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Psychiatrist targets lenders on behalf of patients feeling strain over increased financial pressures

Dr Ivor Browne, says he has been seeking out the names of bank staff responsible for the pressure his patients are under before issuing them with the formal notice.

Dr Browne, former chief psychiatrist of the Eastern Health Board, said the action is “making waves” in favour of patients who can no longer cope with mounting pressure.

“I am hearing people who are being hassled and who are being threatened that their homes will be repossessed,” Dr Browne said.

“I am writing letters to the banks holding them personally responsible if this man commits suicide.”

“Unless you can make them take personal responsibility, it is very difficult to get at them,” he said.

“I would write to the individual who would seem to be implicated. The name that I can get,” he explained, adding “I think it is making waves in the background”.

In a call to other health professionals who are treating people in similar circumstances, Dr Browne said these exceptional times called for direct action: “I am there to try to help in whatever way I can, and if there is something or someone that is clearly putting unfair pressure on patients, then I think that you have to address that.”

A move by health  professionals who are concerned about the welfare of their patients could lead banks to rethink their debt-collection strategy – for fear of future lawsuits………………

full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/top-prof-tells-the-banks-ill-blame-you-for-suicides-29418331.html




I completely concur, I have stated that I believe these Bank staff are personally responsible for hundreds of deaths and it is about time the names of these staff be  published. Machholz blog to-day invites all who are been put under  unreasonable pleasure by lackeys from the banks to send in the names and we will publish these servants of the faceless moneymen who have been bailed out themselves and are now expecting to squeeze blood out of the very people who bailed them out! We the people own these toxic cess-pits and we do not have to pay any more blood money. We as a Nation must stand together and support each other and stand together. We the people have allready paid the Banks !I say,  Name and shame these Bank thugs !. Stop paying them! I propose you record every encounter you have with these blood suckers  and we at Machholz blog will post any and every encounter with the banking staff from any distressed citizen in the country !


These collaborators must be made see their actions are directly responsible for the deaths of real people and this action will not go un noticed ,Once named and shamed Machholz blog will be calling on all citizens to boycott any and all these collaborators !The political elite in this country have thrown is citizens to the wolves’ in the Banks and it is up to every citizen to stand by their neighbours and friends in an act of communal spirit we the Irish were world famous for. So Turn off your TV sets and get you collective backsides  of the couches’ and get out there and lend a hand to a Neighbour in need!

We must stand up to these bullies now!

Where is justice in Ireland?

By Thomás O Cléirigh


Questions have to be made about Irish Bank practices during the so called housing boom and you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the banks took shortcuts that are still been hidden from the unfortunate clients/victims of the corrupt banks .Why should the mortgage holder, who is now nursing massive losses, now have to pay for the ( at best )incompetence  and in so many other cases downright fraudulent practices by the banks and their agents???May I remind everyone not one banker has come before the courts and in fact all of the disgraced directors are enjoying lottery pensions  and we the downtrodden taxpayers are footing the bill for their millionaire lifestyles.


Where is the justice we are guaranteed by our constitution?? if corrupt politicians, union bosses and bankers can exploit the resources of our country and impose austerity on the rest of us?

Wake up citizens of Ireland! Fight back !

AIB “bleeds the ordinary householder dry”


AIB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THE Government has been accused of standing back as AIB “bleeds the ordinary householder dry” following the bank’s decision to hike up its variable-interest rate for the second time in two months.

The State-owned bank shocked its customers earlier this week when it announced that it would be raising its interest rate by 0.5 per cent to 4 per cent — two days after the bank had paid €1bn to senior unsecured bondholders.

The bank, which has received a €21bn bailout from the taxpayer and is now 99.8 per cent owned by the State, increased its interest rate, despite the ECB halving its rate in the last 12 months…………………………………..

full article at source:http://www.independent.ie/business/personal-finance/property-mortgages/government-is-letting-aib-bleed-homeowners-3251571.html


The unfortunate customers of Permanent TSB have been sucked dry now for the last 3.5 years with interest rates of 6% .I have been warning about this bank’s policy to fleece their own customers in an effort to  build up their balance sheets as a result of their criminal behaviour during the so called boom years.  See link: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/finance/2012/0523/1224316551107.html

The bottom line here is the equally corrupt government that is now sitting in Lenster House is allowing the State Banks to run amok again and this time the customers are paying the tab in an unending cycle of hidden bank charges ,no credit and penal interest charges on overdrafts (If you’re lucky enough to have one!) This shower  of Gombeens in the Dail are speaking with forked tongs and are crying crocodile tears. Close all your bank accounts and go to the post office or your local Credit Union.


