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Too Many Stock Market Dummies are Getting Rich…

By: Clive_Maund

We know that the Fed and other Central Banks are printing money like there’s  no tomorrow to stop the fragile system from imploding, but the Little Guy is  not seeing any benefit from it, instead the banks and elites are making even  more money out of that which is spirited into existence and then handed to  them on a platter by driving asset prices higher and higher. The Little Guy  instead gets stuck with the bill as he becomes a victim of the inflation that  results.

There is a widespread assumption now that “nothing can go wrong”, because  the Fed and other CB’s will simply print more and more money as required to  keep the party going so that everything accelerates upward in a parabolic arc  until the eventual and inevitable hyperinflationary burnout. This is true,  that is where we are headed, but what is dangerous about the current situation  is that this has become universally accepted and believed. This means that  there could be some very nasty speedbumps along the way, particularly if the  lurking forces of deflation temporarily gain the upper hand, as is happening  right now in Europe, where the elites are using the state of crisis to consolidate  power………………

full article at source: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article43105.html

I’m Back

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Just arrived back in Ireland and I am already so depressed I want to go straight back even though it rained all day every day I was there, I had some disappointments but Germany is still, let’s face it “Booming” .The crappie presidential election posters remind me of
posters in the spaghetti westerns of the seventies depicting the corrupt president of Mexico . Remember the western with James Coburn and Rod Steriger (see below). Jesus how depressing! They all seem to be grinning down at us the hapless citizens of this Be-NAMA bondholder state!

Germany is booming and I am seriously considering packing a bag and heading off, just up sticks and leave everything here. I am just tired trying to stir up the public. I feel this whole blog effort is suiting the powers as long as we all sit at our PC and bitch they can continue to do their own thing. The ordinary citizens of Ireland are just sitting back and letting the codgers in the Dail suck us dry. Promised change has not materialised and in fact it is just more of the same .Jobs for the well-connected .The Banks are squeezing the variable rate mortgage holders for every last cent and the gutless politicians are just washing their hands like Pilate all of the countries variable rate mortgage holders are all now “subprime mortgage holders “and no one has even stood up and done something about it.

I called for a boycott of the Irish Permanent and got nowhere .What more can one do ? Just now I got a call from a friend who lives out in the country telling me that a new tax is been considered for the sceptic tank and they are facing a tax on their own water well as well .

Enda Kenny comes back from Europe and tell the nation we could be the first of the bailout bums to get back our independence .I say shame on you Kenny you should have told them in Europe to get stuffed! You are supposed to be fighting for the citizens of Ireland and if you had any balls you would declare Ireland’s independents from the banker imposed dictatorship .For God sake Ireland wake up and fight back !

Did you know the Fed pays banks intrest on their reserves so why would they lend out anymoney ?

By Global Research,
Why aren’t banks lending to local businesses? The Fed’s decision to pay interest on $1.6 trillion in “excess” reserves is a chief suspect.
Where did all the jobs go? Small and medium-sized businesses are the major source of new job creation, and they are not hiring. Startup businesses, which contribute a fifth of the nation’s new jobs, often can’t even get off the ground. Why?
In a June 30 article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Smaller Businesses Seeking Loans Still Come Up Empty,” Emily Maltby reported that business owners rank access to capital as the most important issue facing them today; and only 17% of smaller businesses said they were able to land needed bank financing. Businesses have to pay for workers and materials before they can get paid for the products they produce, and for that they need bank credit; but they are reporting that their credit lines are being cut. They are being pushed instead into credit card accounts that average 16 percent interest, more than double the rate of the average business loan. It is one of many changes in banking trends that have been very lucrative for Wall Street banks but are killing local businesses.
read full article at source:


So it’s another stealth tax!

To-day I got a Friendly reminder from an Insurance company telling me my Insurance was due this month and also taking the opportunity to tell me that my premium was gone up because everybody was making clams and somebody hat to pay ME of course !

I reminded the company that I had no clams in the last 20 years and anyway the value of this item was 50 % less than last year not to mention that there was a depression on

I was told to take it or leave it they were doing me a favour in offering me this insurance in the first place and only because I was a long standing customer Bla Bla Bla!!!

The bottom line here is these companies have a monopoly and they can just turn on the tap for new funs anytime they like as I have to by law insure this item

in a proper open market i.e. The European common market

I should be able to get insurance anywhere in Europe but that is not available here in Ireland

If I was living in Germany I could get a insurance from France or Italy so why not here in Ireland


The Irish government have put various stipulations in place to hinder any new competitor entering the fix market that screws the Irish consumers

What will Lisbon 2 change about this obvious state rip off NOTHING!

The Government has bailed out the Banks who have majority stakes in these companies and so this is just another way of filling up the coffers of these Banks and by default the State

So it’s another stealth tax

What a rip off !

NO to Lisbon 2 !

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