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Telling tales about our ‘Productivity’?

Odious Debt Lawyer Wanted - Work for The 99%

Odious Debt Lawyer Wanted – Work for The 99% (Photo credit: infomatique)

By Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev

Irish labour productivity per person employed is at 136.9% of the EU27 average, which makes us the second most productive economy in the Euro Area and the third most productive in the EEC. Of course, the thing that jumps out in the chart is the massive over-performance in output terms by two other ‘special’ countries: Luxembourg and Norway. This should ring lots of alarm bells when it comes to trusting the above data to base actual comparative assessments on

full article at source: http://trueeconomics.blogspot.ie/


No surprises here as we all know, the government sponsored figures crunchers  are only manipulating the data and coming out with the “right picture” making the government look good and on top of an otherwise disastrous economic policy!

Forcing the people of Ireland to take on massive odious debts of the corrupt banks and debts resulting from their own incompetence and economic treachery! Nothing coming from the government   sponsored   Quango’s and their mouthpieces can be trusted .

The real truth is that we are worse that Greece and there is no possible way we can service the imposed odious debts placed on our shoulders by mouthpieces of the conmen and woman in Berlin! Time to be truthful and bit the bullet tell Berlin go take a hike and squeeze somebody their own size like France or Italy!  As for the collaborating puppet government in Lenster house, economic terrorists the lot of them!

We have no leverage and we are now faced with the realisation we have a bunch of wimps and puppet’s running our country

Less than two weeks after the so called stability treaty in Ireland was passed by no less that 30% of the eligible voters, we now find out that we are indeed at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to getting a fair deal on private gambling bank debts, we the Irish nation were forced to take on.

Spain was given special terms on a larger bailout (100 Billion) and on a 50 %( there are been charged 3 % interest) discount in interest payments while we the stupid Irish are been charger 5.8 % plus costs which brings us to 6%. Now I am assuming we the Irish taxpayers will have to contribute to this bailout fund been setup for Spain and I know we don’t have our likely contribution just lying around so we will have to borrow it from somewhere and I can guarantee you our contribution will be costing us at least  7% + .

Now a question to the Irish Government and particularly to Mr. Kenny as he is supposed to be a teacher, how does these maths makes any sense? Where did you buy your leaving cert? We are going to have to borrow billions to hand over to Spain a country many times the size of our own country and at a rate of a least twice the cost ( 7.14%) to us and hand these funds over the Spanish at 3%!

This is sheer madness, you and your government are a bunch of babbling idiots and without any balls to stand up to the jackboot Merkel in Berlin .The poor fools who voted for your dictated treaty from Berlin are now wondering why they trusted in you and your ability to get Ireland a better deal to pay back private banking debts you yourself told the Irish nation were not the taxpayers debts but still you are forcing us to pay them!

We have no leverage and we are now faced with the realisation we have a bunch of wimps and puppet’s running our country. I challenge you Mr. Kenny to now call a new referendum on the so called stability treaty again and see how many of the Irish citizens will support it this time round .

Has anything changed ??


By Thomas O Cleirigh

As we wake up to the news that Spain, banks are to receive 100 billion Euros (for starters ) without any declaration to investigate the corrupt dealings and total plunder of the funds in some of these banks one would be forgiven in thinking the Banks around Europe are still in business of fraud, corruption and the political gangsters are only too happy to help their buddies !

Meanwhile over in Ireland our clueless gombeen politicians have pulled off a master con on 60% of the voting citizens by getting them to pass new austerity measures dictated by Berlin under the guise of “stability” .Well there is no doubt now that not every European citizen is equal nor are the various countries within the European Union treated equally  as we now see Spain will not have to submit to the scrutiny of the Jackboot troika brigade  no such treatment is reserved for small countries like Portugal and Greece and Ireland .Berlin can blackmail these small countries but Spain can blackmail Berlin! Where did it all go wrong???

If Ireland has any sence now they should demand the same condititions that Spain has received and this time no more mr. nice guy send out the rottweilers to the ECB Gansters!

Just think what all the Billions that have been pumped into the corrupt banking system could have done for social integration of Europe, the re-education and up skilling of the millions of unemployed in Europe, health services for the aged and education for our children’s future.

No my friends the corrupt and toxic bankers are still getting stronger and more brazen; democracy in Europe has been replaced by a banker autocracy! Nothing has changed; the faceless moneymen are still in charge!

With wimps like Kenny and Noonan!

An excellent piece of work and I hope all the dopes in Ireland who voted for the treaty last week will now go down to the Dail and demand the same treatment the Spanish got or are they going to continue to allow Berlin to treat us the Irish like third class citizens in our own country ???With wimps like Kenny and Noonan we are going to be told to shut up and put up with the demands from Berlin.Where is the fighting Irish spirit?

Stand up Ireland and get up off your knees for God sake!

The Slog.


EUROBLOWN: Merkel the Merciful offers Athens a clear choice….

by John Ward

The Angela of Death

…stay in the eurozone and die, or leave the eurozone and be poor.