Josiah Charles Stamp President of the Bank of England in the 1920’s

Josiah Charles Stamp President of the Bank of England in the 1920’sPresident of the Bank of England in the 1920’s and the 2nd richest man in Great Britain, 1880-1941)

This German poster is a quote is from him translation underneath !

taken at the Occupy  Hamburg site!


“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight-of-hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in inequity and born in sin… But if you want to continue to be slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the bankers continue to create money and control credit”

“The Largest Heist in History”

English: Reaction to Irish banking and financi...

Image via Wikipedia

Building the Great Pyramid: The Global Financial Crisis Explained
This essay was accepted as evidence and published by the British Parliament, House of Commons, Treasury Committee.

When the financial crisis erupted at the end of September 2008, there was an unusual sense of incredible panic among banking executives and government officials. These two establishment groups are known for their conservative, understated approach and, above all, their stiff upper lip. Yet at the time they appeared to the public running about like headless chickens. It was chaos. A state of complete chaos. Within a few weeks, however, decisions were made and everything seemed to returned to normal and back under control. The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown even famously remarked that the government “saved the world.”
But what really caused such an incredible panic in the establishment well known for its resilience? Maybe there are root causes that were not examined publicly and the government actions are nothing more than a temporary reprieve and a cover-up? Throwing good money after bad money, maybe?
Money Making Machine
In order to answer these questions we have to examine the basic principles on which the banking system operates and the mechanisms that caused the current crisis. Students at the A-level are taught about “multiple deposit creation,” It is the most rudimentary money creation mechanism for banks, which if administered properly serves the economy and public at-large very well. In the deposit creation process a bank accepts deposits and lends them out. But almost every lending returns soon to the bank as a deposit and is lent again. In essence, when people borrow money they do not keep it at home as cash, but spend it, so this money finds its way back to a bank quite quickly. It is not necessarily the same bank, but as the number of banks is limited (indeed very small) and there is — or was — a very active interbank lending. In terms of deposit creation the system works like one large bank.

full article at source: http://gregpytel.blogspot.com/2009/04/largest-heist-in-history.html

Where now for Bank of America?

By Keven M O Brien

In an article I wrote for Seeking Alpha last month, I discussed how Bank of America (BAC) stock could either completely  tank relatively quickly – or be an excellent buy if you are willing to take on  some of the additional risk associated with owning it. When BAC was hovering  near $5.00/share, I was very concerned that anything much below that level would really cause the short sellers to swarm it like vultures and completely sink
it.Bank of America released third quarter earnings this past Monday and
surprisingly turned in a profit, compared to the third quarter of 2010 when it
had a $7.3 billion dollar loss. See here for more on these results. The third quarter results did  reveal that Bank of America is now behind JP Morgan Chase (JPM) as America’s biggest bank.

full article here: http://seekingalpha.com/article/301409-bofa-weathered-a-storm-but-risk-still-persists.

Comment :




As a trader of  BAC stock I thought this might intrest some of you!

Gangsters at Irish Life & Permanent exploiting their own customers!

Photo by Machholz

By Finfacts Team
Irish Life & Permanent today reported a pre-tax loss of €349m for the first half of this year (H1 2011), mainly related to loan losses at its Permanent TSB banking businessIL&P is under State  control after it was provided with capital after the March bank stress results.
Irish Life, the life business, is to be sold.Speaking today, Kevin Murphy, group chief executive, said;  “there were a number of positives in the performances
of  both the bank and the life company during the period including higher sales
in the life business and a higher net interest margin in the bank.  However both
businesses were impacted by the continuing difficulties in the broader economy
including rising unemployment levels, reduced disposable income and weak
consumer confidence.”

Murphy said IL&P was making good progress on the
planned sale of Irish Life.  He said; “we are progressing discussions with  a number of interested parties and we are encouraged by the process so far.”The bank recorded a
pre-tax operating profit for the period of €376m (2010 – loss of €131m).
However the key factor in this result was the gain of €763m as a result of the
State’s recapitalsisation.  Excluding that gain, and the net loss of €23m on the
bank’s own Tier 2 debt holdings, the bank recorded an operating loss of €364m in
the first six months of the year.

