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Tonight with Vincent Browne (Budget 2014 )

Vincent visits the protests outside Leinster House as the details of Budget 2014 are announced.



By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Let the world know this “Austerity” is been imposed on the people of Ireland by brute force! Corrupt politicians and blackmail from our “friends “in Berlin!

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Well the gangsters in the musical chairs political system we have in this BA-NAMA republic struck again and this time they were not going to tolerate any demonstrations .On a night they told the world Ireland was going to leave the Bailout process in December and that Austerity has worked!

We find out that the Youth of the country are been told get lost and piss off out of the country, So no free GP care for the general populace (another broken promise)The old are subject to a smash and grab and I expect the real pain is well hidden and will first emerged in the Finance Bill ! This is where they slip in the real pain for the ordinary workers. The rich are going to be delighted as their wealth is going to stay untaxed and its business as usual. In the video this ***** comes and says 3000 jobs are been created a month but he neglects to tell us that these “Jobs” are in fact part-time jobs and are very low pay at that! The lying politicians in the labour party are a disgrace to the name of Labour and have betrayed the entire worker movement of this sold out country!.

The working man and woman in this country must now get up of their backsides and take to the streets and fight for their rights .The Youth of the country must take on these puppets of the hidden faceless money men and take to the streets! It’s your future and these politicians just don’t give a toss about you!

Wake up Ireland and take back our country from these so-called public servants who are busy getting rich themselves whilst pauperizing our people!

So we the people of Ireland are paying the taxes these multinational corporations should be paying?

By Thomás O Cléirigh


So we the people of Ireland are paying the taxes these multinational corporations should be paying? As usual the Government are backing the rich and are threatening the downtrodden taxpayers of Ireland with the revenue commissioners .They have resorted to blackmail  and are trying to  hoodwink the citizens of Ireland ! This tax (Property tax= Irish Poll tax) is helping large multinational corporations to evade their taxes.

The tax haven (IFSC) in the Dublin docklands


helps gangsters and dictators and human trafficking to steal from their own nations. This tax helps to keep open the largest money laundering operations and tax avoidance scams in the EU! At the last count there was over two trillion Euros in “managed funds” swirling around in that haven for hot money! How much of this money is drug money from the Mexican cartels or money from Human migrant slave trade or prostitution??

One thing is for sure this money has blood all over it and any government minster here in Ireland that allows this to continue is equally guilty of the horrendous murders that are occurring all around the world each and every day! Kenny and Noonan are swimming in blood at this stage!

untitled Mexico-beheadings

But I say not in my name or in my children’s name! I do not support the tax avoidance of hot money and we the people of Ireland must stand up and demand an end to our country been used by murders and gangsters from around the world. Kenny and Noonan should tax these rich gangsters before they come looking to steal my few cents for a so called property tax! I will not pay this property tax.


I will defend my right to my home with whatever means from these puppets of the troika, Berlin and the IMF.

Austerity demonstration in Dublin to-day

By Thomás O Cléirigh


Campaign against the Irish Poll taxes :
Thousands turned out to-day in Dublin to protest against the imposed taxes on the Irish people on behalf of the Troika. These unelected gangsters have bought and paid the local politicians and Ireland has now a puppet Government carrying out the Dictates of Berlin.
The Irish people are now the cash cow that the bondholders are squeezing dry with the help of the collaborators in Leinster House and the top Union Bosses who are just as bad and the traitors Noonan and Kenny not to mention Gilmore. This is just the start !

EUROBLOWN: It looks like the inflating cost of the euro project is proving too much for Germany


Ireland Jul-Aug2012 105


When we the people of Ireland wake up we will join the alliance of our fellow financial debt slaves in Southern Europe to Berlin , We will then kick out the Troika and their Irish Government puppets and issue Bonds and that Bas***D Mr. Trapper can go on Bloomberg TV and cry !

The Slog

A couple of days ago, Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras went on Greek telly to advise Prime Minister Antonis Samaras that he should cease negotiating with the Troika, and instead agree a joint strategy with “his counterparts in southern Europe”.

It’s not hard to see why Tsipras said this. It certainly feels as if the cost of being bailed out is rising….and at times changing from out to in. His line during the Skai interview was to point out that, geopolitically, Greece has a much stronger poker hand than you might think judging from the way the Government keeps in sticking its backside in the air for the Troikanauts to roger at will.

