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The Arrogance displayed by this Minister is gualing!

By Thomás O Cléirigh

Howling display of arrogance is appalling. He is nothing but a thug just like Quinn and Gilmore they have sold out the working man of this country and their faces are blotted from the fine living as the rest of us struggle to pay the imposed troika taxes this Gombeen-Gobshite and the other labour sell-outs promised the people of Ireland protection from!

These questions must be answered and failure to do so will only push decent people to the margins and outright radicalism and on to open revolt!

We the people must have these questions answered or else we will be forced to take matters into our own hands! The stench of collusion, corruption and protection of the untouchables cannot be ignored any longer.

We want the crooks brought before the people’s justice!

We want answers now!

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