Full article at source:http://www.finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews/article_1023024.shtml


These figures would be a lot worse if it were  not for the fact that the  gangsters running this bank are in fact exploiting their own customers (I am one of them) I along with approximately 80,000 other customers are in fact now forced to pay sub-prime interest rates on our outstanding mortgages (currently  5.60 % )While the ECB rate is just 1.5%.The government
is allowing this den of thieves and the rest of the Toxic Banks to exploit their own customers in this way so as to give the impression these toxic banks are sound but we all know that they are all bankrupt. According to the European Union I should be able to get a mortgage from any bank in Europe but in reality we are at the mercy of these home grown crooks and their gutless political masters.I call again on all 80,000 customers of this corrupt financial institution to boycott this bank for any other services and withdraw any extra savings. Best of all stop paying our mortgages en-mass all over the country, they can’t throw us all out of our homes or put us all in jail!

see also :http://thepressnet.com/2010/01/28/irish-life-mortgage%E2%80%99s/

Military Lockdown by AIB!

By Darrel
Military Lockdown by AIB!
Yesterday, AIB were involved in a Military Style lockdown at a
family owned and run shop in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan.

Carricmacross Siege.
The shop; Clough Vally Stores is owned and run by Michael &
Bridget Quinn. It is one of the biggest people employers in the
town of Carrickmacross and the greater Monaghan region.

AIB Lied!
AIB on the previous Monday blatantly lied to Michael & Bridget.
Bank officials told them that they wished to meet them in Dublin
on the basis of working out a plan or deal on which their business
would continue to trade and operate. Michael and Bridget were
elated. They drove to Dublin …

Surplus to Requirement!
When they got to the meeting, they were told to pack their bags,
that they were no longer required, & that the bank were currently
meeting with their employees, behind their backs, to tell them that
the Bank, AIB and their receivers, Kavanagh Fennell had taken over.

Dirt … Kavanagh Fennell
We also discovered that the employees were and have been treated
like dirt by Kavanagh Fennell receivers. Staff were told that if they
didn’t like what was happening, they could pack their bags and go.

Military Occupation.
Kavanagh Fennell on instruction by the AIB, proceeded to lockdown
the building using a military style security firm called K-Security. They
took out the safe, changed all the locks and proceeded to patrol the
supermarket grounds and shopping area, as some shoppers have
described them, like “Na*i storm troopers”.

AIB Stole the Money!
Yesterday afternoon Michael, Bridget and three generations of their
family decided enough was enough. In began to dawn on them what
AIB were doing to them. AIB had stolen their business, without Lawful
authority whatsoever and were now in occupation of their property.

Bare Knuckles.
Michael, Bridget and their family had worked their knuckles bare for the
past 5 years, and had given everything to the AIB. The business and the
way they ran things was and still is profitable, viable and effectively run.

AIB Corrupt Bankrupts.
Here are a known bankrupt and corrupt bank, that have gone begging to the
Government to receive hand-outs, off the backs of the People of Ireland,
because they could run a proverbial “piss up in a brewery” … ironic really.

AIB Lied, Conned and Robbed … FACT
They; the AIB have lied and conned, and ROBBED this family, out the doors of
their own business, that they have been successfully running for generations.
To copper fasten this CON, the AIB instructed, without any Lawful authority or
agreement form the Quinns, a receiver and military style security firm, to make
sure that the Quinns are physically kept out of their own property, while the
AIB can go in and literally, harass the staff, rob the cash & strip and ruin business.

Unlawful Operation.
The AIB’s big plan was in full swing, and was working up until yesterday afternoon.
Michael and Bridget decided to go back into their business yesterday, and let the
AIB that they were not welcome and to cease and desist their unlawful operation.

Militia of Kavanagh Fennell.
They peacefully walked in, and instructed a locksmith to change the locks on their
Property, & were immediately met with some very fierce & belligerent resistance
from K-tech, the military style militia of the receivers of Kavanagh Fennell. Despite
the fact that Michael repeatedly instructed that the security firm to back down and
leave their property immediately, because they were now trespassing, they simple
ignored him, and obstructed the locksmith from carrying out his duties.