The thing is, whatever ClubMed seems prepared to give, the EC (aka Berlin) always winds up deciding it wants more. Once Nicosia decided to cave in, for instance, the total bailin bill for Cyprus grew within ten days…

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To The People of Ireland : You are been lied to ,Bambeluzeled,and Hundwinked

By Thomás O Cléirigh

To The People of Ireland: You are been lied to, Bamboozled and hoodwinked into paying back private banking debts and private gambling debts of the insider friends of the Irish political élite. I am living over here in Germany, whilst I continuously here of a Greek crises and a Spanish financial crises I have yet to hear in the German news of an Irish financial crises! The Germans do not see I Ireland as having been unjustly forced to take on private bondholders debts or for that matter Deutsche Bank’s reckless lending to Angelo Irish Bank and the other toxic banks in the state! To Them the Irish Government were responsible for the financial meltdown of the Irish financial system as they were presiding over a lax monetary regulation policy.

The Irish Government were in fact driving the insane credit bubble in favour of their insider pals in the elitist circles that rule our country! These same insiders were and are still benefiting, as the rest of us wallow in forced Austerity. This Austerity is been justified by the lies by Kenny and Noonan of an eventual German adjustment or “relief” on this “Irish Bank Debt” .These two must be going to China or some other planet when they go to these meetings! These two Gobshites are nothing more that tea boys when they appear at meetings here in Germany .Nobody takes them seriously and they wouldn’t be missed if they didn’t  come for that matter.

Because of the mind boggling incompetence of these two Gombeens we are now forced to pay debts that rightly belong to Deutsche Bank and their subsidiaries and in turn their insider bondholder pals! The fact is our political stooges are no match for the shark infested waters of Berlin! Does any one of them speak German? Germans say one thing but mean something entirely different and you need to know the language that matters. Kenny and Noon have a good command of English and they are very well able to spin their way out of promises made to their own people, so why are they now so upset with the Germans?

They (The Germans) are only doing the same thing to Kenny and Noonan (lying of course!) Just to have something to say to the cameras for the six o clock news but everybody knows that the real deals are done when you have a real force behind you and these two puppets are just pissing in the wind!Telling more lies to the gullible Irish as they turn the austerity screw tighter each year as the imposed budget from Berlin is forced down our collective throats.

News Flash!!!

These two beauties, have totally misinterpreted the meeting in July and its consequences .These idiots allowed the Germans off the hook and places every Irish family in the meat grinder! We as a nation no longer exist! We are now financial slaves, debt servicing surfs and the Irish government is nothing more than an instrument in the service of the new Deutsche 4th Reich!

Kenny and Noonan are stringing us along with promises of eventual relief of these odious debts but of course this relief will never materialize and is never going to come about! The game plan is to slowly slash public spending and balance the Irish national budget no matter what the cost in order to please the new masters in Europe. The next step will be to further erode the independence of the Irish with a new treaty, effecitively bringing about a federal government in Europe along the lines of federal republic of Germany .We do not amount to a hill of beans and the Germans would sooner dump us as soon as they can .They have almost gotten everything they were looking for and our incompetent parish pump parasites in the Dail even bailed out their Deutsche Bank in the process!. Ireland didn’t get a bailout, Deutsche Bank and its insider pals got the bailout. If you don’t believe me why don’t you ask Noonan and Kenny where did the billions go we paid out to ???

To every Irish family wake up and smell the dung heap you are now sitting in. Kenny and Noonan are lying to you there is no relief on the way just more pain and more Austerity! .I am right here in Germany and I see how these chancres are viewed here by the Germans .Paddy can you go and make the tea? Remember you voted in these career parish pump, self enriching –self serving leaches! Stand up and get up off your knees and do something to day to get rid of these pests.

If you don’t, you deserve the next kick in the “proverbials”  you are going to get from these two puppets of Angelika !   Take a look at the following article and have a nice day Machholz .

Following Article  By DEREK SCALLY, in Berlin was sent in to us today

GERMAN OFFICIALS have said they are not responsible for “illusions” created in Ireland after last June’s summit that EU leaders would expedite the  resolution of its banking debt issue.

Senior advisers to  Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday that the two-day meeting of the  European People’s Party congress, beginning today, was an “important  lap” in discussing the eurozone crisis, but that no decisions were  likely to be made.

