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Dead horses, cows and calves found dumped at the base of Co Clare cliff

AT LEAST 16 horses, cows and calves have been found dead at the base of cliffs in Co Clare and may have been there for up to two months.

An investigation is underway involving gardaí, Clare County Council, the ISPCA and the Department of Agriculture after the gruesome find at the base of Baltard Cliffs in Doonbeg.

The animals were found by a passerby who contacted the gardaí when he discovered the animals.

The Clare Champion reports this morning that an ISPCA officer who examined the scene said that it appears that the animals were thrown from the top of the 100m high cliffs.

“From down below, it looks like they were thrown off from the top. Whether they were dead or alive, you can’t tell. They weren’t shot but their necks and legs are broken,” said the ISPCA’s Frank Coote.

Coote also says that the ears of the animals had been cut off to remove the tags and described what he saw as a “planned and sinister operation”.

Animal welfare charity ARAN say that they are offering a reward of €5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the deaths of the animals………………

source here:http://www.thejournal.ie/clare-cliffs-horses-1397752-Apr2014/

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