Gardaí Ignore Criminals in Action.
In order to keep the peace, Michael himself called Carrickmacross Gardai. The Gardai
did turn up, instead of proceeding to lawfully keep the peace by arresting & removing
the men that were now trespassing, they told the Lawfully appointed locksmith to leave.
At which point another man, that was called by the trespassers arrived and proceeded
to undo the work of the locksmith. The Gardai ignored this criminal behaviour.

Wash Their Hands.
Michael proceeded, and lawfully arrested the trespassers, and instructed the Gardai
to take them into custody. They ignored him and walked away. The Gardai could have
ended the matter there and then and everyone could have gone home peacefully.

K-Tech American Style Military Security in Ireland!
Michael was left with few options. The Gardai were NOT acting as Gardai and keeping
to, and operating under their sworn oath of office, to keep the peace of Michael & his
family, his business and the people and staff members present. They had now stepped
into the realm of colluding with and facilitating criminals and their criminal behaviour.
i.e. The AIB Bank, the receivers Kavanagh Fennell & the military security K-tech Security.

500 Townspeople, RTE etc.
More people started to get involved. More locksmiths were called. Another security
consultant arrived. A female receiver barricaded herself into an office and refused to
leave the property. More Garda arrived. RTE turned up. There were journalists there,
amongst a crowd of over 500 local townspeople, that turned up to support Michael &
Bridgets lawful actions. Three generations of the family were now trapped in their own
property by the unlawful receivers and security firm. The Gardai now took up the role
of trying to convince and cajole Michael and Bridget to leave their own property.

Inspector McGadget Arrives.
A friend of Michaels arrived and spoke directly to Inspector Fintan Mc. Tiernan …
Fintan had earlier been instructed to take the security men, and receiver woman
into custody, that they were under arrest. Fintan ignored these clear instructions.

AIB Allegations Explained.
Michaels friend explained to Inspector Fintan McTiernan the situation about AIB.
He proceeded as follows … AIB were and had made serious allegations about the
Quinn family and their business owing the AIB money (a Civil matter).

Verify and Document the Obligation.
Michael had Legally & Lawfully requested that the AIB substantiate any claim, they
feel they had, via written documentation and verifiable accounting. That he was
“more than happy to pay any financial obligation that was lawfully owed as soon as
he received or could properly inspect original of the three documents listed below”.

1. Validation of the debt — The Actual Accounting (the Banks accounts).
2. Verification of the AIB’s claim via a Signed Invoice or Sworn Affidavit.
3. A Copy of the Lawful Contract binding both parties.

Michael did not and has not refused to pay the bank. He did not stop paying the Bank!
As far as we know he is STILL paying the Bank. Instead of positively responding to this
Family and working things out with them amicably, they, the AIB have just ignored their
Legal & Lawful questions and sent in the Storm Troopers, supported by “our” Gardaí.

“Is this what happens when We ask Questions?”

People of Ireland … are WAKING UP.
Last night we got a sign of the pain that the real people of this country are suffering, the
internal, external, psychological and emotional turmoil and abuse that we are all being
out through. Not just by the AIB, but ALL the Banks, the Corporate Government and the
Draconian Judicial system and so called Legal professions. Has it gone so bad, that a bank
think that they can waltz in and completely devastate and destroy a man, a woman, our
families, a community, a town and now a country, and just get away unscathed?

Carrickmacross is the final straw. The people in this not so sleepy little town are waking up
this morning, to a new awareness. Carickmacross is the turning point for ALL OF US. All the
Banks have been operating in one massive FRAUD. People of Ireland, Stop giving them any
More of your energy. STOP PAYING DEBT … IT IS AN ILLUSION!

Read this eBook for FREE and start educating yourselves TODAY.
“Blank of Ireland … THIS WAY OUT!” www.BlankOfIreland.com/

The Quinns did, they asked questions, demanded answers. These BRAVE
PEOPLE have taken back their lives, their business and their community.

Do the same for yourself.
Stand on your feed & do the right thing.

Please pass this email on to everyone …
AIB in military occupation … more later


Only when ordinary people start to demand the same rights as the élite and the well connected seem to have will we see real justice .Irish Justice is just a notional idea placed in the minds of the ordinary citizens who like sheep follow and mindlessly behave themselves according  to the wishes of the corrupt system we call Irish Law. There is one law for the Rich, the Insiders, and the leaches in places of power and then there are the law abiding citizens  who get screwed every time .The traitors in the Dail and their real masters at the head of the corrupt banks are the real gangsters and they will get away as long as we waffle on and obey the corrupt and one-sided laws that keep them in control of this Ba-Nama-republic .