Dr Merkel will push for a wide-ranging  discussion on measures for further integration of economic and finance  policy. Germany is pushing for far-reaching measures, even those that  would require treaty change; many of Berlin’s neighbours would prefer to avoid this step.

One of Dr Merkel’s senior officials insisted  yesterday it was “perfectly clear” what the European council of EU  leaders agreed at their last summit in June, and insisted this did not  involve a deadline for Irish debt relief or even the nature of any  possible relief.

“If others interpret the [June statement]  differently, that is not our problem,” said the official. “The text says that the [European] commission will make suggestions, which the council will discuss as a matter of urgency. Nowhere does it say that the  council would agree anything by the end of the year.”

Germany’s  interpretation of the June agreement is that progress on Ireland’s bank  debt can only come after a European banking regulator is operating  effectively, and after EU leaders have agreed rules for banking  recapitalisation by the ESM bailout fund.

Germany has said it is  unlikely the regulator will be operational in 2013. Leaders were  unlikely to spend much time discussing this today, Berlin officials  said, with technical talks still continuing at the level of finance  ministers.

“With respect to Irish banks, the problems occurred in a time when they were overseen at national level and thus the  responsibility is at national level,” said a senior German official in  Berlin.

“It is simply not on that everyone tries to slip out of their responsibilities that they carried in the past.”

German officials said it was not their problem if Dublin had created  expectations regarding the speed at which the banking problem could be  resolved and they noted that the June agreement contained no deadline.

“There’s nothing in there about agreeing anything to the end of the year,” an  official said of the June statement. If anyone feels the need to read  this into the statement, they face the problem of explaining why they  have created illusions not contained in the text they signed.”

full article at source:http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/world/2012/1018/1224325411577.html

Kenny dismisses bank debt statement

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has dismissed a potentially game-changing statement from Europe’s three most economically stable nations which throws doubt on a deal to ease Irish bank debt.

Mr Kenny faced a barrage of accusations that he misunderstood an offer at an EU summit for governments to examine the possibility of a new fund to pay for past bailouts.

And he revealed he had no advance warning from Germany, Finland and the Netherlands that they were planning a statement claiming eurozone countries remain saddled with legacy bank losses.

“The decision of the 29th June was clear and unequivocal,” Mr Kenny said.

Finance ministers Wolfgang Schauble from Germany, Finland’s Jutta Urpilainen and Dutch minister Jan Kees de Jager said…………………………………………………………

full article at source:http://www.independent.ie/breaking-news/national-news/kenny-dismisses-bank-debt-statement-3241670.html


Where are the fighting Irish????


What we have here is a man, s failure to communicate! This twit just hasn’t got the knowhow, how to deal with the shark infested waters of Berlin, Brussels etc . Mr Kenny is the tea boy at all these meetings nobody knows he is even there, He is just an afterthought and the so called

 “Irish question” doesn’t even get mentioned and it is so far down on the list of  to do items it doesn’t even get on to the menu. This is because Mr Kenny doesn’t matter! We need a Rottweiler  in Europe someone who knows what the hell he is talking about and someone who speaks German for God sake!  Someone who can frighten the be- japers out of Angelika and her bully boys on the schoolyard of “Bullyboy alley” in Berlin.

Send in the Greeks to speak on our behalf!

‘Bankfurt and the US out to stop Draghi’

I’ve been saying for months now that Greece ‘will not be allowed’ to leave the single currency, because Merkel and Draghi accept that the chaos would be fatal for the eurozone. I also recently noted that the ‘done-deal after a suitable period of fisticuffs’ I’d predicted was surfacing. It still is: reduced interest rates on extended periods of Greek debt repayment (plus both ECB and sovereign EU member haircuts) are now being openly discussed by officials in Berlin, Brussels, and Paris.

But the assumption of all the players in this soap opera is that there won’t – indeed can’t – be any changes to the script. However, new storylines are coming into play, and at least three of them could yet demonstrate that this is  an unravelling nightmare than a wooden TV production.

Alpha, Greece’s largest bank, released a report…..

full article at source: http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/exclusive-bankfurt-and-the-us-out-to-stop-draghi/

Telling tales about our ‘Productivity’?