I wonder if ‘choice’ is perhaps the most twisted reinvention of a word in the history of language. Jeremy *unt is a great choice driveller: choice of 56 Murdoch Channels all showing braindead soft-porn sh*te. Lansley is another one: choice in the health services available to all. Bollocks: the choice is between having money and getting some service, or the opposite of that.

Angela Merkel, however, has topped everyone for utterly crass, inflexible neo-Nazi hypocrisy this weekend. This is a direct quote from a speech she made yesterday:

“What we have always said is that we want Greece to remain a member of the eurozone. The precondition for that to succeed is that the future Greek government sticks to the memorandum…

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Greece stops dead as Government introduces payments freeze, and importers demand cash up front

Facing the threat of a delay in the disbursement of bailout instalments from the Troika, Greece’s caretaker government has suspended rebates and payments to suppliers of the public sector. All loans by banks to any business, regardless of viability, have been stopped. In the absence of safe ways to sell, 74% of Greek companies are focused on debt reduction. And foreign companies importing to Greece are demanding money up front.

The Troika’s crazy austerity and repayment schedules demand a Greek economy going at Full Ahead Both. It is now on Silent All Stop.

Thanks to cut-off threats from Berlin-am-Brussels, the Athens government has stopped paying suppliers, foreign importers will not ship until upfront cash has been received and confirmed, and banks have been instructed to lend nothing to either domestic or business borrowers.

The personal loans ban has been framed in the light of a suffen rush for ‘credit’ alongside massive withdrawals. Loans by banks were running at €11bn euros a month. From here on they will be zero.

Meawhile, the insolvency and supply problems for drugs at retail level in Greece has predictably backed upstream. Greek GPs are owed €620m. The provision of primary medical care and medicines to about 9 million people is very close to collapse due to the accumulated debts of the National Organization for the Provision of Health Services (EOPPY), as the government has reneged on its promise to settle all arrears to private suppliers of the old insurance funds (that now make up EOPPY) by the end of March. The money involved – a total of around €1.7 billion – spookily isn’t there any more: it went to pay off the last of the bondholders.

full article at source: http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/05/28/euroblown-greece-stops-dead-as-government-introduces-payments-freeze-and-importers-demand-cash-up-front-24/

We should default on this odious debt now !

By Thomas Clarke

I am listening to the news at one on RTE and I am hearing that Business activity in the euro zone contracted at its steepest rate in nearly three years in May, even powerful Germany buckled under the strain of southern Europe’s escalating debt crisis. I am also picking up Spain’s fourth-biggest bank shares this morning have stopped trading as there are rumours that the Spanish state will now have to nationalize this particular Bank by injecting 15 billion Euros of new capital. In the last week I was hearing that the capital requires would be 5 billion and then as late as yesterday it was supposed to be 9 billion and just now I hear it is going to be at least 15 billion. All this just months after the famous European banks stress tests that assured us this bank was solvent.

This is just the latest lie that is exposed coming from the ECB and its masters. This goes to prove we cannot take the word of anyone coming from Europe, least of all that the Jackboot politicians in Berlin have Ireland’s best interest at hart just like they have Greece’s best interests at heart.  We are been fed lies and dam lies all of which are designed to sleep walk us into a federalists political union similar to that of the Federal Republic of Germany where Berlin will dictate and our gutless gombeen politicians, who on bended knees will kiss the ring of the German chancellor demonstrating their loyalty .At the same time our culture and independence is been eroded piece by piece.

The men and woman who died for an Independent Irish republic have been betrayed by the gangsters in the current Dail .Kenny and Gilmore collaborators have a lot to answer for and will be held accountable by the people of Ireland soon enough ! These same gombeen politicians have told the Irish public that these debts are not our debts and yet they want us to vote Yes, to pay faceless bondholders and crooked bankers their gambling losses and they want to put into our constitution a legal commitment that the Irish people will continue to accept austerity for the next generation or more? What kind of idiots do they think we are???

We should default on this odious debt now !

People of Ireland wake up and get up off your knees!

Say no to this madness!

EUROBLOWN: Merkel ‘fears Greek distractions will torpedo currency union’

By the Slog

The poker game that is non-negotiable bailout terms v Greek exit threat continues, but most of the propaganda is now coming from Berlin-am-Brussels. A German source suggested last night that Merkel is adamant that Greece must not derail the dash to Fiscal Union. If Francois Hollande gets his way, however, the Greeks will not be required to call the EU’s bluff – or vice versa.

“It’s the Big One,” as arch unconscious double-entendre expert David Coleman was wont to remark. The EU summit that begins today is an  important one for eurowatchers. Whether it will achieve much is another matter entirely. But either way, the session will be dominated by The Greek Question….something that is, allegedly, now getting very severely on the Fuhrerin’s nerves


full article at source: http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/euroblown-merkel-fears-greek-distractions-will-torpedo-currency-union/

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