What’s it like when the bank calls you in to tell you that your house has to go?

 One homeowner found it humiliating, intimidating and downright scary. She tells ALISON HEALY exactly what happened

‘I AM STILL reeling from my experience with our bank and I fear that we are not alone. Many similar stories will be acted out in the next few months, as banks turn their attention to families with mortgage problems.

We are a normal, middle class family who have never been in debt or ever had any kind of trouble with the bank.

More than two years ago, we started to think about our future. We decided to downsize as we no longer needed a big house. This would go in tandem with my husband’s phased withdrawal from his construction-related business. He would eventually retire in about five years and do some work from home.

We knew that house prices were falling but we still felt that the sale of our house would more than cover the cost of a new, smaller one. We might even end up with money in the bank, we thought, although that was not the prime motivation.

So we found our new house and placed our old house on the market. There was a lot of interest in the house but many of the potential buyers couldn’t get the money from the banks and we couldn’t sell it. We had a bridging loan but had to take out a mortgage when it became clear that we would not sell the house in the short term.

We were left with no option but to rent the house and hope that things improved. The rent, combined with a top-up from us, paid the interest-only portion of the mortgage but as long as we had a tenant, we were managing.

Then, like so many families, we were hit with our own little perfect storm when my husband’s job went. But we were undaunted and decided to start the business from home a little earlier than planned.

Things were going well with that business, and they still are, although our salaries have halved.

Then our tenant moved out. We received many enquiries from people looking to rent the house, but we knew that we would not be able to make that month’s payment, and would probably miss the following month’s payment too while we found another tenant. In keeping with our policy of keeping the bank informed, we requested a meeting to see what they wanted us to do next.

A meeting was set up and we arrived at the appointed time. We were given a number on a sticker and left to wait in an entrance hall with no seating for some time. Then we were delivered to our fate down narrow, old-fashioned corridors to a scary room which felt chilly in more ways than one.

We took our places and the battle began. It was an uneven battle. The bank said we had no choice but to sell both houses in this depressed market. The value of the old house and the new house had gone down a third since we made the move.

If we sold both homes we would clear the loan but what would we be left with? We would have no home and no workplace. After hearing this news, I looked around for water to wet my dry mouth but there was no such luxury. The intimidation continued. Then I began to notice that our inquisitors were equally terrified and I realised they were in a similar position to us. They were controlled by the bank – to deliver the dirty message and remain employed.

They couldn’t tell us what would happen next. The project for the day seemed to be to scare us, which they did.

They got scared themselves when they saw my tears and perhaps the realisation hit home that they were watching us lose everything – our business, our workplace, our pension and our home. Maybe that’s not such a faraway prospect for them either. We are very cautious people and never expected to end up in a position like this. We were upfront with the bank and thought that we would receive some understanding and flexibility in return.

What are we left with? We have each other and our kids. But are we – as the bank seems to think – too old to recover from this? We don’t think so. What will we do? Fight. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. We have to talk to the bank again but we have no idea how this will all end.

My free advice to the bank is: there is another way. Be humble in your dealings with your customers as you are also your own customer. Treat people with respect. Train your staff. You may have had to give up the water coolers with the cutbacks but a jug and glasses are cheap and a glass of water and tissues don’t cost a lot.

We have been humiliated by the bank and I really hope that other people will not have to go through the same horrible experience. The sad reality is that they probably will.

Abandonment of due diligence at NAMA ?

We don’t have to go to the US for this kind of news

Just take a stroll down to the Treasury building.

 In this Building there are rooms full of boxes with documents sent by the banks as they off load the toxic loans against worthless developments and toxic assets these documents are supposed to show legal ownership otherwise known as conveyancing documents.

With the fast track announcements last week by Mr.Lenihan and the effective abandonment of due diligence at NAMA, I believe that the entire transfer of documentation is a complete mess as the banks are delighted to be rid of these toxic assets because ownership of many of the properties and developments have multiple loans out on them and proving ownership is going to be a complete nightmare. It is even possible that the contracts were in fact illegal and perhaps not worth the paper there written on.

Leaving NAMA with a couple of hundred boxes of worthless paper having paid out billions to the banks for them!

Who is going to take responsibility for this latest calamity?

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