Odious Debt Lawyer Wanted - Work for The 99%

Odious Debt Lawyer Wanted – Work for The 99% (Photo credit: infomatique)

By Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev

Irish labour productivity per person employed is at 136.9% of the EU27 average, which makes us the second most productive economy in the Euro Area and the third most productive in the EEC. Of course, the thing that jumps out in the chart is the massive over-performance in output terms by two other ‘special’ countries: Luxembourg and Norway. This should ring lots of alarm bells when it comes to trusting the above data to base actual comparative assessments on

full article at source: http://trueeconomics.blogspot.ie/


No surprises here as we all know, the government sponsored figures crunchers  are only manipulating the data and coming out with the “right picture” making the government look good and on top of an otherwise disastrous economic policy!

Forcing the people of Ireland to take on massive odious debts of the corrupt banks and debts resulting from their own incompetence and economic treachery! Nothing coming from the government   sponsored   Quango’s and their mouthpieces can be trusted .

The real truth is that we are worse that Greece and there is no possible way we can service the imposed odious debts placed on our shoulders by mouthpieces of the conmen and woman in Berlin! Time to be truthful and bit the bullet tell Berlin go take a hike and squeeze somebody their own size like France or Italy!  As for the collaborating puppet government in Lenster house, economic terrorists the lot of them!

We have no leverage and we are now faced with the realisation we have a bunch of wimps and puppet’s running our country

Less than two weeks after the so called stability treaty in Ireland was passed by no less that 30% of the eligible voters, we now find out that we are indeed at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to getting a fair deal on private gambling bank debts, we the Irish nation were forced to take on.

Spain was given special terms on a larger bailout (100 Billion) and on a 50 %( there are been charged 3 % interest) discount in interest payments while we the stupid Irish are been charger 5.8 % plus costs which brings us to 6%. Now I am assuming we the Irish taxpayers will have to contribute to this bailout fund been setup for Spain and I know we don’t have our likely contribution just lying around so we will have to borrow it from somewhere and I can guarantee you our contribution will be costing us at least  7% + .

Now a question to the Irish Government and particularly to Mr. Kenny as he is supposed to be a teacher, how does these maths makes any sense? Where did you buy your leaving cert? We are going to have to borrow billions to hand over to Spain a country many times the size of our own country and at a rate of a least twice the cost ( 7.14%) to us and hand these funds over the Spanish at 3%!

This is sheer madness, you and your government are a bunch of babbling idiots and without any balls to stand up to the jackboot Merkel in Berlin .The poor fools who voted for your dictated treaty from Berlin are now wondering why they trusted in you and your ability to get Ireland a better deal to pay back private banking debts you yourself told the Irish nation were not the taxpayers debts but still you are forcing us to pay them!

We have no leverage and we are now faced with the realisation we have a bunch of wimps and puppet’s running our country. I challenge you Mr. Kenny to now call a new referendum on the so called stability treaty again and see how many of the Irish citizens will support it this time round .

Has anything changed ??


By Thomas O Cleirigh

As we wake up to the news that Spain, banks are to receive 100 billion Euros (for starters ) without any declaration to investigate the corrupt dealings and total plunder of the funds in some of these banks one would be forgiven in thinking the Banks around Europe are still in business of fraud, corruption and the political gangsters are only too happy to help their buddies !

Meanwhile over in Ireland our clueless gombeen politicians have pulled off a master con on 60% of the voting citizens by getting them to pass new austerity measures dictated by Berlin under the guise of “stability” .Well there is no doubt now that not every European citizen is equal nor are the various countries within the European Union treated equally  as we now see Spain will not have to submit to the scrutiny of the Jackboot troika brigade  no such treatment is reserved for small countries like Portugal and Greece and Ireland .Berlin can blackmail these small countries but Spain can blackmail Berlin! Where did it all go wrong???

If Ireland has any sence now they should demand the same condititions that Spain has received and this time no more mr. nice guy send out the rottweilers to the ECB Gansters!

Just think what all the Billions that have been pumped into the corrupt banking system could have done for social integration of Europe, the re-education and up skilling of the millions of unemployed in Europe, health services for the aged and education for our children’s future.

No my friends the corrupt and toxic bankers are still getting stronger and more brazen; democracy in Europe has been replaced by a banker autocracy! Nothing has changed; the faceless moneymen are still in charge!

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