant Payments (16 Jun 2010)


Billy Timmins: Question 171: To ask the Minister for Agriculture,

Fisheries and Food the position regarding an application in respect of

a person (details supplied) in County Carlow; if same will be awarded;

and if he will make a statement on the matter. [25711/10]

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