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presidential candidates race on Live line

Listening to-day to live line I was astonished to hear that they were conducting a poll on possible presidential candidates for the presidential race next year when the current Fianna Fail backed office holder packs up and leaves
I only realized that Mary was in fact in office because the boys in Fianna Fail backed her with the Fianna Fail political machinery at the last election
This explains why I got a frosty response when I wrote to the Áras and asked Mary not to singe the NAMA Bill into law and to give the people of Ireland a chance to vote on it themselves Unfortunately Mary was having none of it and was evidently towing the party line.
It was ok to let 400 odd green turncoats vote on it (a vote that could easily be fixed) but the ordinary people of Ireland were destined not to have a say, too bad Mary you failed the people miserably!

Unlike the Icelandic president that sided with the people and helped bring down the corrupt government
Back to the live line presidential candidates,

(Listen here) pod-v-2308101h09m10slivelinepresident.mp3 

no surprises, the usual suspects and cancers were well represented in the list, politicians looking for a cosy pasture to retire to, along with the fantastic perks of the job having sucked the taxpayers of this country for most of their lives they now presumably thought that we the people would do as we have always done and that was to vote the way we were told to do.
You had the usual organized proposers who told us how wonderful their candidates were and that they were well respected and knowledgeable and listed off the positions they had held up until now
Berti Ahern, Richard Brutal and Mary o Rourke, were all booted out in the first few rounds, and out of 12 candidates Mr. Fergus Finlay was the people’s choice (10,000 people took part)
The big lesson here was delivered to the hopeful politicians looking for a lush green pasture to retire to and to continue to suck the taxpayers of this country dry, the message was loud and clear
”Get Lost” we’ve had enough of gombenisem and you not going out to pasture in the Áras
The established political parties have in the past handed out this plumb job to X politicians
who have come to the end of their political careers, and as a reward for services rendered this job was even seen as an entitlement by some
Please do not give the same worn out, clapped out so called servants of the people a comfortable pasture to lay down on at the expense of the taxpayers after having screwed us the people all their lives
vote for somebody that has not been a political leach sucking the blood of the taxpayers for the last 20 odd years or more .

Careful what you ask for!


With the cries of change the government getting louder, I caution and ask the question will we be any better off?

Make no mistake I want to have a change of government and I want to jail All
the corrupt Basta***

Responsible for the mess we are now in.

What exactly will the new government do about the political gangsters responsible for the mess we are now in?

Will they reverse the whole
fraud?(Never Any Money Again)

Will they route out the civil servants in the Department of Finance who are totally out of touch with the reality of the modern financial markets and who are obviously in cahoots with the crooks in the boardrooms of the country’s banks?

Will we see Berti Ahern, Brian Lenihian, and Brian Cowen all go to jail??

Will we see anybody go to jail? Will we see Sean Fitz, and the X financial regulator go to jail?

Will we see the Board of directors of Irish Life and permanent go to jail?

The system we use to elect a new government does not behold any political party to hold its promises to the electorate. So they can promise what they like only when in power forget all about it!

unless we have a new system that allows the people an instrument that they can use to change the government if the people deem that the elected government have lost their way and broke their promises that got them into government in the first place.

The political system that any (New) government will be using is the same system that this government are using and this is where we get screwed all the time.

For example the system allowed the Fiannia Fail government to take control by first telling us lies; they had control of all the economic information kept it to themselves!

Then they were able to get the greens on side with offers of power sharing, who promptly ditched their own core values and morals.

The economy fell off a cliff. They are now imposing NAMA on us and we as a result will now lose our national financial independence.

In other words we lose our Independence just like that!

The political system allows these traitors to destroy our country and we the people can’t do anything about for another two years?

We the people now know that this government are responsible for all of this mess and we cannot now get them out, because of systems they have helped to put in place over the last 90 odd years .why is there no system in place for the people to kick out governments that have blatantly broke their word, abandoned their promises to the electorate, by claiming that the economic conditions have changed?

Why in such an event we the electorate don’t get to have our say again with the new economic facts put in front of us?

Why must we allow our country to be destroyed for the next 5 years by people who have abandoned all the promises made to the electorate?

We must change the system that allows politicians to do just what they please once they get into power .remember they are supposed to be working for us and not the other way round!

So with regards to a change of government, chaining personal just because they are from the other side of the Dail is no longer good enough ,we need to have qualified people running the country

To get this we need to have universal free and lifelong education.

An educated people would be in a better position to know and elect better people to positions of power and even come up with a better system of ensuring that the government of the day is held accountable to the people the real masters.

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